Renegade Project 23: Road to Trouble

Still a bit undecided, you head for the stables. To give your own horse more time to recover from the night ride, you ask to borrow one of the estate horses-the spares that are kept on hand for messages and such.

As you lift your saddle onto a young mare, you hear footsteps approach. Your hand edges toward your sword as you turn.

One of the mercenaries from the barracks walks into the stable. He glances at you, then around.

“Do you need something?” you ask.

The man frowns and tosses a bunch of brown cloth at you. It’s the tunic he’d been mending. “Watch your back.”  You glance up at him, but he walks back out the doorway.

You unwad the tunic and hold it up. There’s a mended tear in the back of it and beside that, hastily stitched in the same brown thread, is one word – Trap.

The man is long gone. Should you go after him and demand more? Tempting, but apparently the guy didn’t trust the promise of safety. Perhaps you’d better find out more to know what you’re up against.

You head out by the directions the first mercenary gave. The road was easy to find and wound through a couple old buildings then over a rolling hill. You skirt the buildings and make your way up the hill.

The other side slopes down into a river bed thick with trees. From the hilltop you can see where the road clears the woods and meanders up to a small stone cottage in the middle of a wide field.

In daylight, anyone inside would see you long before you reached the building. It also meant that if an ambush on the road was planned, it would be the clutch of trees in the riverbed. Rain has been scarce lately so the river might be nearly dry. The field looked just overgrown enough that you might be able to crawl through it without detection, but it would be a long trip.

So, now what?

Try to sneak through on your own to the cottage
Get help from Prince Sander
Wait until dark to sneak in by yourself

Voting is Closed!

For those who missed the rules for this game or an index check them out here!

And to see how this adventure began, see Renegade Project #1

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8 comments on “Renegade Project 23: Road to Trouble

  1. […] Do you go in alone, to at least scope out the place and see if it’s true […]

  2. A tactical decision, love it.

  3. I’ve been reading the titles of recent posts on NAF, and grinning. I think two of the titles are highly applicable to our hero here:

    1) “Sometimes the help you need is right in front of you,” and
    2) “Don’t be a diva!” (in this case, be humble enough to admit you need that help even if it costs you Galen’s attention, and go get it already!)

    Didn’t Ren say some installments back that this Prince Sander wanted to marry Sylena? If he rescues Sylena, surely her father will look more favorably on his suit. (I think I’ve said this before)

    As I recall, Ren also said that our hero is only a middling swordsman. How is sending him into a trap alone (where no one knows he’s going except for those who wish him ill or are afraid to interfere) a good idea? Solitary hotshot gunslinger-types who can’t see why they need backup can be just as much of a pain as the stuck up woman who goes all catty when anyone who’s the least bit of competition for the spotlight walks into the room.

    On the other hand, going to Prince Sander without verifying Sylena’s whereabouts wouldn’t be good either.

    I vote for (carefully) verifying Sylena’s whereabouts before seeking help from Prince Sander. I’ve gotten the impression that our hero is man enough that he doesn’t need the glory and I haven’t gotten the impression that he’s madly in love with Sylena or that she’s in the least interested in him. (Ren, I hope you will correct me if I am wrong about this)

    So why risk his life springing this trap when he could let Sander could do it more effectively, and create a situation where the prince owes him one for letting him in on the fun?

    Our hero has more important priorities anyway. He needs to replenish his stock of herbs to counteract that poison, then determine how to destroy the rest of the weapons without getting himself killed. And, assuming he comes out of the next few installments still employed by Galen, he now knows that some of Galen’s guards aren’t trustworthy and must be replaced.

  4. Okay, so was going to buckle down and post the next section tomorrow… have been meaning to write it all week long.

    Just one hang-up… I still don’t get what you guys want the hero to do.

    The winning option seems to be “(Carefully) Verify Selyna is in house and then go get Prince Sander.”

    That’s all well and good in theory, but just how is it that you guys think our hero can verify where she is – in the house or no? Been trying to fill in the gaps myself, but so far I haven’t come up with any brilliant ideas, yet. Thus no next section. This is the biggest reason I haven’t moved forward on this story.

    I certainly don’t want to sound like I’m complaining, but I guess I feel I’m either missing the clarity, or this option is too vague for this game to work well. Are we sneaking near the house to verify (and if so, crawling or what? And note to do so undetected would take time) or are we suggesting go and try to pick a few trustworthy servants/men to verify for you (‘course that leaves the question of how they would do it without getting caught) or … what?

    Once I figure out what the group wants, I will proceed with this story. Thanks so much for your patience and ideas!

  5. I think the general point is to seek help from Prince Sander. But I haven’t read this episode in awhile, so I can’t remember the verification point very well.

  6. I’d love to leave out the “carefully verify” too. I think he’s going to get caught, and put out of action! And then where will your story be? But others wanted carefully verify in there…

    So–anyway I have this suggested solution:

    Go straight to the prince. Let the prince know that Selyna has been kidnapped, and needs to be rescued. Mention that our hero has been given conflicting information that 1) she’s being held at the hut, and 2) the hut is a trap.

    Suggest that Selyna will be rescued quicker with the prince’s help. Noble suitor that he is, I suspect he won’t be able to say no! (and he also might be able to help with stopping the spread of those weapons)

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