Renegade Project 13: Report and Schemes

image of the Bloody Tower in London

Thankfully, the rest of your nap passes without any further interruptions.

When you knock on Galen’s door just before lunch time you are calm, ready and confident, albeit still a little unsure of exactly how much and what to reveal. Your plan is to start with the urgent issues that need action and reveal more based on his reactions. It has served you well before and considering the tangled mess the merchant’s family seemed to be in, it was probably the best option.


When you open the door, you find a scene very similar to when you first met Galen. He sits at his desk with a pile of papers, a feathered quill and furrowed brow. However, this time, having settled into your role of security, you glance around the room as you enter. The one glass window behind the desk provided light but was big enough to allow outside entrance and Galen was far enough from the door that he might not escape if the assailant was quick. Plus, with due consideration of how easy it would be for an enemy to sneak into the house, you wonder if there might be merit in assigning a guard to the room, even just outside the door.

Galen looks up at you with a moment of confusion.

You move to an arms reach of the desk and bow. “I’ve come to report the things I have learned.”

“Already? You have been here but a day.”

“Yes, but I have some news that may need quick attention and dare not delay in alerting you.”

He lays the quill down and gives you full attention, though his eyes narrow with skepticism. “Such as?”

“I have reason to believe that there may be an attack on the caravan.”

“Then we must send a messenger to alert Gallino immediately!”

“I have given some warning to Gallino before he left this morning. However, I have heard tell that there may be some treachery afoot from within the caravan.”

Galen scowls. “I’ll not have it.Traitors and backstabbers. I’ll have them thrown in prison!” He grabs his quill again and dips it in the ink. “List me the names and I will personally will write for my son to have them gathered and chained.”

“Actually, at this point the accusations aren’t that clear. I wish for your permission to ride out to the caravan myself and see if there is indeed truth to the claims. Until then, I would prefer not to stir things up, lest we chase those innocent while those guilty escape or bury the evidence.”

He scratches his beard and eyes you. “Mayhaps, but I hired you to guard here. Gallino has plenty of his own men to tend to the caravan.”

“However, the main concerns I’ve sensed revolve around the caravan at this time. I could leave in the morning and traveling quickly I would probably have the latter half of the day to observe the caravan from a distance then closer when evening falls. Because of the nature of the claims, I think it best if these investigations were done by a trusted outsider, discretely. I would be back long before night fall of the next day. Gallino left behind a guard to help me with some repairs. Your son recommends him so I will have him oversee the security on that night.” You pause, watching his face, but his expression is both thoughtful and seems to be warming to the idea. “Perhaps if you would draft a benign missive – belated  instructions or a concerned reminder perhaps. Then I would simply be a messenger.”

“Hmm. I do not usually send missives during such short trips, but I suppose such is plausible.” He nods and a smile spreads his lips. “Yes, I like how you think. Also, Gallino never takes all the men from the barracks so order them to also guard.”

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The next few minutes are spent in technical details, drafting the missive, discussing the route and camp locations of the caravan and you writing out a list of supplies which Galen signs to grant you permission to gather them from the kitchens and estate stable.

By the time you walk out, it looks like you have quite the arrangements to make before you can depart. If you are leaving in the morning, that means you should probably request some help from Malor and those at the barracks tonight. That should also allow you to give pointers and make sure that they can keep the place secure in your absence. Besides, as you had told Galen, most of the trouble seems wrapped around caravan and between the two brothers so there probably wouldn’t be any real danger at the estate until after the caravan returned. The only thing you can think of that you could investigate more from the estate is Selyna’s mysterious informant and/or “rich lover”. You had an idea, but it was a little bit of a reach and might not turn up anything.

However, it wasn’t urgent and you should probably stick to preparing for the trip and directing Malor and the guards to ensure the safety of the estate in your absence.
So, do you:


Try to investigate Selyna’s “rich lover” to see if he might be the informant


Focus on preparing for the trip and being ready for whatever you may find at the caravan. That includes organizing a guard rotation of men stationed at the doors of Galen and his two children to ensure they stay out of trouble. And if you have any extra time, spend it in a good thorough sharpening of your blade and maybe a sparing match to ensure you’re ready for the worst.

Voting is closed.

For those who missed the rules for this game or an index check them out here!

And to see how this adventure began, see Renegade Project #1

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7 comments on “Renegade Project 13: Report and Schemes

  1. I vote for option 2. Our hero will have to investigate the “informant” after he returns, when hopefully he’ll have additional datum to use in his investigation, such as: is the informant feeding false information in an effort to stir the pot? Or is he telling the truth?

    And; is there any truth to Natin’s and Selyna’s claims regarding Gallino, and if so, what is he actually doing?

  2. Me too. Option two seems like the best option for the time. There’s a LOT to do, but you can’t do everything at once, so focusing on this next step is the best idea, and you can turn your attention to Selyna’s whatever-he-is when you get back.

  3. lol, a bit last minute, but duly noted.

    Then head for the caravan we shall – straightaway…

    … well, actually, after at least I get some sleep. I’m not like our hero here. Not only sleep, but all those little mundane things, like dishes and laundry… but it’s definitely on my to-do list. Watch for it on Tuesday!

    Thanks guys!

  4. I am WAY behind. Sorry! But this time I agree with the group. Yea!

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