Writing By Faith: My Writing Testimony

Saturday mornings. Ah, remember when we were kids and there were actual Saturday morning cartoons? As Diane says, “Good times.”

O.k. I digress. My Sister in Christ and in writing, Kat, started a great discussion. I’m sure you’ve read and perhaps even commented.

Here’s my two cents about Christians and writing. Make that three.

I originally commented on Diane’s post about faith. I tend to ramble so I hope this makes sense. I hope there is some semblance of plot.

Almost two years ago, I was working as machine shop quality control inspector. Also I was an NC Machinist, making 1/64th cuts into non-mag steel. At the time I worked two jobs. By day I was machine shop guy. By night, security in a hospice. I survived on 4 hours of sleep, barely. I will say though, I always felt rested. I always felt like it was enough. In order to understand a little more I should add that before all that I put in seven years in the Texas Department of Criminal Justice as a corrections officer. Things happened and events took place, fast forward back to me relocating and back to the machine shop.

And back to the double job. It was at this time that I heard Christ so very vividly. It was in my time of vigorous labor and lack of sleep, that He spoke to me clearest. As clear as day. I saw, time and again, His hand moving, His face shining on me. It was at this time that He told me: Write. I don’t recall ever questioning Him. I don’t recall ever asking, “But writing, really?” I wrote The Sad Little Robut as a gift for my wife on our 10th Anniversary and soon realized that this could be something. I envisioned him and his journey. I’ve written follow ups.

Then…and I honestly can not explain why or how the idea came to me-I saw an image. It was a girl dressed in red running hurriedly through a dense, murky wood. Breathing heavily. Murderous beasts were after her. I told my brother Jesse and left it at that. Then I kept seeing it. I kept hearing her. The story was writing itself within me. From then I saw who is probably my favorite character, Jehiel and his friends, I saw other creatures, other faces. Lines. A plot. A story. Then, the first thing I wrote for this series was the “We are in the midst of a revolt” intro. It came out of now where. Or did it? Twas God. I listened to Him. I obeyed.

So in my excitement I began researching self-publishing companies. For me it meant, “getting it out there.” It’s such a great idea, it has to be a great hit, I told myself. “God? You gave me this. I know You…or at least I seek You.” I prayed.So, I thought, I’ll go traditional. It will be big, I know it. I assure you, this “attitude” wasn’t “my idea is the greatest thing ever” sort of thing. It was me believing deeply in His promise, in His signs. In His nudges.

I’d never been more sure of anything in my life. He called me to be a writer. He showed me His word. He confirmed for me time and again. I was ready. The story was not finished yet but I was ready to bring it.

BUT, being the man, the human I am, I still doubted. So I opted for a “sure thing.” Self-publishing. He would have none of that.

One day, I was on the phone with a L. Grabb from a self-pub company. While speaking to this man, a truck , a Snap-On Tools truck passed by on the single road in front of the shop. There was a name on the truck. Tim Lowder.

My jaw dropped. I politely finished the convo and proceeded to call my wife Jennifer to tell her what had just happened.

I was overjoyed and kind of scared. I mean the fear of the Lord kinda thing. I literally closed my eyes and prayed, right there. Fast forward to right now. I am a part of this Fellowship. I very grateful one. Nothing is coincidence. Nothing. No one can convince me other wise.

The book is called The Stories because the characters within are the literal stories we all know and love from our childhood. I’ve revealed that the m/c is the little red riding hood.  I still cannot believe that I actually wrote a book.

I must add-I do not mean in any way that self-publishing is lesser than traditional. NO. I only say, for me, on that day-for ME-I was told to go louder. I cannot tell Him no.

“You said, you had two cents to add to Kats post.” Yes. Johnny Bones was called to write “cheese” as I mentioned in the original post. Susie Whathaveyou was called to write Christian allegory. I was called to write The Stories:Book One-Genesis. The Stories:Book Two-The Bridge and The Stories:Book Three-Fulfillment…AND The Stories:Histories. The audience can decide what if anything they can take away from it.

I said at the inception of all this: I am a Christian who writes. Not a Christian writer.

On Facebook I met a woman who breathes Christ. Shawn, I thank you for everything. We’ll get there. He knows it.

I aim to break boundaries. Walls. I am a killer of giants. I believe in Jesus. I believe in His Word. When I was a child I would go around the house saying, “Thank You, Jesus!”. We weren’t  “Christian” then. I believe I heard His calling, His voice then. But it wasn’t until I was 15 that I listened to it…and it wasn’t until I was 30 that I grabbed a hold of it. I wrote on Deviantart and Myspace. It was a hobby. Not anymore. This is who I am.

This in no way is a boasting post. It is me sharing what I call my Writing Testimony. In my short time I have learned a lot. I am a person who has always said to himself, If I don’t know it, I’m going to find out. In my short time of writing seriously I have come to know true, great Friends. I have been blessed by blessings, by prayers. I have a say. I have a voice. And it is my prayer, my hope that that voice echoes the very Voice of God.

I am a part of a collaboration. I write on two blogs. I’ve written about God, for God. Sorry but I am most blessed.

Faith in what God tells you you can do. I’ve come a long way. By His grace. By choosing to believe in something I never imagined. His sky is the limit. I share this with you all. All heart, no pomp from me to you.

I choose to love You. I choose to let You lead.

Mediocre? Not for me.

A few weeks ago, because, like many, many believers, I still needed to be “sure” I looked up Tim Lowder, Snap-On tools. I need to know how he pronounced his name. If it was lo-der…well it wouldn’t be the same. If it was Lao-der…then it was indeed, God.

Feel free to copy and paste this. There is. literally. a. video. of.  him. saying. his. name. http://www1.snapon.com/franchise/owningaFranchise/militaryvideo.nws

God told me: YOU GOOD? HUH?

My father recently told me he put the metaphorical coat of many colors on me when I was a child.

God told me to write. Who am I to tell Him no?

Oh, yeah. ONE more thing. I am louder than I may look. I have always been unassuming. I aim to rock. Why?

I do not limit Christ. I can’t. As Kat said and I paraphrase: He’s going to shine wherever He wants. Everywhere.

If Joe or Suzy write what they feel God tells them to, LEAVE THEM BE.

Jesus replied, “If I want him to remain alive until I return, what is that to you? As for you, follow me.” John 21:22

You write different. You share your voice. You bring it. There is more. So much more.

From me because He is oh so Wonderful.

What say you?

About Tymothy Longoria

Tymothy Longoria has been described as a writer with a flair for the dramatic (whether this is true still remains to be seen). He is a fan of all things fantastic, metal music, black t-shirts, and aligns himself with geeks, nerds, and all manner of monsters, and is an ardent, optimistic supporter of his fellow creatives. He has written several short stories for the online macabre zine Underneath The Juniper Tree and in 2012 was awarded Debut Author of the Year by Twisted Core Press for 'Envy', his contribution to the Seven Deadly Sins Anthology. He is currently editing his full-length dark fantasy retelling, Revenants: Book One of The Stories. Fairy tales? If only. Legends will be reborn. Tymothy calls Texas home, where he lives with his wife, two children, and a cat called ThunderCat aka Kitty PawKitty. He is represented by Bree Ogden of Red Sofa Literary.

21 comments on “Writing By Faith: My Writing Testimony

  1. You *are* rockin’ it Tymothy. Awesome post! Thank you :). That is exactly what I meant. You are called on way, I’m called another. Others are called in different ways. Some of us write “for” Christians, some “as” Christians.

    I totally agree with you that nothing is coincidence, and you are with this Fellowship for a reason :).

  2. Confirmation for me, God does call us to write. I am writing, practicing and honing the skill….but I haven’t heard yet what I am to write, except my daily walk. I do not think He is going to leave me there, I think He has more planned, but in His time. I also do not think it was an accident that I stumbled upon you and your work yesterday. He lines us up, and waits to connect the dots. Please pray for me as I listen for his will. Please pray for me to keep focused on His will and not let my pride get in the way. Thanks again!

    • Confirmed. One of my favorite words. Seriously. If you were to go back and search my postings on FB you would see that I used that word often.

      It was not accident. The interview was in the making two weeks prior to its posting. No coincidences. THIS is why I started writing. This is what first compelled me. If one person reads this message..then it was worth it, I would say to myself.

      He definitely has more, but He can see the whole picture, we cannot. That is why He connects. The. dots. ;}

      Be blessed Terry. Be blessed. Onward.

  3. Excellent post, Tymothy. God does put messages on Christians’ hearts almost in waves.How many years ago did you get the urge? It’s coming up on 4 for me and I believe the same for Kat. If I am correct, Grace started around four years ago as well. Is that coincidence? I don’t think so. Robynn walked away from writing for a while. Curious to know when she felt pulled back into the insanity. I am interested in finding out from each of us how we came to NAF…when and how the journey began. I may have to interview all of you.

    • It was before the two years mentioned here. I started writing around ’03, ’04…bits of poetry, lessons on the word. Then the “urge” hit me around ’06, ’07. HONESTLY. Now that I think about it. It was my MySpace blog. So…if my math is correct…four years ago?

      That is such a great idea. And that is such an amazing “coincidence”. Hmmm…

      • Now, you and I both know there is no such thing as coincidence. 😛

      • End of 2003 was when I wrote Star of Justice. Hadn’t written a thing else since 1995 and hadn’t finished a single story prior to that, ever.
        What is God planning? 🙂

      • Wow. (pause to check my timeline, and then another pause in the awe of God). Sometime in 2007, my roommate in seminary asked me to co-author a SF book. I went to seminary thinking God was calling me to be a pastor, but I fought the whole time feeling I wasn’t cut out for it, and after this moment, my passion was more and more on writing fiction. I now realize God called me to seminary, but not to the pastorate. Without those years deep in His wisdom and leaning on Him, I wouldn’t have been able to endure the ups and downs of writing, let alone the other challenges outside of writing. I look forward to hearing how God has prepared all of you at NAF, and feeding off the faith that drives you to honor Him in your lives and writing. I think this may deserve it’s own post at some point, so I won’t go into what I’ve done in the past four years, but I am amazed at how the five of us, at least, all started seriously at the same time.

      • For the record, I also started seriously in ’06. MySpace connected me to the Lost Genre Guild, and the rest is history. 😀

  4. “I think the reason why we’re so successful is because we believe we are the best band in the world.” – John Lennon

    That quote reminds me of you so much! Whenever I see you tweet or read your blogs, that electric infection of “no doubt” shakes the monitor. Your talent aside, I truly believe that it’s that earthquake attitude – regardless of your source – that will see you on top of the mountain before long. How can anyone not be affected? We can all learn from that!

    You always remind me there’s more, I’m more, and we’re all everything all the time. Even diamonds can’t shine that kind of light.

    I think this piece is important. I love that you shared your muse and connection so openly! It’s a testament, regardless of our spiritual path, that we are truly not walking alone. I truly do believe that the great powers of the Universe do and can speak to all and any of us, if we just paid attention and listen! Goddess speaks to me, Christ speaks to you, spirits guides speak to shamans, Allah speaks to Muslims, ancestors, animal totems, so forth, the list goes on. What you describe is not an anomaly. It is a beautiful, natural phenomenon, especially with artists, that most non-artists wish to take away by dismissing the notion, doping us up, and labeling us, therefore stifling our voice and crushing our spirit.

    JK Rowling said she saw Harry Potter, fully formed and the whole story flash, written and complete in her head while waiting for a train. Anyone dare call HER crazy and force-feed her Prozac?

    The more we acknowledge and embrace our connections with the Divine, I think it will become more accepted and therefore, in time, will diminish the control the artless have over the arts.

    Keep shining!

    • Ray I have this quote on my FB page:

      Man is a free agent; but he is not free if he does not believe it, for the more power he attributes to destiny, the more he deprives himself of the power which God granted him when he gave him reason.-Casanova

      It’s there for a reason.

      I had a vision some time ago. Me on a mountain-I’ve tweeted the short version-holding a quill, left hand raised to the Heavens, tears flowing from my eyes with lighting and thunder crashing all around me.

      Then I bow my head to God.

      I’ve read Rowling’s story, well, what you mentioned above. When I read that I said almost exactly what you did. “Psh…if that’s how it happened for HER? Then why am I worried?” God revealed this to me. He is the Creator. He is the “Author”.

      “You always remind me there’s more, I’m more, and we’re all everything all the time. Even diamonds can’t shine that kind of light.”

      And what to say to this? Only that I know I am but a reflection of the One I love. God is Love. God…He IS a reminder. So shall I, be.

      Ray…this is only the beginning.

      Be blessed.

  5. Way to listen, Tymothy. Never discount the value of that lesson! how much more could we all accomplish if we would keep the cotton of life out of our ears?

  6. My Dearest Tymothy,

    Always, Always Keep your ear turned toward the heavens.

  7. @Diane…no indeed. That’s why there are qwuhtations. 🙂

    What indeed, Robynn.

  8. Um…. I can’t help but think……hmm…(Makeing Progress)

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