Book Review of Tales of the Dim Knight – with contest!

Adam and Andrea Graham

Adam and Andrea Graham

Today I will be reviewing Adam and Andrea Graham’s book Tales of the Dim Knight.

Adam Graham is a multi-talented author known for his wit and poignancy. His political column appears on Pajamasmedia.com and Renew America. He also has short stories published in the anthology Light at the Edge of Darkness, and in the Laser & Sword e-zine. He hosts the Truth and Hope Report podcast, as well as the Old Time Dragnet Radio Show, Great Detectives of Old Time Radio and the Old Time Superman Radio Show. Mr. Graham holds a general studies Associate of Arts degree from Flathead Valley Community College with a concentration in Journalism. He tweets at @idahoguy, @dimknight and @radiodetectives.

Andrea Graham co-authored Adam’s first novel, Tales of the Dim Knight. Her short story “Frozen Generation” also appeared in Light at the Edge of Darkness. She studied creative writing and religion at Ashland University. Visit her online at POVbootcamp.com and Ask Andrea, or follow her tweets @povbootcamp.

Adam and Andrea live with their cat, Joybell, in Boise, Idaho. They are members of several writers groups, including Lost Genre Guild and American Christian Fiction Writers. Adam is president of their local ACFW chapter, Idahope.

The novel Tales of the Dim Knight is about a mild-mannered superhero fanboy that gets all his wishes at once when a symbiotic alien gives him supernatural powers, but what’s he to do with them? Follow his zany adventures as he fights crime and corruption while trying to keep his family together and avoid being sued for copyright infringement.

This review is part of the blog tour that Adam and Andrea are doing for their novel Tales of the Dim Knight. Next week I will be conducting an interview with two of the superheroes featured in the story from a high security area as a further part of helping them with the blog tour.

Later you will find links for Adam and Andrea Graham as well as the blog tour list of where they will be after this. You can purchase the book either directly from Amazon or at the Splashdown Books website.

As part of this blog entry, and as part of the one for next week, I am holding a contest for someone to win a personalized, signed copy of the novel.

Here are the rules:

Be the one to rack up enough points and you will win the copy. If there is a tie in anyway whatsoever, I will announce the winner after a random pick.

How do you get points?

All of these have to be verified by myself, so if any of these are done, you need to e-mail me at djfans at beyondthecharts dot com If you don’t do that, then I CANNOT verify it and you will have done it in vain, so be SURE to send me notice so that I can CONFIRM – EVEN IF it is something done with one of my own accounts. I need you to VERIFY it for me through that e-mail account unless I tell you otherwise. Thank you.

Here’s how you get points:

Like this review. That gets you 1 point.

Leave a comment below. That gets you 1 point. (Limit to 1 point even if you comment 5 times)

Buy a copy of Tales of the Dim Knight. That gets you 5 points. (Confused? Superhero memorabilia collectors know the value of having one unsigned copy to read while they keep their untouched signed copy in a safe place)

Link to this blog entry on your blog post. You can do this once a day per blog for 2 points each time.

Post once a day a link to this blog OR to the Splashdown Books website page for the book (not both) on Facebook and/or Twitter. Each post on each social network site – once a day – will get you 2 points.

Become my Friend on Facebook or Follow me on Twitter. That gets you 3 points each.

Become Adam’s Friend or Andrea’s friend on Facebook or Follow them on any of their Twitter accounts. That will get you 3 points each.

Like the Tales of the Dim Knight Facebook page. The will get you 3 points.

Like the Splashdown Books Facebook page. That will get you 3 points.

And the action that will really rack up the points for you:

Purchasing books from Splashdown Books.

Here’s how those points work:

There are 10 books available for purchase that you can find on the Splashdown Books website (including Tales of the Dim Knight) – two of which are not out yet – and as far as I am aware all are available through e-books too.

The points for the print copies:

If you purchase 1 book you will get 1 point (unless it is Tales of the Dim Knight – that’s still 5 points)

If you purchase 2 books you will get 4 points (unless one is Tales of… – that will get you 9 points)

If you purchase 3 books you will get 9 points (now we are above 5 so even if one is Tales of… it’s still 9 points)

If you purchase 4 books you will get 16 points

If you purchase 5 books you will get 25 points

If you purchase 6 books you will get 36 points

If you purchase 7 books you will get 49 points

If you purchase 8 books you will get 64 points

If you purchase 9 books you will get 81 points

If you purchase all 10 books you will get 100 points

All books must be purchased during the fourteen days of this contest. If you already own any of these books, then get one for a friend or relative that might like it too. And if you purchase any or all by e-book then you can double the points.

1 book is 2 points

2 books is 8 points

3 books is 18 points

and so on until

10 books is 200 points

If you buy both the print and the e-book version of the same book, you get the points added together:

1 book is 3 points

2 books is 12 points

3 books is 27 points

and so on until

10 books is 300 points

You have a lot of options available to you to rack up a lot of points. Again, whoever has the most points wins the book. There will be only 1 winner. If there is a tie of any sort among those with the most points, then a winner will be selected randomly.

If you are already a Friend of anyone listed on Facebook or already have Liked a Facebook page listed or are already following a person listed on Twitter, just provide a way to verify this and you will get your points.

I will announce the contest closed in 14 Days. Then 1 week later I will announce a winner.

The details of this contest will be on both blog entries, so look for it again next week and enter again for your points there.

Remember that everything needs to be verified by myself, so you need to e-mail me at djfans at beyondthecharts dot com in order to verify these things. Any purchases made will require you to e-mail me a copy of your electronic receipt that you got by e-mail.

All links will be found on Page 3 along with the list of links for the blog tour.

Go to Page 2 for the review ====>

About David James

David James is a man of many attributes: He's a believer in Jesus as the Christ. He's a family man with a wife and two children. He's an entrepreneur with a fledgling business called Beyond the Charts, an Independent Marketer with Manna From Heaven, a writer of both speculative fiction and some spiritual matters. He's a listener of heavy metal with techno, goth, and industrial sounds preferred. He doesn't listen to "Christian radio" and can't stand most "Praise and Worship" music because it comes across so staged and more for entertainment than worship, but he loves the worship coming out of MorningStar Ministries because of the raw intensity of it. He loves scary movies whether it's a creepy ghost story or an intense slasher film, as well as strange humor films, and just loves the spoof films that have come out over the past decade. He thinks Kevin Smith films are very funny, but doesn't care for it when they speak bad of Jesus. His favorite novelist of all time is Stephen King. His favorite sci-fi novelist is Kevin J. Anderson. Other novelists he enjoys are too numerous to mention here. For Spiritual reading he turns to Billy Graham, Mike Murdock, Rick Joyner, John Bunyan, Ellen White, Herbert Armstrong, Martin Zender, and R.A. Torrey. He enjoys financial and self-help books ranging from Dale Carnegie to Zig Ziglar to Donald Trump to Robert Kiyosaki. The one thing that irritates him is when people don't show respect, yet want respect from those they don't show it to.

10 comments on “Book Review of Tales of the Dim Knight – with contest!

  1. Wow! That’s a lot of chances to rack up points. And thank you for reviewing Tales of the Dim Knight. Andrea and Adam are wonderful.
    I would say it is a clean read that would fall inline with teen readers perfectly. I never really got deep into comic books, so I missed the finer points of it. But I will read it again when I am in a quirky mood, because Andrea and Adam certainly have a quirky and fun style.
    Great review, Teddy Bear. 😀

  2. My Dearest Teddy Bear,

    Great interview.

  3. Good review, David. Adam and Andrea are great :). I have to say, I think Diane inadvertently answered one of your complaints about the book–if Adam and Andrea had gotten into all the obscure superheroes the general market wouldn’t be able to appreciate it.

    Anyway, don’t count my comment as an entry, since I have the book already ;).

  4. Kat is right about the point about some of the more obscure superheroes. It makes it hard for the general market, and the Christian Market. Though, even with more recognizable heroes mentioned, it hasn’t been easy.

    But anyway, thanks for the review and for the contest. It looks we’ve already sold one Kindle Edition of Tales of the Dim Knight today.

  5. David, thanks for all the hard work you put into the review and for doing this contest–way cool. I’ll give Adam 80% of the credit for the quirky style and sense of humor. My sense of humor is much more dry and literary.

    If anyone has any questions they’d like to ask us, we’ll be around this week and next week. 🙂

  6. I wasn’t thinking that it needed an overdose of obscure characters, even mentioning some of the more “well known” ones that have recently gone to film or that have had TV shows in the past (Iron Man, Hulk, Green Lantern, etc.) would have been great references. Then on occasion a reference to one of the more obscure would have been a great easter egg for fans such as myself even if it went right past the casual reader. Kind of like the name “Hal Stewart” went by most of the viewers of the film Megamind but I caught it instantly along with a lot of other great jokes that maybe the casual viewer of that film didn’t get but wasn’t intrusive to the rest of the viewers of the film. It didn’t have to be so in the face of the reader that the casual reader would have felt overwhelmed, but rather just something that was there and if you knew it and caught it then it would have brought that extra sense of pleasure for the reading experience. But, hey, like I said, it wasn’t a deal breaker for the novel, just something I thought would have worked a bit better for it considering the main character. Maybe you can do it more that way in the sequel. 😉

    So let me see, by looking at those that have commented so far, we have one point for Diane, one point for mibillie, Kat forfeited her point, and the two authors are the ones that will sign the book. Cool. 😉

  7. […] James at New Authors Fellowship is hosting the first leg of our book tour. There’s an opportunity to win a free copy of the book. It’s all based […]

  8. David, how’s this, if we do a sequel, we’ll do Iron Man, Hulk, and Green Lantern just for you. LOL. Seriously, Adam sought to fit in everyone he could in Dim Knight, but there definitely are quite a few stones left unparodied yet, and it’d be stale if we hit the same old, same old up again. Dave put the emphasis on his personal favorites/most loved heroes this time around since he was a newbie hero emulating them.

    • Hah-hah-hah!!! That’s okay, Andrea. I’m just being my more ornery self here and belaboring the point and poking at you guys a bit. You two still did a great job with the story and I really liked the superhero team-up you guys had in it. If you guys do a sequel, just do what you think is right for the character. Personally, I always did kind of see Powerhouse’s armor as a nod to Iron Man anyway, so I was sort of ribbing you there, plus with the Emerald Avenger of course you had the nod to Green Lantern as well as a couple of others, so don’t take my ribbing too seriously there. 😉

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