Renegade Project #27: Snipers

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You lean near to the Prince and whisper, “If you have a nimble archer, now is the time to use him. Let’s talk with them, but I wouldn’t promise much and trust nothing.”

The Prince nods.

You turn back to Malor. “You must realize that releasing criminals is rather frowned upon. They only let me hold the rope after I vowed they could trot him off to jail afterwards.”

Malor tilts his head. “You’ll get more than a frown from the old man if this girl don’t make it back alive. For starters, that cushy job you got will be gone and if he don’t like your word over his own kin, it may be your neck in the noose instead of the boss.”

“I may lose the job, but Galen won’t decide his son’s fate. Gallino is under arrest for high treason for a number of charges, including creating and using forbidden enchantments. No, I expect his only chance to escape execution is giving enough information for the help the government track down and stop the source.” You lean back in the saddle. “Actually that’s probably the best chance that anyone has to profit from this whole mess.”

Two of the men glance at Malor. One of them fidgets with his sword.

Good, let them worry.

An arrow flashes and zips by your hand, slicing through the rope to Gallino’s horse, then sinking into back thigh of your horse. Your horse screams and rears up. You tumble off the side and clear even as the animal thrashes.

“What the–?”

The commotion spooks the other horses and from the corner of your view, you see Gallino’s horse bolt, no doubt spurred on by its rider.

Had the sniper turned? Two men stood fighting on the roof while another lay sprawled in the thatch. Malor must have had his own already up there.

As the men around you lurch into action, you pull your one throwing knife from your belt.


Do you throw it at Gallino or his horse (specify which, please) and end this game


Throw it at the guy holding the girl (or just attack the guy with the knife in hand)



Voting is Open until Monday.

For those who missed the rules for this game check them out here!

And if you missed last week’s section, find it here.

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8 comments on “Renegade Project #27: Snipers

  1. Hard choices…

    I miss high power sniper rifles and helicopters at the moment.

    • lol, yep, I bet! Those would be really nice. But hey, you guys did great. I knew about Malor’s snipers a while back, so you guys fared well by getting your own sniper up there! Otherwise, who knows what the other archer would have hit. Could have been you… the Prince or any number of targets…

      So good job!

      • I was just following standard hostage procedure.

        Hit us?

        I always hate those endings that the books have so many of.

        You die.
        THE END

        • You don’t really think I’m hesitant to have characters die, do you? Probably would have offed the Prince before the Hero/narrator since he’s the logical threat in this arena. Besides, then Selyna would be out one boyfriend, right?

          Besides, you guys have chosen wisely and so far no one has died at all! I may have to be harder next time… muwhahahah…

          And if/when such an ending comes, we could just back up and try a different option. I won’t end the game session simply because of a wrong turn.

  2. No, I don’t.


    I was thinking of the all the published CYOA books I’ve read.

  3. I vote for throwing the knife at the guy holding Selyna. But only if our hero actually has a chance of missing her and hitting his target. Does he? You said he’s a middling swordsman, and nothing about his throwing arm.

  4. (Try to) Save the girl. She is your responsibility at the moment. Gallino can come later.

    Hmm… how confident am I in our hero’s aim? He already has education and swordsmanship above the average man so I would rather not trust in his having another advanced skill. I would only have him take the shot if the target became wide open. I won’t count on that. I vote for attacking the goon with blade in hand.

    If the vote does favor our hero’s knife being voluntarily airborne just remember to aim slightly opposite the side of the hostage.

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