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A Miniscule Understanding of Love…

Growing up in church, I heard about God’s love for us. Because of that, He sent

Jesus to die on the cross for us. And these two questions have spun in

my mind ever since I was old enough to grasp the concept.

How could anyone, even a divine, infinite God, love that much? How did he feel when His Son died?

I never will fully understand. But I think that two events in my life have helped me see things a little clearer.

After I got married, I understood infinite love. I love my husband Justin so

much–I would do anything for him and put up with anything in order to keep him. Yes, anything. We’re committed to each other, to looking past the dings and scrapes that we were born with. I love him so much that sometimes I feel like I will burst because I can’t hold it in.

As for how God felt when Jesus died–well…

Matty hadn’t even been born yet when he passed away. Yet I loved him with a fierce, protective love. I would have done anything to keep him safe. He was my baby, my little boy, and I loved him.

How much more did God love Jesus? God loves so deeply, that He must hurt deeply also, and nothing could have hurt more than His Son’s death.

And yet He allowed it, because His creation needed it.


The more I think about it, the more I realize that marrying Justin and having Matty helped me, but only a little. I understand it better, but I still cannot grasp the full concept of a God who allowed His Son to die because He loved us so very much. A love like that is beautiful, awesome, powerful, and the One who bears it is truly worthy to be not only worshiped, but feared–because I cannot understand it. Not fully.

But I understand it just enough to be awed and amazed and so very, very thankful.


About H. A. Titus

H. A. Titus is usually found with her nose in a book or spinning story-worlds in her head. Her love affair with fantasy began at age twelve, when her dad handed her The Lord of the Rings after listening to it on tape during a family vacation. Her stories have been published in Digital Dragon Magazine, Residential Aliens Magazine, and four anthologies: Alternative Witness; Avenir Eclectia Volume 1; The Tanist's Wife and Other Stories; and Different Dragons Volume II. In December 2013, her short story "Dragon Dance" won Honorable Mention in a Writers of the Future contest. She lives on the shores of Lake Superior with her meteorologist husband and young son, who do their best to ensure she occasionally emerges into the real world. When she's not writing, she can be found rock-climbing, skiing, or hanging out at her online home, hatitus.wordpress.com.

One comment on “A Miniscule Understanding of Love…

  1. Wow – I can begin to describe how touching your post is. I have a beautiful bride and four children of my own. If the pain I feel for them when they hurt is just a microfraction of what God went through to redeem us through His Son…wow. Thanks for sharing this 🙂

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