Maybe She’s Born With It

As a mother with two daughters, this world terrifies me. Everywhere you look you find fake beauty smiling back at you. Shallow creatures selling sex and lipsticks, all the while giving a distorted vision of what a woman should strive to be.  I write today as a lesson to all girls and women, including my own children. I’ve touched this topic before –> HERE

**Strong Content Warning.**

What you are about to read is a fictitious story but very graphic. If you are sensitive, you may not want to read further. I will understand. It breaks my heart to write this, but I feel obligated to give a real picture of how I see the dangers of what we are teaching our young girls. I will not dress it up in a costume of slant. I will not apologize. It is what it is.

Lipstick Model…

The woman sits straddling a chair in a thong and push-up bra. Her lips painted to lusciousness. I suspect an injection of collagen may have something to do with the lips that if not painted might look like someone popped the poor girl in the mouth. Saline implants reside just under the flimsy silk and the skin of her chest. Did I mention the padding? Because really, size DD isn’t quite large enough for the woman who’s nearly six feet tall and weighs a hundred pounds. Her ribs have been airbrushed for the picture to cover the bones protruding from her sides as she sucks in her non-existent tummy. Her hair is radiant, to her waist in thirty shades of copper, blond and brown. Every strand strategically placed for optimum loveliness. The ad says nothing about the $1000 spent for hair-extensions. The ad says nothing about the girl being nearly bald under the sultry locks due to malnutrition. She had a cracker for breakfast.

The ad says “Maybe She’s Born With It.”

Yeah right, and pigs fly.

Death and Sales…

In six months, at her funeral, her friends will talk about her loveliness. How she revolutionized the lipstick industry and sales are up 30%. Every billboard across the nation is now plastered with the woman straddling the chair, hocking lipstick in her panties. A tribute to all women and what they should strive to be. She will be missed.

Or will she? They have no idea that in the race for beauty, she flaunted all God had given her at a young age. They will not know that she had dressed like a $2 whore to garner attention. She had seen women do it to their advantage. Besides, everyone told her she was pretty. And when that attention came by way of ten men gang raping her at the age of 16, she blamed herself for not being pretty enough or skinny enough to attract the right kind of man. She was a broken soul.

And now as the friends look down at the dead and emaciated corpse of the once lovely beauty, they talk about how she died. It was so tragic, but understandable for her line of work. Starving to death probably isn’t too bad they say. It was an accident.

No, it wasn’t an accident.

Cause and Pirates…

It was premeditated by a society that insists a woman must be sexy, thin and pleasing to the lusty eye. A society that crams fake down your throat in gluttonous proportions, and honestly I am sick of it. Every time I see a girl bend over to expose a tramp-stamp along with butt-crack, I cringe. Every time I see a busty girl wear a shirt that barely covers her nips, my heart weeps for modesty. But the blame doesn’t reside fully on society. The individual has made the choice to follow this train of destruction.

I often wonder when I see someone so obviously lost if they know the treasure they flaunt so haphazardly. The world is made of many careless pirates. And pirates are greedy. They will steal exterior treasure and misuse it, breaking the pathway to the real treasure hiding just below the surface.

Treasure and Prayer…

Only under gentle care can the treasures of women shine the way God intended. So please think of this as you dress yourselves and your daughters. Think about the way society wants you to shine and weigh it against how God wants you to shine. I pray this post today has shocked and sickened you into reality. I pray it peels back the fake long enough to show the festering rot our world wants us to emulate.

While I will never be of the mind that a woman was “asking for it” when something awful happens, I do believe that through ignorance of the effect they have on men, they up the odds of being violated.

When I look at my daughters I don’t have to ponder the phrase Maybe She’s Born With It and scratch my head at the lie perpetrated by ill fitting clothes, plastic surgery and cosmetics. I see treasure that will someday pass to a worthy man. He will see what I see. I see what they were born with, and it is beautiful.

Proverbs 10:32

The lips of the righteous know what is acceptable: but the mouth of the wicked speaketh frowardness.

Proverbs 31:30

Charm is deceitful, and beauty is vain,

but a woman who fears the Lord is to be praised.

Peace, love and God’s will.

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About Diane Graham

Diane Graham lives in the mountains of eastern Oklahoma with her husband, children and many dogs. She is an avid reader and lover of all art forms that encapsulate imagination and goodness. Her debut novel I Am Ocilla was released in March 2012.

18 comments on “Maybe She’s Born With It

  1. A powerful post, Di…and unfortunately, oh so true. It breaks my heart the lack of modesty in this day in age. It’s to the point where I dont’ even think most women realize that they aren’t being modest–they’re just keeping up with trends. Another lie that the devil plants in their heads. A great reminder that our bodies are temples and we should treat them with the same reverance as we do a church or some other sacred place. Thank you for sharing the story with us.

    • Thanks, Ralene. My Daddy asked me if it was only a matter of low self-esteem. I don’t think it is. I think you’re right, most women have no clue.

      • Nor do most women, okay, teens realize the effect that it has on the guys. Those that wear skimpy styles make the true gentlemen nervous and attracts the scavengers that love the smell of blood.

        I think it’s sad that they think that it’s just “self-expression” and that they should be able to wear whatever they want and still be seen for “themselves” and yet not judged as whores… They want to be able to wear what they want without the natural consequences… sadly, life is not that way. There are consequences to everything we do, whether we understand them or think them “fair”.

        In my Church modesty is a big deal and is taught and emphasized to the teenage girls. It doesn’t replace Parents’ need to teach modesty, but it is clearly expected. And yet even those girl who are “good girls” can push the standards we teach. I watch it all the time. They still feel the push to compete or atleast demonstrate comparable value as those with no qualms about wearing formfitting and revealing clothes.

        We likewise have modesty standards for the adult women. It’s not just for those young, nor can we afford even a hint of “double standard” here. Sadly, I think some mothers don’t hold to that or don’t realize that they too can stray into dangerous areas. These days, being a “married woman” means little if you disregard modesty. Lots of “married women” have affairs, etc. Thus no matter our age, there is protection in obedience to God’s counsel, especially when it comes to things like modesty.

        Thanks for sharing, sis.

      • Just wait until your baby girl starts to look like a young lady and nasty men look at her like a piece of meat. You’ll want to rip those men from limb to limb. Our girls’ greatest protection beyond parents is their modesty. Then add to this the hormonal rage of a teen boy. Most of which have a shaky moral foundation. Then you have a whole lot of trouble. And no amount of abortion, birth control, or condoms can wash away the damage to soul. They only shatter the soul.

        You are so right. We live in a world where people want to do what they want, but suffer no consequence.

      • Yep, and I’m the lucky one… with two petite red heads with blue eyes. When I was a teen I really didn’t have too many issues, but then I liked baggy clothes and hate make up… just never wanted earrings and with my reading & writing, had a non-existent social life. But I can already see different trends in my daughters. Heck, sometimes I worry about modesty questions caused by just the girl across the street. They’re making skimpy and “sexy” clothes for 3 and 4 year olds! It’s scary. And the mothers who coo and giggle, “Isn’t it’ so cute?”

        Come on people, we’re training them young and don’t think you can dress them in whatever when they’re little and then think you can suddenly swap their wardrobe when they turn 8 or 9 or 12. Nor can you fool yourself into thinking that they’ll feel it fair to insist that they be modest while their little sisters are dressed as spice girls and fawned over by all the mothers!

        It’s the nature of kids – they typically take what their parents do and push it at least one step farther. If you play on the “edge” of what you deem proper, don’t be surprised if your kids tumble off that same edge. Duh!

      • “Like”
        Next time we talk on the phone…;)

      • Amen and Amen to all the stuff you and Ren said! Are we on a roll here? Yesterday Robynn was talking about “Human School” and today Di is talking about modesty. 🙂

  2. My dearest youngest Daughter,

    While my children were growing up, I had to be ever vigilant, sometimes to the point of causing myself mental and physical stress and damage, but in my quiet time with God, He made it clear that He was able to handle things when I could not. Don’t get me wrong. I’m not saying to bury your head in the sand and wait for everything to pass you by.What I am saying is that you are covered by the blood and so are your children. Just remember that the All mighty is “THE ALMIGHTY”

  3. My Dearest Youngest Daughter,

    There are a few who would disagree with that. LOL

    • I saw this last night. He’s right. We can’t shop at Walmart for clothes…even if their garments weren’t threadbare. The clothes are skimpy and tacky. And that starts in the toddler section.

  4. Wow! And while you didn’t write this at men, it moved me. I’ve always thought that you don’t become a man until you figure out that a woman’s beauty comes from her heart, not what’s on the outside. External beauty will fade (and/or sag), inexorably. But the beauty that shines from a woman’s heart will last as long as you can gaze into each other’s eyes.

  5. Beautiful, Diane…now I need a tissue…you have a real knack for wrapping a brick in the Truth. Or maybe it’s an anvil. Either way, I hope this message comes up against the side of the heads that need it.

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