Living with 1% a Day

My pace doesn’t exactly feel like this, but I’m happy that it’s steady.

I’ve written posts about editing my novel after C.L. Dyck’s substantive edit, from “Kickbox Editing” to “Gameday Editing” and “Learning to Write Dialogue that Shows.” I received my novel back September 14 and in 73 days, I’ve progressed 34% (but also added 20k words to make it 92k words currently). Despite the new words, it’s safe to say I haven’t progressed 1% a day like I have been the last few weeks. It’s amazing how hard it is to progress just 1%, but that’s a good measure of a day’s work for me, and that’s what I’m shooting for.

This fits with my “Kickbox Editing” post, which compared waking up every morning to go to my kickboxing class at Farrell’s with making an effort every day editing my book. I’m happy to have found a nice goal that both pushes me and allows me to enjoy my life. I wonder how things would be different on a deadline.

My editor, C.L., also recommended Lucky Baby by Meredith Efken. It’s not my style of genre, but the writing is a perfect example of what C.L. is trying to teach me, and I really enjoyed the sample. I’ll get it later this week, so here’s to reading outside my genre.

Does anyone out there have a sweetspot right now with their production?

About Timothy C. Ward

Timothy C. Ward writes SF/F/and Horror during his day job, and podcasts in the evening on Adventures in SciFi Publishing. His first short story publication is "Cornhusker: Demon Gene." His first non-trunked novel, Kaimerus, is described as “Firefly crashes on Avatar and wakes up 28 Days Later.” His dream is writing full-time where he can snowboard and play with Huskies. Currently, he lives in Des Moines and his wife lets him have a Husky wall calendar, so he’s “this” close.

6 comments on “Living with 1% a Day

  1. I’m in the midst of an edit and it’s officially become painful. My brain hurts just to think about it.

  2. Haha, sorry about reminding you then😉

  3. Somewhere on the Writer’s Digest website, they mention that one of your editing passes should include reading it aloud. Your ear will pick up word repetition and inconsistencies faster than the eye. I’m reading it to my hubby and encouraging him to make suggestions, or MST it if necessary. We’ve already made a bunch of changes (like cutting the troublesome prologue).

  4. […] day of editing today, reaching my 1% goal, which I rarely do anymore. Do you remember my post, “Living with 1% a Day?” I’ve been tracking my percentage each day since November, and I’m averaging 3% a week. […]

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