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Music Break

Like many writers, I often listen to music while I write. I have one Pandora station honed so it almost never plays a song I don’t love.

What I like best, though, is when it comes up with something new that I absolutely fall in love with. I’ve recently become enthralled with the band “Blackmore’s Night.” Their songs range from haunting to exciting to just plain fun, all with a folk-tune sort of feel. Some are good for inspiring new scenes, like this one:

Or this one:

And some are good for taking a break, like this one:

My absolute favorite, though, is this last one. I love the lyrics, and I love the change of pace, and I love picking up my baby son and dancing around the room with him when it is playing, because he gets the biggest smile on his face and he laughs, and we both have a good time together getting our blood flowing and bonding together:


I hope you’ve enjoyed your music break for the week, and I really hope you got up and danced during that last song. If you didn’t, go replay it and dance around the room. It’s fun, and it will clear your brain of cobwebs so you can get back to writing.

About Avily Jerome

Avily Jerome is a writer and the editor of Havok Magazine. Her short stories have been published in various magazines, both print and digital. She has judged several writing contests and is a writing conference teacher and presenter. She writes speculative fiction, her ideas ranging from almost-real-world action/adventures to epic fantasies to supernatural thrillers.

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