Renegade Project 14: Campfire Mischief


With your full attention on assigning guard duties, rotations and patrols with the handful of men from the barracks and setting Malor over them, the night goes smoothly. You are even able to get some decent rest.

Moments before dawn you ride out from the estate on your own familiar horse, your saddle pack thick with more than a day’s supply of food.

In the afternoon you reach the outer walls of Myrmiar and spot a semi-familiar clump of guards, one of them holding aloft a green banner with Galen’s family emblem. Gallino and the wagon must be inside, delivering and receiving payment for the goods.

You sit down to wait, but either the travel had been slow and they had arrived only a short while ago or Gallino must have had problems with the transactions because it’s late when he emerges with the wagon. Another surprise is that the wagon returns with all the boxes still loaded. Was Gallino unable to sell the goods? Or perhaps Galen was tightwad enough to order the crates brought back. That would be odd though, since a wagon of boxes, even empty would slow the caravan some and could draw thieves thinking the goods were there.

The guards assemble and gather around the wagon as it rumbles down the hard-packed road. It’s full nightfall before they reach the campsite Galen showed you on the map.

While the guards busy themselves with setting up camp, you tie up your horse and sneak closer. Considering  the number of men you decide to pretend you belong there and sit down in the shadows to eat a roll from your pack.

After a few moments, you hear cheerful voices approach and see a group of women coming down the path, carrying wine jugs. You grimace. This must be the group Natin arranged to drug the group. They looked like common street wenches dressed up for a busy night. Looked pretty obvious and tactless, even for the young reckless Natin.

However, as the women hail the men in the camp,  the guards wave for the party to approach. A couple guards even meet them halfway, eager to help carry the jars and walk the way arm and arm. It’s not hard to recall the contract that all these guards must have sign – the one that clearly states no women allowed near the caravan.

“Hold!” The sound of Gallino’s voice echoed through the camp as he moved near the fire so all could see him.

You relax some. At least he had some sense and tried to follow the rules even if the guards had taken leave of theirs.

“What?” called one of the guards. “The goods are delivered.”

“Well this time I’m laying down some rules.”

This time? You study Gallino from the shadows. He just never struck you as the lax type.

“This night, they may stay for only two hours and they stay right here by the fire – no one wandering about the camp. You will also abide by the drinking rules – only one drink each.”

“One?” Plenty of the guards grumbled and protested, boasting how many they could handle and still fight.

“One each!” Gallino swept the group with a stern glare. “Balrnic – see to it that the women stay in this area and see that a tally is kept. Anyone found disobeying my orders will be punished soundly – and that includes visitors. In addition, patrols will be maintained through the whole night as on other nights.”

That really got the group yelling.

“Riggs you will take the first shift on the north-east corner.”

Part of you can’t help but wonder what usually went on if the men protested such typical procedures. It seems if you had not warned Gallino of danger, Natin’s play may have actually succeeded. On the other hand, if he had trouble selling the goods and they were actually still in the crates, that could also explain change of pattern, but even if all goods sold, Gallino would then be carrying gold on the return trip so security would still be wise.

Whatever is going on, one thing has already been proven – Gallino is carrying his father’s view of how to run the caravan.

However, as you watch Gallino leave the firelight and the women approach, now you have to choose how to proceed with your search.

Do you:

Focus on watching Gallino and hope that he personally attends whatever crimes might be afoot
Check out the wagon and crates – to find out for sure if they are empty, full of Galen’s unsold goods or …
Investigate the north-east corner to be guarded by Gallino’s handpicked choice

Voting is Closed.

For those who missed the rules for this game or an index check them out here!

And to see how this adventure began, see Renegade Project #1

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7 comments on “Renegade Project 14: Campfire Mischief

  1. […] Focus on preparing for the trip and being ready for whatever you may find at the caravan. That inclu… […]

  2. Number two: check out the less heavily guarded crates. If I’m caught, I can always claim Galen sent me to help out in case of trouble. ‘Course, if Gallino is double-timing his dad, he’ll try to kill me, but, hey, that’s part of the job, right?

  3. I agree with Robynn. I think seeing what is in the crates is important.

  4. I agree with Robynn and Diane! I have a burning desire to see what is in those crates! 🙂

    However, that could be as easy as walking by them and giving one a nudge to see if it’s empty, and as hard as finding a way to actually look inside a crate–

  5. Yes, option 2. Something odd is going on.

  6. Seems like a unanimous decision on this one. Door #2! 🙂

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