10 Reasons I watch Anime

My computer has been on a major fritz lately so instead of the regularly scheduled program of the Renegade Project… you get an off the wall tangent.

1. I’m an artist who loves cool artwork:
Need I say more?

2. The most convoluted plotlines I’ve ever encountered have been in anime. Some of the crafters are excellent at “recycle & reuse” as well as stacking the odds against the hero(es).

3. They thrive on twists. Maybe it’s just a cultural thing, but I often feel American shows and books are predictable – sometimes too predictable for me to really get pulled in. Certainly few of them actually manage to surprise me. In anime, good guys are found out to be bad, “bad guys” are really good, characters switch sides and the “objective” often turns out to be something entirely different than what you expect. One series they spend most of the time on a quest to rescue/save a certain person, but in the end find that the only person endangering the person is themselves. The big bad “villain” was actually the man she loved trying to protect her from what she must do. What can I say, I like being challenged.

4. In general I have found more emotional and deeper characters in anime. True, there are airheads and jerks, but I’ve run into many that are deeper than they seem. I’ve also found this true of many of their plots.

5. I’m a female – Sometimes I love the theatrical drama and overblown emotions more than the slapstick that American Cartoons seem to favor.

6. Only in anime can you have half or even all the main characters die and still have a “happy ending”

7. Death is rarely the end. Sometimes you can kill the same character multiple times, or copies of them in some fashion, but even if they are truly dead, ghosts are well known to visit frequently

8. Deities and religion are often artfully woven into the storylines, but I rarely feel like they are trying to convert me. Half the time I seriously doubt they believe it. They explore the fantastic elements of their own culture but also folklore across the world and “what if?” Found one series taking artistic license with Norse Gods and another odd portrayal of Arthurian Legends. Granted, I’ve seen lots of American or Europeans stories retell such tales, but never with such crazy abandon – so again, the unpredictable twists.

9. Eight out of ten times the male hero cooks better than the female who struggles hard to do simple recipes. What can I say, I can totally empathize.

10. Because you just can’t beat their “Laws of Physics”. Talk about some serious suspension of disbelief.  Just a sample:

#5 – Law of Mechanical Mobility, Second Law of Anime Motion- The larger a mechanical device is, the faster it moves, Armoured Mecha are the fastest objects known to human science.

#6 – Law of Temporal Variability- Time is not a constant. Time stops for the hero whenever he does something “cool” or “impressive”. Time slows down when friends and lovers are being killed and speeds up whenever there is a fight.

Want to see more of their laws? Check out: http://generationotaku.net/comment.php?comment.news.368.5

Disclaimer Note: Not all anime is made equal and plenty have been made specifically to be explicit or violent. This is definitely a “No Lifeguard present. Swim at own Risk. Use caution.” situation.

Meanwhile, hopefully my computer will co-operate with me and I can get the next Renegade Project up in the next couple days.

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13 comments on “10 Reasons I watch Anime

  1. Hilarious laws, Ren! I’ve never gotten into anime, but your reasons for liking it intrigue me, and who knows? Maybe someday, I’ll watch some again.

    • It’s not for everyone, and even I have run up against ones that I don’t like.

      Thanks for the comment and stopping by, Krysti. Glad you enjoyed it.

  2. I haven’t been able to get into watching anime, but I have to admit I love the artwork. I did, however, watch a show called “G Force” a lot when I was a teen–anime of the early 80’s, but the term we used was “Japanimation.” (Ugh, I feel old…)

    Nice to see your fun side, Ren. I wouldn’t have guessed this about you! 😀

    • I doubt you’re much older than me. I watched plenty of 80s stuff as a youth. A lot of the older cartoons have ties to Japanese animation, and plenty of newer stuff too borrows art style elements. The Last Unicorn movie was done by Japanese artists.

      Yep, I have some fun sides, that’s for sure. I’ve dabbled in anime since well before teen years. My brother was pretty into it and shared some stuff with us. My Mother hated the stuff and we got in more than one spat over it.

      I’ve toyed with the dream of one day seeing my books as anime… though my Husband likes envisioning full real-life cinematography with insane special effects. Some times after he reads a scene he sits back and speculates what it would take to rig on screen. lol.

  3. The anime style has been sucking me in…ever so slowly. 😉 Maybe it’s time to just get into it. Any suggestions on which shows are the best?

    • Really depends on what sort of stories you like. Fantasy? Dark? Light? Romantic? Sci-fi? Comedy? Serious? Action? There’s really a big variety out there.

  4. Fantasy and sci-fi, for the most part. Comedic or serious or a good mix of the two, same with dark and light. Easy on the romance. 😉

    • Good grief, I sound like I’m ordering a pizza! LOL

    • Well a safe Sci-fi that I enjoyed is Gundam Wing. It’s mostly about space colonies and interspace war. There’s a whole group of Gundam series that seem relatively unconnected with different moods and storylines. I haven’t seen them all but the ones I’ve seen seemed ok too.

      One Fantasy one that I’ve enjoyed is The Vision of Escaflowne. It takes a contemporary teenage girl and transports her to a fantasy world of dragons, cat people and a set of battling princes/brothers – oh, and one psychotic warrior set on revenge.

      One fantasy big on comedy and explosions but light on romance is the Slayers. They have several “seasons”. It involves a lot of demonic magic though – battling demon gods and such. You can tell the main hero and heroine love each other, but it’s rarely addressed directly. Some of their episodes are just down right bizarre.

      Those are the ones I can think of off hand. You can samples of them on youtube and I know that at least Slayers has full seasons available there. That’s where I watched it.

  5. All of my kids love Gundam. My boys have about thirty Gundam suit models. They even have ganes for the X-Box.

  6. G-Force was…good.

    I remember the Fantastic Adventures of Unico as a kid and it stands today, still, as one of the greatest animes I have ever seen.

    I graduated to Ninja Scroll, years later of course and was inspired. A seriously good movie.
    When I finally saw Akira from start to finish I was like, eh, Ninja Scroll tops it.

    Law Six caught my eye because I have written a few lines in this way, hoping to invoke the same feel of the moving picture through words.
    I have definitely been inspired by anime and manga.
    Good post!

  7. Not sure if you would call it true anime, but my family loves Pokemon. We watch the new episode every Saturday night 🙂

    Along with anime is manga. I was looking for a bible for my son (8) but didn’t want one that told him everything he should believe in the margins. I just wanted a bible in a translation I thought he could understand with as little imposing as possible.

    You wouldn’t believe what I found at my local Christian bookstore: a manga bible 🙂 The translation is NLT and the manga comics are taken directly from scripture with awesome artistry.

  8. I am a huge BeBop and Blood + fan (trying to come up with a good enough excuse to buy the second half of the Blood + series… $100 is a lot), but some of the other incredibly popular series just fall flat for me. Bleach was one that had me rollign my eyes at it in episode one. It drives me NUTS that they stop action to have these huge inner dialog moments. I got into a heated discussion one time with the guy at the movie store about why Bleach had a sub par storytelling method. And Bleach doesn’t know when to die. Every other series I’ve watched from start to finish seems like they had very well formulated plans for how many episodes they would take to run the full story (like a book) and stick to it. I respect that. Even thoguh sometimes I wish things could carry on a little longer (who DOESN’T want more Spike?… which is why the movie was good.) I think my biggest disappointment in a series was with Wolf’s Rain though. Everyone carried on about how great it was, but aside from Yoko Kanno’s wonderful score, I thought it was just OK compared to what it COULD have been.
    I will have to give Ecanflowne a try if I ever get back to having a Netflix account. I have the score on my iTunes (I’m a Kanno fan) and I know that much of it is great.

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