A Disposable World

Imagine if you will a land in which once you tired of something you could just throw it away. Don’t worry about waste piles, everyone does it and why should you be any different? Shiny, new things are the best because So-in-so and Whos-a-ma-call-it said so, and everything in this world caters to you having what you want. Don’t limit yourself to just things. Trees are in your way? Cut those bad boys down.  And pets, people and God aren’t really important to hang onto either. All that stuff weighs you down and you were meant to be free from constraints. Take them or leave them. You move on your whims, just as everyone else does.

Sound good?

Maybe on the surface, but when you look a little deeper you will see there are serious flaws in this world.Let’s break it down and examine.

Non-Living Things

We do need things to live. Food, shelter, clothing and water are the most important. I am fortunate enough to have been born in a country where needed things are relatively easy to come by. Yes, there are “poor” in the United States, but what we consider poor here is rather wealthy in many parts of the world. We are wasteful and blind to the real poor of the world. We throw away what others might think is treasure. If we are made to eat beans, rice, Ramen noodles…it is considered slumming it. We buy cars every few years because of ego.  We have closets full of clothes that we chunk or donate because there is a tiny hole or the fashion is no longer fashionable.

I don’t want anyone to feel guilty for where they were born or the wealth they have, but I would like us to open our eyes and realize how much we are blessed.

In the fictitious world I created up there, you have people doing exactly what we are doing in the USA without the consequences of such waste.  But I ask, can you be so careless and not have consequences? Look at the current state of our economy and I think the answer is pretty clear.

Living Things

The world around us is balanced between plants and animals. If we start jacking with that balance, either by way of neglect or misuse, it tends to smack the tar out of us. This is true with plants and animals.  My husband calls me a tree-hugger for my stance on this, but I think deep down he might agree with me. I’m not a global warming nut or a save the whales but murder the babies hypocrite, but I do believe God intended for us to care for the world He created the best we can under the influence of sin.

In my fictitious world, no one reveres the wonder of the world around them, nor do they think it is their responsibility to make sure balance is held. But it is impossible to continue that level of neglect and misuse without the living things having their revenge and killing humanity off. It sounds like a speculative novel’s theory, but history has proven the living world around us has put a whooping on mankind throughout history.

Don’t believe me? Just look at the damage bacteria, viruses and infections have smacked down on us. They have the potential to wipe us away if not kept on a very short leash.

People Things

People, people, people. Why are you so cruel to one another? The Golden Rule says we should treat others how we want to be treated.  But I see more carelessness here than the other two combined.

If we were all zombies, the fictitious world might work on this front, but even then I don’t think so. Why? Cannibalism. If zombies do not have  courtesy for other zombies, they will eat each other and zombies would cease to exist.And do not tell me zombies do not eat dead flesh. This example is from my migraine riddled brain and it says zombies are flesh eaters.

What I see mankind doing is like a very slow cannibalism.  With each new generation, they eviscerate each other a little more and soon there will be nothing left inside. We will become zombies and then nothing at all. This country has a morally bankrupt foundation…pertie-near zombism.

God Things

This is the one that can save us all.

In our carelessness, we often see God, His rules and all of His Creation as a burden to our freedom. We chunk Him to the side as if He is no better than crappie made clothes or rotten fruit. Our arrogance blinds us from the reality…He is the only freedom we may have. His rules are there for our protection. His Creation is not disposable, but a gift we should all honor and respect.

***Disclaimer of Temporary Insanity***

Zombies used in the production of this blog are a hallucination caused by the pain in my head. Hopefully my imaginary minions made sense. If not…I can’t win them all.

Peace, love and God’s Will.

About Diane Graham

Diane Graham lives in the mountains of eastern Oklahoma with her husband, children and many dogs. She is an avid reader and lover of all art forms that encapsulate imagination and goodness. Her debut novel I Am Ocilla was released in March 2012.

4 comments on “A Disposable World

  1. Respect for God, respect for His creation, respect for one another. Or, as some put it, Love God, love your neighbor.

  2. Ah, zombies. The permanent migraine relief.

    What a wonderful world it would be without sin. Come, Lord Jesus.

  3. I am absolutely a tree-hugger, and I believe we can save both the whales and the babies.

    You don’t have to be an eco-Nazi or climate nut to understand that environmentalism is simply stewardship: using resources wisely and cleaning up after yourself. The Owner gave us dominion over the vineyard, but that doesn’t mean He’ll be happy to see it turned into a gigantic midden when He returns.

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