The Buck Stops…Where?

The release of my first royalty-paying writing gig looms on the horizon. It’s a staggering reality that I’ve scarcely had time to think about, honestly, due to the last-minute hubbub that surrounds a book launch. And of course, with hubbub comes stress, which centers itself right in my gut. Edits (is it really tight enough?) Blurbs (does they entice sufficiently?) Acknowledgements (am I offending people by not mentioning them by name?) Dedications (will my kids feel jilted since I only dedicated this book to one of them?) All these tasks and more war for my undivided attention, and none of them really get it in the midst of life’s busyness. And I can’t escape the constant fretful retracing of the thoughts: “Have I done enough? Can I ever do enough?”

A realization crept into the corner of my mind while I was frantically scrubbing dishes and thinking about cover art files–so little of this is up to me, and honestly, the smidge that is in my court only feels that way because God is gracious and allows me to feel like I’ve got some of it under control. The fact of the matter is, while I am a player in this great drama, an integral part to how it all unfolds, with my own penchants and choices contributing to the path of the journey, I’m not the real decider of the destination. It’s all within the will and the way of a much better Chooser.

When I can recall this with any clarity, I’m able to ease a few notches further away from hyperventilating. Not only can I release the responsibility to make all the little cogs mesh together, I can also let go of my fear that I possess the power to mess this thing up beyond what God has imagined and planned for. And thankfully, God’s imagination is a gentle, benevolent place. He wants to prosper me. He has no desire to harm me. He may let me make things more complicated for myself as a “see what happens” kind of lesson at times, but I can rest assured it’s always for my good. God is just not the type to sit back and snicker while we reap what we’ve sown.

So, as I take my first few strides into the world of the small-press published, I need to keep reminding myself. I’m not alone in what I’m trying to do. Not only do I have an excellent team of publishing folks looking out for my best interest, I have a great circle of family and friends willing to step in and help me along. And foremost, I have the still, small voice of the Lord to consult whenever I can remember to slow down enough to listen to him. I can find his whispers in the simple beauty of wildflowers, in the sage voices of his people, in the memories of gallant people who have gone before, in the vast wisdom in his Word he’s left us as a guide.

I thank you, my readers, for listening to the little bits I’ve seen fit to share here. It’s good to be the messenger, especially when we know we can depend upon the message. Perhaps my rendering of such truth has not always been crystalline, but Lord willing, I’ve got a lot more words to coming in the future, and the fewer of them that try to I call truly mine, the better.

About Rebecca Minor

Rebecca P Minor draws perspective from her pursuit of various art forms, including writing, drawing, and music (singing mostly, though there was a time when a trombone figured in.) A 1997 graduate from The University of the Arts in Philadelphia, Becky earned a BFA in animation. Since then, she has worked as a character animator, a freelance artist, an art teacher, and most importantly, a wife to her husband Scott and mother of three boys. She is in the process of republishing her current body of work. The first installment of The Windrider Saga, Divine Summons, is available as an ebook novella on Amazon. She also has short stories available under the umbrella of The Windrider Canticles.

12 comments on “The Buck Stops…Where?

  1. So excited for you, Becky! This is what you wanted, right? Sometimes when I get stressed about my productivity, it helps to ask myself, “Do you want to do this? Did you think it wouldn’t be hard? Do you still want to do it?” Yes, no, and yes. We’re here for you, and will support you going forward.

    And if the rest of your children are upset that only one had their name in the dedication, then tell them to inspire you to write a book and they’ll get theirs. 😉

  2. Great reminders, Tim! And the truth of the matter is, no matter how cliche, is that the best things in life are the hard things. You’re right about the dedications…I’ve got more than one book in me, so those other kiddoes still have their chance! 🙂

  3. I’m going to miss you over here (Thankfully I know where you live!). And a huge huge congrats. I’m actually over here trying to convince my proud, happy tears to stay in my eyeballs. 🙂 Its been pure awesomeness to work with you these last couple of years and see how tremendously God had blessed you on all accounts. Lots of love for you and all the Minor clan! I’m going to shut up up now before I embarrass myself in the public forum…

    • 🙂 You are too kind to gush in public, and I’m looking forward to the day that I get to express very similar sentiments when your work gets a mind-blowing contract. I appreciate your transparency that helps me to see just how blessed I am.

  4. The first paragraph, or rather, the questions you ask(ed) yourself-you are able to ask yourself!

    How awesome is that?

    You did it.

    You set your heart on God first, of course, and you acted on that faith and through determination you have arrived at this next stop…pause? You get it.

    In the words of one Robynn Tolbert, “He didn’t bring me this far just to dump me,” and I paraphrase, but it’s really close.

    Take heart and hold fast. It’s happening.

  5. Massive congrats, Becky. It’s totally normal to be freaked out, and, yes, you’re going to miss something completely obvious, but you will live through it and you will move on and you will do new, more and better by the grace of God.

    I, too, will miss you over here, so don’t be a stranger.

    • I’ll be sure to let you know what the obvious thing missed ends up being, just because it will be funny to laugh at it with the person who predicted it. And I wouldn’t dream of being a stranger–this is too cool a place to hang out!

  6. Congratulations Becky! I am so happy for you! I love what they did for your cover art and I can’t wait to see what they do for the Sword of the Patron. 🙂

    • Thanks, Jenette. Hopefully each successive release will just keep building momentum with the help of the last–and I’ll be sure to keep you all informed when there are new images to look at and words to read.

  7. Congratulations, Becky!

    I hope and pray that all this works out in God’s perfect will and timing for you, and that His grace abounds richly to you in all things.

  8. This is really good news about your book Becky. And I like the perspective about it you present in this post. Some things are just completely out of our hands and totally in the Lord’s. And that’s a good place to be because whether your book fails or flies, the Lord always has your best eternal interests in mind.

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