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A little change for that jar on your washing machine…

Change is inevitable. NAF has been on the interwebs for two years now. Great things have been happening, and greater still will happen in the future. And the more we grow, the more we recognize things that need to be tweaked and changed. Obviously, the site has had a face-lift, and the final touches will be completed soon. But I have more change for your jar.

In two weeks, founding member Diane M. Graham will have her book I Am Ocilla released to the world through Splashdown Books. She’s not only a founding member, but she’s been my right hand from the very beginning. Diane was the first to sign on with my crazy idea and she helped me sell the idea to many others.

As Diane moves into publication, she will no longer be a Featured Author. I tasked her with finding her own replacement, which she did in less than a day. I am pleased to announce to you all the addition of H. A. Titus (Heather) to our Featured Author line-up. You can find out about her by checking out her profile, which you’ll find in the Featured Author menu now. Or just click HERE.

We’re also making a concerted effort to energize our Contributor program, which has been fledgling at best. It seems we have a habit of bringing in a Contributor and then turning around and making them a Featured Author before they could get settled in. This time around I purposed to bring in two new Contributors in addition to Heather, just so we wouldn’t be tempted to do it again.

Our new Contributors are Nathanael Scott and Jeffrey Beesler. They will join long-time Contributor Kristen Steiffel and will work together to structure the Contributor program.

And lastly for your change jar…I must tell you about Cheesecake. No. I don’t think I’ll tell you about it. I think you should go see for yourself. It’s NAF’s new sister site. I think you’ll like it.


About Keven Newsome

Keven Newsome is an musician, theologian, and a bit of a nerd. He enjoys a variety of musical genres, from Christian rock to movie soundtracks to KPop. A former band director, he plays about a dozen instruments, given a couple of weeks to practice up. His theological work has included a book on multi-generational ministry and a thesis on the theology of communicating with the dead. As for his nerd-card, he enjoys the fandoms of The Legend of Zelda, Doctor Who, Avatar: The Last Airbender, and Lord of the Rings. With a music degree from William Carey University and a theology degree from the New Orleans Baptist Theological Seminary, Keven actively serves in ministry as both pastor and worship leader.

One comment on “A little change for that jar on your washing machine…

  1. Cute! I like your cheesecake site, although…I think it’s very fattening! 😉 We’re all going to be so hungry every time we go there!

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