TSA- Please sir, may I have another?

Photo by Max Trombly

Last year I did a post about TSA because I was absolutely disgusted. I remember thinking to myself that surely someone would do something about this. Surely the American people would riot in the streets and call EPIC FAIL on TSA and the Department of Homeland Security. You can imagine my surprise when most people gathered in line like good little sheeple with the rest of the flock.

Why would a free person willfully subject himself to sexual assault, possible radiation poisoning, and a clear violation of due process by way of no probable cause before a search and seizure? *gulp* Because he is told he is safer giving up his liberty. He is told that if he gives up his protection by the Constitution he will not have to worry about terrorists.

If that is true I am the Tooth-Fairy and I fly on a magical unicorn made of gumdrops and cotton candy. I also shoot lightning bolts made of gold out of my behind that turn to coins as they rain down on the hungry masses of third-world countries.

In the news this week a trial has started for Umar Farouk Abdul Mutallab. If you don’t know who he is let me help you out. Mutallab is known as the Underwear Bomber (aka Detroit Christmas Bomber.) On a flight from Amsterdam to Detroit, December 25, 2009, Mutallub set off a fire in his underwear 10 minutes before landing in Detroit. This is a terrible thing and the catalyst that set into motion TSA’s new security guidelines of radiate and grope.

What you might not know is Mutallub was on an international No-Fly List, although the State Department has changed their story on that as much as a potty training toddler changes his underwear. What you also may not know is Mutallub had no passport in Amsterdam. *scratches head* If he was marked to not fly and had no documentation to enter the United States of America, how did he get on the plane?

Well it just so happens there were other Americans on that plane that witnessed Mutallub at the ticket counter and they say he wasn’t alone. They say he was poorly dressed but was with a “Sharp Dressed Man”, that helped secure Mutallub’s entrance on the plane by saying he was from Sudan and “we” do this all the time. The person at the ticket counter sent Mutallub and his friend that spoke with an American accent to a manager. The next time he was seen by the two witnesses was on the plane, 10 minutes before landing, with flaming britches. In the months following the incident, our government denied this. Pretty much saying the couple,prominent lawyers, claims were unsubstantiated.

It has now been confirmed by the State Department that the FBI, in fact, allowed Mutallub on that plane. This would also explain how and why FBI agents were at the airport waiting when Northwest Flight 253 landed only a few minutes after calling in to air traffic control that there was a fire on-board, not a bomb but a fire.

What it doesn’t explain is why the “Sharp Dressed Man” called Mutallub Sudanese when he is clearly from Nigeria. What it doesn’t explain is why two men were arrested from the Detroit flight but only Mutallub was charged.  Something many may not know is Mutallub is the son of a wealthy banker that supposedly reported his son up to six months prior to the incident.

All of this brings big questions to my mind and should yours as well. The Christmas Bomber incident is the reason for our new TSA security check points, but funny, they can’t detect the explosive Mutallub used. And not once in the near year since TSA implemented their naked scanning and proddy-pokey-patdowns have they caught one single instance of terrorism. What they have done is violate every single person that has gone through one of these checkpoints. They have taken power that wasn’t theirs to have.

And if you say the reason no terrorists have been caught is they are afraid of TSA, put your face real close to your monitor so I may smack the tar out of your stupid. Why would terrorists have to sneak on if the FBI lets them on without passports?

Some of the more current horror stories of TSA’s abuses on the American people in the name of “safety”:

Breast cancer patient, Lori Dorn was made to have a breast exam at New York’s JFK. She explained to the TSA agents that she had a medical card that explained the treatment she was under, but the agents refused her pleas and preformed a breast exam in view of other people.

In June a 95 year old woman in a wheel chair was forced to remove her adult diaper for a pat down. TSA claimed the security procedures are the same for everyone for the sake of national security. This is an outright lie. We know pilots and certain high-ranking officials in the government get to pass through security checkpoints. We also know that women wearing burkas get a pass because somehow their religious freedom supersedes every other Americans’ Constitutional rights protection.

A sassy blogger by the name of Amy Alkon had her own experience and wrote about it on her blog Advice Goddess. It’s rather graphic so if you are sensitive, don’t click that link. The TSA agent actually is trying to sue Amy for writing about her experience on her blog.

I am sure there are many more floating around, but I am just too disgusted to research them. What have we learned today children? That’s right, the government can’t provide safety by taking freedom. They only want that which is not theirs to have and until we get sick and tired of it…

So if you have any holiday flying in the states this year, get in line, be ready to be violated and when you get pissed, turn around, look at the scum that is putting his sausage fingers all over your sweet-stuff and say,”Please, sir, may I have another?” Because that is more convenient, don’t want to cause a scene or anything. Plus, resistance is futile, right?

Or remember that liberty is given by the Creator and no man has the right to it without just cause. Remember that the protection of your liberty was purchased with the blood of your countrymen. Will you allow their sacrifice to be for nothing because you were too weak to say no? I sure hope not.

Peace, love and God’s will.

About Diane Graham

Diane Graham lives in the mountains of eastern Oklahoma with her husband, children and many dogs. She is an avid reader and lover of all art forms that encapsulate imagination and goodness. Her debut novel I Am Ocilla was released in March 2012.

25 comments on “TSA- Please sir, may I have another?

  1. I remember reading about babies and toddlers “having to be searched” and prodded inside their diapers. These people sicken me.

  2. You are right, Diane… the American people are sheeple. The minute the naked scanner and pat downs came out, I swore I’d never get on another plane. However, it’s not just planes. Now we have semi-patdowns at football games, and Homeland Security has started patdowns at subways and bus stations. No, it’s not about security… it’s about control. They are training us to submit. Well, to heck with them. They aren’t putting their nasty little hands on me. I don’t submit. As Benjamin Franklin said, “They who can give up essential liberty to obtain a little temporary safety, deserve neither liberty nor safety.”

  3. Yeah! That’s right — don’t submit, and don’t give up your liberty! Because that’s what Jesus was all about — stickin’ it to the man.

    • Do you think Jesus wants little girls and boys molested? Or do you think Jesus wants my Granny publicly humiliated? Jesus is the best at never wavering due to peer pressure. It’s not about sticking it to the man. It’s about saying yes or no. Obey or don’t obey. When man’s law goes against God’s Law we are directed to disobey man’s law. Jesus was crucified because He said no.

    • Steve,

      I don’t know anyone who’s successfully protesting this, or as you say, “stickin’ it to the man.” Anyone who flies is at the mercy of either the aggressively too-intimate pat-down or the naked scanner, which–if you may recall–they lied to us about, saying that they didn’t save the pictures. I don’t know why they bothered lying; the truth about the port for downloading the saved files came out quickly enough!

      I think it’s healthy and necessary to have a conversation about this steady erosion of our liberties, and I would love to see someone come up with a practical means of getting the TSA to back down from all of this hyper-paranoid security-stupidity. It really concerns me when I think about what kind of people the TSA has to be attracting as employees. Just about everyone who flies has a story to tell now about someone they witnessed being mistreated by TSA employees. The ego/power-trips some of them get on are bad enough, like the little man with the Napoleon complex authorized to wave a baton around and harass the departing passengers after the security checkpoint in Omaha or the jerks who forced a woman in terrible pain to walk through a security scanner unassisted–see Diane’s comment below; but the total perverts are beyond inexcusable!

      And it’s not just the TSA. While our government is still accountable to us via the vote-box, we need to find a way to downsize all possible areas of government including the TSA before the abuse and erosion of our liberties gets any worse.

  4. Diane, I think you’ve hit the nail on the head! I’ve believed from the start that the way the TSA carries on is all about controlling people and not about safety. OR that it’s about about creating an illusion of safety that has no basis in reality–for the purposes of controlling everyone.

    I don’t approve of it or agree with it, but fighting this is a little difficult to do. The people on the other side this–the TSA–on their turf, you can’t really buck them without serious consequences because of the way they’ve gotten around the law by citing “safety of the public.”

    The latest TSA offer that was announced yesterday really disturbed me. NOW we can give up the right to unprovoked government intrusion into our private lives in exchange for less sexual abuse of our persons going through the airports and elsewhere?

    I’ve got a huge problem with that! It violates my Constitutional rights in an even more aggressive scope than original abuses–the pat-downs and naked porno scanners–do.

    The last time my kids flew (back just before the new scanners came on line), a security guard (might have been TSA?) came and shooed us off the top of the ramp where we were watching to be sure the kids made it through Security safely. We’d promised that we’d stay there until they made it through.

    We had to watch from a distance in the first place because the TSA changed the rules and told the airlines that no one could be allowed to help anyone through the checkpoints for any reason, even if they were minors and needed help UNLESS they paid for the pass.

    (You do NOT want to know what I think of being shaken down for money like that!)

    Then I later heard from the kids that a TSA agent stepped up on a box beyond the checkpoint and began “directing traffic” with his baton by waving it/shaking it at people: “Right this way, folks! Step lively! Get going! Clear the area! (etc)” Apparently he was kind of short and had to stand on the box to be tall enough to be…seen! He kept hassling the passengers coming out of the checkpoint to hurry up and clear the area.

    My kids were really weirded out by him. His actions made no sense to them. NO one wanted to linger at the checkpoint before he showed up. After he started carrying on and threatening people with the baton, everyone was frantically trying to clear the area just to get away from him in spite of belts dangling, shoes off, etc. You can imagine the problems he caused!

    We’ve avoided using that airport since then (Omaha). We also decided that given the current safety obsessed climate, the kids won’t fly any more unless an adult can fly with them.

    • I’ve not flown since 2005 and then I thought it was crazy when I had to take my shoes off. But that wasn’t my issue. My sister was traveling with me. She had recently had double knee surgery and could only walk with a cane. I had been pushing her in a wheelchair to that point. When it came time to go through the metal detector, they made her walk through without a cane. It took a good 10 minutes because it was so painful for her. I remember watching the smirks on the security agents faces as my sister went through and thinking they were doing it because they thought it was funny. If it was policy that everyone must walk through on their own power, that is discrimination against the handicap.

      What is the solution? These scanners and this type of security are going up at sporting events, courthouses, bus and train stations. And for what reason? Are we any safer?

  5. Vee know where you are, Ms Graham. Vee are vatching you. Ja, the vatching and the taking the notes vee are doing….

  6. It’s an endless chase down the black hole of the human imagination of all the diabolical “what-if”s. They’re actually in our realm – chasing after speculative fictions of near-future and technological possibilities. If anything, they’ve turn this into a mind game, hoping that they can think of the evils before the terrorists attempt them. Their true “opponent” is the one in a billion that could actually persuade or force a female, elderly or child to carry a weapon on board in a sickeningly creative way.

    We are simply the pawns and other chess pieces caught on the board.

    Unfortunately, they are doomed to failure, because there is no end to the resourcefulness of such a depraved madman. You see, nothing is foolproof because fools are so ingenious. But in their psychological warfare, the more they seek to “think like the criminal”, the more like the criminal they become.

    To me, that’s one of the unique and priceless treasures of the gospel. God is the only one that can protect us against it all. All He asks is that we obey Him, love Him and serve others. Then we don’t have to chase the enemy through the sewers and fear the evils he/she might be concocting.

    However, when people turn from God and lose that divine protection, what other options do we have?

  7. ***SPYSATELLITE323***









    >SPYSATELLITE323 RELOCATING. STANDBY……………………………………………………..


    • Note to ground operator, Satellite 323/ Subject known to employ a tinfoil hat as a surveillance obstruction device. Please activate appropriate radar and cameras to circumvent said tinfoil apparatus.

    • Ha! Ha! Ha! Trees, tin-foil, crazy-hair and cheesecake scrabble all electronics. The cheesecake did in the drone, it had no chance.

  8. UGH. I am flying soon–my first flight since 9/11 and I am dreading the pat-down. I hope and pray they have the naked-lady-scanner. I could handle that much better.

    Of course, like everyone else, I wish they’d go back to studying on an individual case and only aggressively pat-down/sexually assault people with suspicious terrorist attributes…

  9. It’s not like TSA had to reinvent the wheel. El Al is the most secure airline in the sky, despite ostensibly being the most threatened. And do the Israelis these draconian security screening measures like the TSA does? Do they use Security Theater to get the people on El Al flights to feel secure? No, to both. They use proven, common sense, screening practices and interview techniques. And it works.

    • Exactly. They use dogs to sniff out illegal substances. I would much rather a dog sniff me than a woman or man grope me or a radiation machine fry my insides.

  10. This is precisely why I’m not inclined to fly anytime soon, even though I dream of going overseas. My thoughts? Get your private pilot’s license if you’re physically capable. Drive to Canada if you’re flying overseas. They don’t have the stupid TSA, do they?

    • I haven’t flown since 2005 and don’t plan to any time soon either. It has to of hurt airlines’ sales. Once again the government diddling where they shouldn’t in the name of “helping”.

  11. My Dearest Youngest Daughter.

    Those who are subjecting themselves to this are either, 1) in dire need to travel this way 2) exhibitionists 3) Or just don’t have a clue. Whatever the reason, It won’t last long.

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