Finally, my brethren,

Today is the close of the contest that has been running for the past two weeks on the review and interview for Tales of the Dim Knight and that will be officially over at midnight Eastern tonight. I’ll announce a winner as soon as I can be sure of one. Don’t forget to e-mail me any pertinent proof for your entries.

So that is finally over with brethren. But that’s not what I mean by the title of this blog.

Neon Bible

Rather, I got to thinking about how we all like short and sweet “to the point” messages. It’s become a cultural phenomenon, yet God didn’t give His Word to us that way. Just a cursory glance at the first five books of the Old Testament and you can really think you’re reading the same passage over and over again at times. God is very detailed and organized. With each task, He goes over all the details. It doesn’t matter if it’s only one iota changed, He will tell you every single thing that He already went over with the previous task, and then change that one thing that needs to be changed for this task to make it unique from the previous one (or two, or three…).

I can see why Paul was such a great apostle. He clearly had God’s spirit with Him because He’d do the same thing in His letters. He’d say, “Finally, my brethern,” and then go on for another chapter or two before saying it again and maybe closing then depending on what letter we’re reading.

Some people like to talk a lot. I’m one of those. Well, not really. I do talk a lot, but I don’t particularly enjoy it. I’d rather be able to just say something and be understood, but unfortunately that is not always the case, so a long time ago I developed the habit of detail. For a long time now I have been a very detail oriented person. It was a joke at one time with some of my friends that if you asked me for directions expect to “write a book” because “D.J. would tell you about every rock and bush along the way”. Yet, when I give directions, people don’t get lost.

Let me pose a riddle to you. What do you call a purchase that saves you money?

And what does that bring us to?

So finally, I was recently reading where someone talked about the difference between how suicide affects those that knew the deceased and how homicide affects those that knew the deceased. Or maybe more the similarities within the differences.

Suicide is an act where someone wants to kill themselves to “get back” at people they think don’t care for them and have hurt them. But then if they do kill themselves, the only people that will care are the ones that are close to them and didn’t hurt them.

Homicide is an act to get rid of the person that hurt you. Then you are also hurting those that care for that person, and once caught, the people that care for you, and you are alive to see their hurt.

In either case, the person that is dead was violently and suddenly taken away from those around them.

Sometimes this is done publicly. As in the case of Jesus.

So what does that bring us to?

So finally, we think on how Jesus was tortured and abused, then crucified as were many other Roman executions of that time. He was killed publicly and no one could go after the killers. Even Jesus didn’t want them to have God Himself go after them as He said, “Father, forgive them, for they know not what they do.”

There’s this blog here, and we talk about writing, and we talk about it being Christian writing, and we hedge around what we are all about. We want to see writing that glorifies God, but are we here just to have something to provide us with entertainment and something to make us feel good about ourselves as Christians and writers?

Look, I don’t know who’s reading this right now, but do know this:

God allowed Himself to be born as a human being, and even though He had things arranged to where He was born to the nation of Israel, He is available for anyone and everyone. He was called Yeshua or Jesus while He walked the Earth as a man, but He has many names and titles. While on Earth as a man He formed a covenant through His own public bloody death which is available for anyone to receive so that anyone who comes under this covenant can be right with God. He wants no one to perish eternally, and that is why He set up this covenant. The reason He did this is because the earliest human that He created allowed sin to enter into humanity when he shouldn’t have. Sin separates us from God and God doesn’t want us to be separated from Him because He considers us His family.

To access this covenant in your life, say the following words, believe to the core of your being that what you are saying is true, and you will be in covenant with the almighty God.


God of the universe, I recognize that sin is in my life and that you provided a way out through the ultimate sacrifice of yourself in the man Jesus the Christ. I recognize that when this happened you formed an everlasting covenant to ensure that I can have eternal life with you as your child. I accept this covenant and ask you to fill me with your Holy Spirit and seal me in your hands for redemption. I may not know what the future holds, but now I know that I have a covenant with you and I thank you for that covenant. Help me to learn from you what you would have me to do from this moment forward. I pray this by the power of the Holy Spirit in Jesus’ name. Amen.

Friend, if you just prayed that prayer, then welcome to the family of God! As soon as possible, get yourself a good Bible to start reading, but in the meantime, you can access the Bible from this website – http://www.bible.com – and you can find a few different versions and language translations on there to choose from. Get yourself in a Bible based church, for the most part it doesn’t matter what denomination, but I’ll give you a few trusted ones to check out to see where you would best fit in at.

There’s the Southern Baptists, the Assemblies of God, the Presbyterian Church in America (not to be confused with the Presbyterian Church of U.S.A.), and the Church of God. Those are four that I’ve had personal interactions with that are fairly widespread and that I can recommend. I know there are others, but these are the four I would say you’d have an easier time finding in your neighborhood. All of these are great places to get rooted in the Word of God and prayer and fellowship. They each function a bit differently, so find a local body of Believers for each one and visit a few times until you find which you’d feel best with.

Finally, my brethren, that is what it really should all be about.

Oh? And the answer to the riddle?

Finally, we are at the close if we are talking about that for sure.

The riddle once again:

What do you call a purchase that saves you money?

The answer:

Good buy

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David James is a man of many attributes: He's a believer in Jesus as the Christ. He's a family man with a wife and two children. He's an entrepreneur with a fledgling business called Beyond the Charts, an Independent Marketer with Manna From Heaven, a writer of both speculative fiction and some spiritual matters. He's a listener of heavy metal with techno, goth, and industrial sounds preferred. He doesn't listen to "Christian radio" and can't stand most "Praise and Worship" music because it comes across so staged and more for entertainment than worship, but he loves the worship coming out of MorningStar Ministries because of the raw intensity of it. He loves scary movies whether it's a creepy ghost story or an intense slasher film, as well as strange humor films, and just loves the spoof films that have come out over the past decade. He thinks Kevin Smith films are very funny, but doesn't care for it when they speak bad of Jesus. His favorite novelist of all time is Stephen King. His favorite sci-fi novelist is Kevin J. Anderson. Other novelists he enjoys are too numerous to mention here. For Spiritual reading he turns to Billy Graham, Mike Murdock, Rick Joyner, John Bunyan, Ellen White, Herbert Armstrong, Martin Zender, and R.A. Torrey. He enjoys financial and self-help books ranging from Dale Carnegie to Zig Ziglar to Donald Trump to Robert Kiyosaki. The one thing that irritates him is when people don't show respect, yet want respect from those they don't show it to.

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  1. Diane Graham wins the contest for a signed copy of Tales of the Dim Knight.

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