Who Said You Were A Writer?


Wikipedia says this:

The word is almost synonymous with author.Skilled writers are able to use language to portray ideas and images, whether fiction, non-fiction or creative nonfiction. A writer may compose in many different forms including poetry, prose, or music. Accordingly, a writer may rank as a poet, novelist, copywriter, composer, lyricist, playwright, mythographer, journalist, screenwriter for film or television, etc.

That’s quite a broad spectrum. An online definition says a writer is one who writes a particular text. That’s it. I call myself a writer because I am a writer. I don’t think I’m one. It’s not a hobby. It’s what I do. I always have. And according to wikiwikipedia I can fall under that category a few times over. Poet, novelist, lyricist. My favorite? Mythographer. That one sounds so…well, mythical. From Greek mythografia, writer of legends. Love it. 

I write this because an epic friend of mine and  fellow writer, Allie Burke wrote a post called Aspire No More. She yells outloud she is a writer. Point? Many people who do what I do, who put pen to paper or fingers to keys are still aspiring. They don’t consider themselves writers. Something about the community that makes them afraid to admit or reveal that they are. So they say, to feel safe, they are aspiring. Aspiring for what?

Aspire. Direct one’s hopes or ambitions toward achieving something.

Well this is a writer’s blog and I thought I would share my thoughts on the matter. Allie says I was a great inspiration to her. I am humbled by that. I started sharing whatever poetry and writing I had imagined for one purpose-to share it. A goal of mine was to inspire. A goal of mine was to get someone, anyone to think about things. To look within themselves and find something they never knew they had. God uses us and when we listen, we can hear Him clearly. It is my way of sharing love, God, Christ and salvation.

…and I know in my heart of hearts that God called me to this. It is one of the things I do best. Now I know not everyone can be a writer just like everyone can’t be a singer. But reread that. It’s a false statement. If what you want to do is write–do it. If you want to write for the Lord–write for Him. some people are afraid to sing. Some Christians are afraid for fear of being ridiculed that they may not sing like the guy from Mercy Me. With singing, God hears a beautiful sound as long as the heart is after His. Is writing any different? Nope.

Take joy my king
in what you hear,
let it be a sweet,
sweet sound in your ear.
In your ear.

I am a writer and I say these words often.
Looking to Jesus the author and finisher of our faith; who for the joy that was set before him endured the cross, despising the shame, and is set down at the right hand of the throne of God. Hebrews 12:2 NLT
Who said you were a writer?
GOD did and when God speaks, great and mighty things happen. Check out Genesis. Christ, the logos is the author and that worked out pretty well, right?
Be blessed!
Also…Happy most blessed birthday Diane Graham. She is the one who brought me on. Her and Keven Newsome. May God grant all of the desires of your heart, my Friend.

About Tymothy Longoria

Tymothy Longoria has been described as a writer with a flair for the dramatic (whether this is true still remains to be seen). He is a fan of all things fantastic, metal music, black t-shirts, and aligns himself with geeks, nerds, and all manner of monsters, and is an ardent, optimistic supporter of his fellow creatives. He has written several short stories for the online macabre zine Underneath The Juniper Tree and in 2012 was awarded Debut Author of the Year by Twisted Core Press for 'Envy', his contribution to the Seven Deadly Sins Anthology. He is currently editing his full-length dark fantasy retelling, Revenants: Book One of The Stories. Fairy tales? If only. Legends will be reborn. Tymothy calls Texas home, where he lives with his wife, two children, and a cat called ThunderCat aka Kitty PawKitty. He is represented by Bree Ogden of Red Sofa Literary.

17 comments on “Who Said You Were A Writer?

  1. Mmmmm. Thanks for this. I struggled with calling myself a writer too, still do a little, I guess. It’s hard because people expect me to have something published, “Oh, what have you written?” And having non-writers understand just how long that publication road can be or if it will actually one day ‘be’ is tough too. So I dream, wear my God-given writer’s clothes, tell people I am a writer, and type on.

    • Barbara. That’s it and you know what? People expect too much :}.
      Keep dreaming. Remember to awaken from that dream and make it real. I love the “God-given writer’s clothes” comment. I like to call it my writer’s jacket.

      Be blessed.

  2. Great thoughts, Tymothy! We do need to embrace what God has gifted us to be, and not shirk away from that identity just because we’re not as far as we’d like down the road. Do we feel embarrassed about being human when we’re children? We’re no less human when we are young, just like we’re no less writers before we’re published.

    We compare ourselves to others, and there’s where the trouble begins. Oh, for the ability to see things from God’s perspective at all times!

    Thanks for sharing. I’m glad Diane drew you into the fold.

    • A beautiful and true metaphor. We are no less human when we’re young. Indeed.

      I say, I think I said it here first-I don’t want to be the next anybody. I want to be the first me. And by God or as my protag would say, by Logos…I will be.

      You are most welcome and thank YOU.

  3. You are achieving one of your goals, Tymothy – in inspiring and encouraging other writers.
    Beautiful post.

  4. I meant to add, you will also achieve your other goals, because your heart and your focus are in the right place. Blessings!

  5. Why thank you, my friend. 😀

  6. My Dearest Tymothy,

    We are all blessed, whether we choose to make our flower bloom or not is our choice. If we should decide to make it bloom then God provides the equipment we need. Very nice post my friend.

  7. Thank you, thank you. We are all blessed, indeed.

  8. , I feel that writing is the human spirit, freedom and happiness in life

  9. I am far from a published; famous author, but I have written 7 books in the last 15 months. I have been a writer/poet since 1983 but never believed I would ever ss myself writing a single book.

    I am glad I can leave something behind after I have passed away!


  10. Hello Tymothy
    Thank you so much for the information
    i just want to ask one question
    is being writer can supply as life time career? (i mean as a job, it’s true i am talking about money but i ask this cause of many people around me don’t believe me in this (they talk about money) and maybe i got doubt too, please tell me)

  11. Hello Tymonty
    thank you for your post it made my mind open
    Tymonty, people around me not sure i can be writer except myself
    i want to ask, can writer be a profession of life time job?

    Thanks You

    • Widdy, when I was young I was told writing was a nice hobby but I’d never be able to make a living at it. I didn’t realize how mistaken the people who said that were until 20 years later, when I was working in a newsroom full of people who made their living writing.

      It’s true that making a living from writing *novels* is extraordinarily difficult. You must be very talented, very prolific, and write in a very popular genre. You’ll notice that none of those millionaire self-published e-book writers we hear about wrote Christian Speculative Fiction. 😦 Most novelists have a sideline (or two!) in teaching, editing, journalism, or some other profession. Or they have very supportive spouses.

      But there are many OTHER ways to make a living as a writer: journalism, which one of my editors described as “a great way to turn nosiness into a career”; technical writing; copywriting; and ghostwriting. Those are the major categories that are likely to pay a living wage. There may be others I’m forgetting at the moment.

      Neil Gaiman gave a great talk about the single-minded determination required to make a living as a writer. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ikAb-NYkseI (Before he was a best-selling novelist, he was a journalist.) Pursuing writing as a career requires mastery of the language, hard work, and perseverance, but it can be done.

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