Renegade Project 22: Selling Out

It’s nearing noon as you head for the barracks. The caravan could be back before nightfall, hours before if Gallino pushes them. A rider could have easily arrived already. You are running out of time.

The barracks is near empty with only five men there. Most of the men not with the caravan were patrolling the estate. Two are asleep and two glance up when you open the door and walk in. One lone man in the back continues mending a tunic.

“I’ve come to ask for any information on the mercenary Malor or those that fled with him last night.”

One of the men who had glanced up huffs and returns to the drink in his hand, his legs propped up on a second chair. The other man who’d looked up shrugs and groans. “Don’t know nothing.”

“Gallino has been trading illegal enchantments and will soon be paying the price for his betrayal. I have the evidence and a witness to have him arrested. He’s done. Those who cooperate with helping recover the Lady Selyna will gain an added measure of defense and support in a time where everyone will be suspected. There is also a respectable reward involved.”

“Yeah?” the one with the drink mutters. “How much?”

“Fifty gold pieces.” It’s as much pay as you’ve earned, though haven’t been paid yet, plus half of the money you have in reserve, but just might be enough to lure out an informant.

The man chuckles. “Gallino can offer far more than that.”

“Not from jail he can’t,” you reply, “or a hangman’s noose.”

“You’re pretty confident to be coming in here with that talk,” says the man in the back, hands still busy mending. “Or foolish.”

“I know men like Gallino. Loyalty and honor mean nothing to him. He lets you do as you wish to keep you out of his way, but certainly doesn’t trust you. Likely as not he’d knife you in the back himself to protect his own skin. I know what it’s like to serve one like him.”

“Yah,” the man with the drink said. “And I ain’t taking that knife for fifty gold.”

“Aye,” the third man says, “but I ain’t going down with him either. Rather take the gold and get out of this rat trap.”  He stands and gestures to the door. “I’ll tell you where to find him.”

You eye the rest of the men, but they ignore you, so you follow the man out of the building.

Outside, the man turns to you and scowls. “Malor’s family owned a farm not far from here. Place is no good now, but the house still stands in the field. That’s where they’ve got the woman.”

“How do I find it?”

“A mile due north of here you’ll find a path – with fresh tracks. Follow them tracks.” Shifting his feet, he squints up at you. “So when do I get my money?”

“When I return with the woman.”

“Oh, she’s there. Heard the men planning the escape.” He frowns. “But, it ain’t my fault if she get’s killed along the way. Not like they’ll give her up without a fight.”

“Fine – when I return.”

The man shrugs, grumbles something under his breath and walks away.

What now?

Do you go in alone, to at least scope out the place and see if it’s true


Take some of the mercenaries from the estate to help you


Ask for help from …? Perhaps this Prince Sander, said to be the woman’s friend/love



Voting is Closed!

For those who missed the rules for this game or an index check them out here!

And to see how this adventure began, see Renegade Project #1

About Ren Black

Part-time novelist. Weekend artist. Full-time Mother. Ex-poet. Perfectionist by training. Compulsive researcher sporadically. Prone to fits of linguistic commentary Unorthodox Renegade occasionally. Sarcastic by habit... Dreamer Always... Consider Yourself Warned

6 comments on “Renegade Project 22: Selling Out

  1. […] out the tavern and hope for a lead -OR- Go talk to the other mercs left at the barracks -OR- […]

  2. Yay! Our hero is back! 😀 Way to go, Ren! 😀

    Oh, I vote for getting Prince Sander involved. After all, he’s got a stake in this matter, and maybe papa Galen will be more inclined to favor his suit AND throw in support behind him if Sander helps him rescue his daughter.

    Of course, Sander’s involvement will cut two ways; if he helps rescue the daughter, he’s going to be mortally opposed to Gallino, and no amount of fatherly effort will hush up what Gallino has done.


  3. >>>Ask for help from …? Perhaps this Prince Sander, said to be the woman’s friend/love

    Get the prince involved. You need help, and he (assumably) has the resources of the Crown at his disposal.

  4. I’ll get back to this once I recover from camp.

  5. Go it alone, if only just for recon. I don’t know if this prince actually cares for her or is just using her for some unknown purpose. Nor do I trust any of these mercenaries to come with me.

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