Special Guest — C. S. Lakin

This week’s guest is C.S. Lakin, author of The Gates of Heaven Series, which includes The Wolf of Tebron, The Map Across Time, and The Land of Darkness.

I first became aware of C.S. Lakin’s writing because of reviews like THIS ONE posted by Grace Bridges of Splashdown Books. I promptly went out and bought The Wolf of Tebron and very much enjoyed it–and fully appreciated why it’s considered “fairy tale” rather than simply fantasy.

I found this description of “fairy tale” online:

Fairy tales, also known as wonder tales or märchen (from the German), are a sub-genre of folktales involving magical, fantastic or wonderful episodes, characters, events, or symbols. Like all folktales they are narratives that are not believed to be true (fictional stories), often in timeless settings (once upon a time) in generic, unspecified places (the woods), with one-dimensional characters (completely good or bad). They function to entertain, inspire, and enlighten us. In these episodic narratives the main characters are usually humans who often follow a typical pattern (as in a heroic quest) that is resolved partly by magic. The fact that these wonder tales still appeal to us attests to their richness and effectiveness as symbolic (artistic) communication.

Other than the “one-dimensional characters” I’d say that’s an apt description (as her characters have depth). You don’t often think of fairy tales as being written for adults, but C.S. Lakin shows that they are definitely not just for children! Her writing, though, will make you read with childlike wonder.

Now, turn to page two and discover her own “fairy tale” journey to publication….

Go to Page Two ==>

About Kat Heckenbach

Kat grew up in the small town of Riverview, Florida, where she spent most of her time either drawing or sitting in her "reading tree" with her nose buried in a fantasy novel...except for the hours pretending her back yard was an enchanted forest that could only be reached through the secret passage in her closet... She never could give up on the idea that maybe she really was magic, mistakenly placed in a world not her own...but as the years passed, and no elves or fairies carted her away...she realized she was just going to have to create the life of her fantasies. She shares that life with her husband and two homeschooling kids. Kat is a graduate of the University of Tampa, Magna Cum Laude, B.S. in Biology. She spent several years teaching, but never in a traditional classroom--everything from Art to Algebra II. Her writing spans the gamut from inspirational personal essays to dark and disturbing fantasy and horror, with over forty short fiction and nonfiction credits to her name.

5 comments on “Special Guest — C. S. Lakin

  1. Thank you so much for guest posting with us, C. S.!

    Your determination and perseverance are inspiring. And I love that you don’t limit yourself in genre. You have to write the stories that come to you :).

  2. An atypical story from an atypical author. So many twists and turns to it!

    My takeaway – write what God gives you. He’ll provide the market.

    Thank you for sharing!

  3. Wow! What an inspiration for all writers of fairy tales and fantasy alike. Thank you so much for sharing with us. I agree that God has called us to write at a time when the world…Christians NEED the messages folded into a wonderful story. It is so easy to give up. Again, thank you for being faithful to the calling. 😀

  4. I’m so glad you set an example by not letting yourself be limited in genre. That makes it easier for others to do the same. Thanks also for the message about obedience and humility — a couple of things I’m still trying to learn.

  5. Susanne, you are a true example of persistence for the rest of us to look up to. Seriously. With that kind of determination, the only result can be success, by God’s definition and perhaps even by the world’s. Thanks for sharing this!

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