Anvil Review- Legendary Space Pilgrims

Contest has been extended until the end of April.

Yes, I know it’s been forever since I’ve wielded my anvil. As a matter of fact, I had to get the scrub brush out and give the old gal a little elbow-grease action. Please forgive me, dear friends. I’ll try harder from now on.

I am excited to present a treat for all of you. As you may know, I’m rather fond of indie publishers. One of my favorites is Splashdown Books. And today I’m honored to review Legendary Space Pilgrims by owner/ author Grace “Ace” Bridges. Not only does she have an uncanny way of choosing excellent speculative fiction, but the girl can write. I reviewed her book Faith Awakened at the end of December. Check it out if you feel so inclined.

Before I begin, let me remind you that I will have a drawing for two copies of Legendary Space Pilgrims. As always, leave a comment today and tomorrow, post a link on Facebook for the Review today and the Interview tomorrow, and go like Splashdown Books on Facebook. You may enter up until Tuesday the 19th at midnight Central time. Peyton will draw two names from his special hat. I will announce the winner next Wednesday the 20th with my blog post. The winner will have 24 hours to contact me with their address: dmgraham2001[at]yahoo[dot]com. Otherwise, Peyton will draw another name. I do reserve the right to extend the contest longer if I so choose.

Now, without further ado…

When I read a book, I know if I’m going to love it within a few chapters. And I loved Legendary Space Pilgrims at that point. But the middle dragged a bit. And one character in particular irritated me so badly that I was positive I wouldn’t review the book. I even sent an email to Grace telling her so. But then, something happened that has never happened for me.

My mind was changed. And Legendary Space Pilgrims had redemption.

By page 200 I couldn’t put it down. And so, I had to retract my previous doubt, thankful I held out a few pages more. Let me tell you how it starts, what I think, and then you can decide if you want to read as well.

Mario and Caitlin live on planet Monday. They are dust faces. Every day they go to the oat fields under overcast skies of gloomy, gray muck. Sunshine never breaks through. Nineteen hours working, four hours free time and fifteen hours of sleep. Everyday day is the same- Monday.

Now you would think they might get tired of the same old grind day-in and day-out, but there are things you must take into account before that assumption can be made. Mondayites are all implanted with an emo-reader. What are those? Emo-readers beep a warning  and a percentage rate if emotions rise above the level of a bump on a log, a warning to calm down. It doesn’t hurt, but how hard do you think it would be to calm down if an alarm was beeping at you? 20%…30%…80% No pressure or anything.

Especially if you know once the emo-reader reached 100% meltdown, a nice tube will come along and suck you out of the field you’re working in faster than a Hoover on crack. Can a Hoover be on crack? No, but you get the idea.

Now, I know it sounds very cool to slide through the miles and miles of tube-land, but really it is rather awful. Because Monday is run by a tyrant family government called Baxters. And Baxters want good slave labor. In order to ensure that, Baxters mindwipe all Mondayites who feel a little too much. It’s their way of dropping the anvil. To say Mondayites are left mindless is a fact.

So we start our journey with Mario waking and suspecting he may have been mindwiped. This is confirmed as he goes to work and doesn’t really know anyone around him. It’s also confirmed by Caitlin that Mario has this happen frequently. Poor guy finally figures out what is what and a tube sweeps him away to oblivion. Or in some cases, he allows himself to be taken in order to save Caitlin.

After Mario goes home and goes to bed that night, he becomes aware he’s dreaming without pictures. Only words, over and over. As the words  drone on they become clear, and Mario realizes he is not dreaming at all. While normally he might freak at a Voice speaking to him, something about the words calm everything inside.

Listen to me- I must be first. Do not confuse me with another, and do not speak carelessly of me. Obey what I ask, and the Pathfinders I will send. Treat life in a manner worthy of me. Esteem loyalty and do not give in to bent desires. Respect what belongs to another. Speak the truth at all times, and do not wish for anything I do not give you, for I will give everything you need.

Mario asks the Voice who he is and is told all will be revealed, but to use the words given to avoid mindwipes. And he does. As the days and weeks progress, the Voice gives Mario more words to memorize. Mario shares the words with Caitlin. Soon it is revealed that the Voice has plans for Mario and Caitlin that will take them through space, planet hopping and possibly free a world blotted with the darkness of slavery and oppression.

So, what do you think? Sounds pretty cool, huh? I love the tubes. There are nasty tubes on Monday, but really cool ones later in the book. Want to know where? Read the book, silly. Grace has the Voice communicate with Mario and Caitlin in very different ways. For Mario, he hears the words. But Caitlin feels the Voice. To me, this is an accurate representation of how men and women relate differently to God and life in general.

The overall message I felt from Legendary Space Pilgrims when I closed the book was that you don’t have to know God for Him to seek you out and use you for His glory. All you have to do is believe like a child. And Mario and Caitlin are so innocent they may as well be children.

Diane's Anvil

Anvil rating 4.5

Legendary Space Pilgrims receives 4.5 anvils due to the lag in the middle and the character I want to throttle. 😛 Grace has tried to dodge the anvil. Nice try, Ace. No one escapes the anvil.

Make sure you enter for the drawing. And as always, thank you for stopping by.

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About Diane Graham

Diane Graham lives in the mountains of eastern Oklahoma with her husband, children and many dogs. She is an avid reader and lover of all art forms that encapsulate imagination and goodness. Her debut novel I Am Ocilla was released in March 2012.

38 comments on “Anvil Review- Legendary Space Pilgrims

  1. So who is the character you want to throttle? Jasper, the Baxter-in-exile? You can leave me out of the drawing. I already have Legendary Space Pilgrims. IMO, Grace’s best book yet.

    • It was. LOL

      • I agree with Caprice that this was Grace’s best book yet. I loved it. Never got a print copy of it, though. Didn’t see a lagging middle, though I so totally loved to hate Jasper. He was my first guess, too. Was a bunch of planet hopping/sight seeing with lighter conflict in that section I suppose. So I guess someone who wants more than a thrill ride and spectacular scenery and the possibility of them getting caught might get a teeny bit bored somehow . . .

      • Well, this is your chance, Andrea. That is an entry. 😛

    • Thanks Caprice 🙂 You know how that makes me feel!

  2. I have it, too, as you well know, so no entry needed. And, I officially state, here and publicly. “I told you so.” 😛

    I agree, there’s a bit of a lag. But it’s a journey–not just physically, but emotionally. Mario and Caitlin aren’t entirely in peril from outside forces, but from inner forces as well, and that doesn’t always translate to non-stop tension. BUT, you pass that little lag and you are greatly rewarded. Maybe you even realize there was more happening in the “lag” than you realized :).

    Great review.

    And explain to me how you got that anvil all the way to New Zealand…..

    • The anvil transport will be explained tomorrow. 😛 And yes, I was rewarded.

    • Kat, I’m thankful for the vote of confidence!
      As for the anvil, well, that could have something to do with the fact that this particular anvil is in NZ already. Just a few miles from here as the crow flies, lol. 😛

  3. Excellent review, oh wielder of the Anvil. I’m intrigued by the plot. Believe I’ll have to check this one out. Which, after all, was probably the whole point.

  4. well, you already know what i think about it, as i posted my own review, anvil-less at that, a month or so ago. great book! (wanted to stop by and say so)


  5. This reminds me a little of Fahrenheit 451. Intriguing.

  6. I’m beginning to think this is a gathering of everyone who has reviewed LSP. (raises hand) lol. Great book, fun exploration, and some adventure to boot. I guess the sequel is still in the works? 🙂

  7. Thanks for the review! I already own LSP, so no entry needed 🙂

  8. I’m interested in reading it, both to finally read something by Grace, and to see how she includes this Voice without being too preachy. Is the audience of this book Christian, or more open/subtle?

    • I would say it is right in the middle. It is not preachy…at all but I wouldn’t call it subtle either.

      That’s one entry, Tim. Thank you for stopping by.

      • Thanks for answering that, Di. I wouldn’t have known how to!
        It is what it is, and that’s not subtle, but it won’t whack anyone over the head, either. At least I hope not. Just as long as no one minds having the supernatural in sci-fi…

      • I appreciated the way Grace paraphrased the ten commandments. Some of us go full bore and quote directly, but her treatment is a bit more subtle than that, and the rewording spoke directly to the characters’ understanding and vocabularies, and so makes sense in the context of her story, too. Grace is unapologetic in her presentation of spiritual elements (which I love), but also gracious and non-condemnatory, so it doesn’t drop an anvil on the reader’s head (seemed the appropriate image here!)

      • Thanks for the follow up comments ladies. I also write the supernatural in sci-fi, so I am always eager to see how others do it without overdoing it.

  9. My Dearest youngest daughter,

    Put me in the hat, I’m intrigued!

  10. Diane is awesome. That is all.

  11. My dearest Grace,

    I’m a little biased,but those were my thoughts exactly! LOL

  12. I am interested in how each of them interact with the Voice differently. It makes me think of the different gifts that He gives each of us.

  13. Sounds fascinating! Definitely a book I’m interested in.

  14. I’d love to be included in the drawing. 🙂

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