How I Met Your Father, Part Seven

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Chapter Seven: The Wedding Night

At some time during my college career I got a reputation for being scary. I don’t know if it was my membership in the NRA, my collection of sharp objects and weapons, or my willingness to slug people in the arm if they needed it. Or, perhaps it was because they suspected I had Multiple Personality Disorder because I often wrote notes to myself during class….

Anyway, Bobby Pillsbury gave me a nickname, based loosely on my maiden name, that quickly spread.


But it wasn’t just a light, fluffy, happy “Doom.” It had to be said in a deep, booming voice, like an announcement of “DOOM!

During volleyball games on the rare occasions I wasn’t on sitting on the bench or basketball games when I was cheerleading, I would often hear Bobby Pillsbury’s voice echoing across the gym, “DOOM!!!!!!” It quickly became a term of endearment, and I have to admit I rather enjoyed the sense of intimidation it aroused in people to hear “DOOM!” shouted out in public.

Roomie, D, Bobby Pillsbury and I all sat together in the classes we shared. The one we disliked the most was Biology. We sat in the back of the class, the four of us at one table, and goofed off. Since this was the least favorite class for all of us, it was also the most fun to ditch. The problem was, none of us were doing very well, so we couldn’t afford to ditch often.

One night, however, we decided the pleasure of doing something else—anything else—would be worth the potential side effects of missing it. As attending class was officially off the evening menu, the four of us decided to go to a movie instead. At the beginning of each class, however, there was a quiz. Roomie and D decided not to bother with it, but Bobby Pillsbury and I figured we probably needed the points toward our grades enough that it was wise to go.

So we showed up for the quiz, and as we handed them in, we informed the teacher that we had someplace we had to go and wouldn’t be staying for the rest of the class.

A few rows back, the class clown, Jammin’, heard the exchange and decided to have fun with it. “What?” he called out, loudly enough for the entire class to hear. “You’re getting married?”

Being of less-than-serious natures ourselves, Bobby Pillsbury and I both declared, in unison, “Yep!”

Another girl, not catching that it was a joke, dropped her jaw in shock. “What?! You are?!”

We totally went along with it, announcing to the class that our wedding was the reason we wouldn’t be staying for the rest of class.

After that, people began to think it was inevitable that Bobby Pillsbury and I would get together. I mean, we always hung out together, we got along great and had a ton of fun, and we were best friends. Then, Roomie and D started dating, so when the four of us were together, it was them, a couple, and us, just friends.

After awhile, the idea of dating Bobby Pillsbury seemed to take on a strange appeal. After all, you’re supposed to marry your best friend, right? So why not date him?

Well, one reason why not was that I was still holding on to feelings for Elusive Hottie.

But Elusive Hottie was Far Away, a fact continually pointed out to me by one of my good friends that year, Harmony Davidson. What were the chances I’d ever get together with Far Away, really? And not only was Bobby Pillsbury my best friend, he was right here. Harmony Davidson even went so far as to make me a bet that if I didn’t marry Bobby Pillsbury, she’d buy me a New York Cheesecake. (She still owes me for that, by the way.)

Then Roomie and D got engaged, making the inevitability of a relationship between myself and Bobby Pillsbury seem even stronger, especially since we were both going to stand in Roomie and D’s wedding that coming summer.

Roomie and D’s wedding was lovely, but still nothing happened between myself and Bobby Pillsbury, and still nothing came of my long-lived feelings for Far Away.

After the wedding that summer, I went to Mexico for an extended mission trip/internship, which counted toward my degree, preparing me to enter my senior year of college.

Now, it may seem like we’re missing a year, since I just completed my second year, but we’re not. I squished my sophomore and junior years into one by taking summer classes,  both the previous summer and that summer, and getting credit for my internship in Mexico, as well as taking extra classes during the school year.

Anyway, my senior year began as everything a senior year should be. First, I had The Roommates of Apartment 14. I had my wavering crush on Far Away. I had my best-friendship/possible romance with Bobby Pillsbury.

And then there was Little Tony….

About Avily Jerome

Avily Jerome is a writer and the editor of Havok Magazine. Her short stories have been published in various magazines, both print and digital. She has judged several writing contests and is a writing conference teacher and presenter. She writes speculative fiction, her ideas ranging from almost-real-world action/adventures to epic fantasies to supernatural thrillers.

6 comments on “How I Met Your Father, Part Seven

  1. My Dearest Avily,

    Oh no not a Tony too!

  2. These posts are too short…I desperately want to know what happens with Elusive Hottie!

  3. Okay. I’ve just caught up on all the chapters and am eagerly awaiting chapter eight. Hurry please.

    By the way, where did you go to college? In California? Biola, by any chance? I went there for a couple of years before transferring to NAU in Flagstaff, close to where I grew up.

    It would have been years before you were in college, but the experiences you share sound familiar. Nostalgic, even. I had an Elusive Hottie then too, and not much else until I met my husband in Flagstaff.

    • Thanks so much! I love hearing that!
      I went to Arizona Christian University, (formerly Southwestern College), in Phoenix. Small Bible colleges tend to have similar atmospheres, though. I loved it. Wouldn’t trade my experiences there for anything.

  4. This is a great story, you know!

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