Balance in the Life

The author’s journey is full of ups and downs, good times and bad, just as with all other aspects of life. That said, it’s impossible for me to ever go a day without at least thinking about writing in some aspect or another. I may not always be able to get to the writing, as life throws curveballs to knock me off course. But somehow I find ways to make it work. After all, I’m not just writing because it’s a hobby. It really isn’t. It’s a surefire way for me to release whatever it is that I’m holding onto.

Sometimes, the people in our lives may not understand what we as authors are going through. They can see us as lazy, crazy, or hazy in our work ethic. Some people believe writing isn’t a job at all, because the writer is sitting down to write when so many other tasks could be getting done. I know I struggle sometimes with this because I’m awake up to eighteen hours a day, time that I could spend getting chores done, or hanging out with someone, or just being much more than a hermit. Often, this isn’t an issue as my loved ones know how important my writing is.

Then again, there are other instances in which I get flack for trying to do what I’m meant to do. It’s not like giving up television or video games. It’s more like giving up breathing. I have to write almost as much as I have to breathe. The only way to accomplish this is to find a balance. Make sure the important stuff gets squared away in a timely fashion so that there’ll be less resistance to taking care of the writing. It’s really all just a balancing act in the end.

3 comments on “Balance in the Life

  1. […] as Jeff expressed in his post yesterday, it’s easy to question whether my time might be better spent in chores and house […]

  2. I have terrible balance. 🙂
    Seriously, though, fitting it all in is an impossible task. I just prioritize the “urgent” and the “important” and try to write when I can.

  3. Balancing for me honestly means sleeping less. On nights when a blog post is due, I’m up til midnight, then up at 6 am the next day to prepare for a full day of teaching. This week is the CSFF blog tour, so I anticipate even less sleep. And then factoring in the writing… I just thank God for His sustaining power, because it’s the only way I make it through. That, and long afternoon naps, chocolate, and the right music.

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