Entertaining Modern Morons (A Rant)

Am I mean for using such a derogatory word? Maybe, but I feel it is time to address a few serious issues. First, let me tell you I have nothing against any person with a disability. They can’t help who they are. In a minute, I will give you two definitions of moron.  But let me tell you what I have no tolerance for…people pretending they are morons. Yes, you heard me right. As a society we have been duped into entertaining the modern moron.

Am I politically correct in breaching this topic? Nope and glad to not fall into the corner of PC (possible coward). As many of you know, I spit in the eye of PC and kick it in the shins.


1. a person who is notably stupid or lacking in good judgment.

2. Psychology. a person of borderline intelligence in a former classification of mental retardation, having an intelligence quotient of 50 to 69.

The first definition is the modern usage. The second is what people who suffered any type of mental disability were called years ago. Through the years, the word moron changed from a medical condition tag, to someone that chooses to make stupid mistakes over and over again. I call them lazy fakes.

To me, anyone that is born with a condition that is beyond their control is respectable. What isn’t is the man/woman that is capable of doing for him/herself but chooses not to. The group of people that feel they are somehow entitled to my resources for no other reason than they breathe.

Notice Barbie has her Budweisers, Marlboros and Jack Daniels. Maybe looking for her next baby-daddy. Guess who is paying for her career? The American tax payer is.  Thanks, sweet cheeks. Every time I tell people I have five children, they ask if they are all from the same daddy. Appreciate that.

Please, don’t take me wrong, I believe in love and charity. I would be the first to feed a hungry mouth, open my home or help find a job for someone in need.  But it rubs me all kinds of wrong to see bling bling on a welfare-lifer. If I hear another person tell me they deserve nice things I might scream. Nice things come from hard work. Wants are very different than needs. Last time I checked, $100 shoes and a hair appointment were not a need.

I didn’t forget about the Players. Dude, do you think it makes you a real man to ramble through life? You are no man if you still live in your Momma’s basement. Actually, your Momma needs smacked for allowing it to go on this long. You’re 34, get a job and a life. People are laughing at you, not with you.  No, playing War Craft does not count as a career. And if you have designs on Barbie up there, let me smack you as well.

Want to know the kicker? Many people that have disabilities (born or incurred) have a hard time getting the help they need. But Barbie and Player are rolling in the forced generosity of society. Do you see my problem?

Basically, I am tired of whiny, lazy people thinking the world owes them cheesecake when really they deserve anvils. If you are a a woman that uses breeding as a career or a man whose idea of making his way is to pay his mom for his internet connection, you are a modern moron and therefore need to be smacked. Just sayin’

2 Thessalonians 3:10For even when we were with you, this we commanded you, that if any would not work, neither should he eat.

**Special shout out**

Special thanks to Chicky for her wonderful input on this week’s blog.


No Welfare Barbies were hurt in the making of this blog. It’s a doll, silly.

I laugh at awful things so I will not cry at the sadness of society all the time.


About Diane Graham

Diane Graham lives in the mountains of eastern Oklahoma with her husband, children and many dogs. She is an avid reader and lover of all art forms that encapsulate imagination and goodness. Her debut novel I Am Ocilla was released in March 2012.

39 comments on “Entertaining Modern Morons (A Rant)

  1. Where, o where, did you get those pics? LOL!

    “Possible Coward!” “Breeding as a career!” This is a rant my old-fashioned, conservative heart can get behind.

    I’m so sick of hearing people say it’s good for someone (the government) to steal my money (through taxation) and give it to people I don’t know so they can live in ways of which I don’t approve and which fundamentally destroy the stability of our society (not the government’s job anyway, people). The only time Jesus ever took someone’s money away was in the parable of the talents, and He took from the lazy man who did nothing with his one talent and gave it to the rich man who doubled his ten talents. Let’s see the government get behind that (free market) principle for once.

    Ooo. Had my own little rant there. Sorry!

    Love it, Vaulter!

    • Thank you, Princess Turtle. 😀

      Exactly! Why is it that way? Everything is inside-out and upside-down. I believe that is talked about a few times in the Bible. 😉

    • Being a mother is a very noble career that in a civilized society is honored by all. Or I should say being a wife and mother is. Men refusing to marry a woman before he knocks her up, now they do need the anvils on their heads. The ladies need loved on and convinced they deserve much, much better than this. But those welfare mamas actually deserve a metal, hon. They chose to keep their babies when they could have legally killed them on taxpayers’ dime. It is not easy for anyone, and especially not single moms. They need love, not judgment. It’s love that will show them their true worth and value in God and lift them up out of sin. Most of them choose to have welfare babies, not for the money, but because they are looking desperately for someone who will love, respect, and cherish them forever. We know the One with the love they need is Jesus. If one of them read this, how are you representing Him to them?

      For the record, I am a fiscal and social conservative. I believe in “charity” in the form of teaching a man to fish (and to actually marry his children’s mama and take care of his family!)

      • I know that, Andrea. I am proof of that. I am not talking about those that need help. I know of several women…personally…that use their children as a meal ticket. I am not judging them, I am stating a fact. Their choices are their own.

        Woman has 7 children. All of them have a different daddy. She was on the charity roster at 8 different churches, DHS, foodstamps, welfare, Angel Tree, and a whole slew of other organizations. She sells her foodstamps, has a newer van, leaves her children at home while she goes out and parties.

        Does she deserve a medal?

      • I would also like to point out that I love Welfare Barbie and Player. That does not mean that I am okay with their lack of responsibility or the fact that I am paying for their life of sin. Society has fallen into the rut of “everyone is okay” and that is simply a lie propagated by evil. Does that mean we go out and stone all sinners? No, it means we do not give them the tools that enable the sin. If they want to sin, they can all on their own, without my resources that can be better used to help people that can’t help themselves.

      • Andrea, I don’t think that Diane was talking about a woman who has had like one or maybe two separate pregnancies with either the same or different guys that “chose to keep” the baby or babies. I recognize that there is that factor out there and that they do learn from their past, or if it’s not mistakes of the past but maybe a divorce they then recognize the present and move forward. I think what Diane is referring to are those that repeatedly go out and find some guy to get knocked up by just so they can add up some more welfare money. In the small community where I live I see it all the time. And the way the Barbie doll looks in Diane’s pic is about right. They usually aren’t taking care of themselves (in either health or financially) and are willing to go from one guy to another for the joy of childbirth – and tax payers’ money.

        Here are a couple of examples just in my neighborhood, one shows what Diane is saying, while one shows what you are saying:

        There’s a person that lives behind us that I already see on the path Diane talks about and she just had her second child. “Wait, maybe she will learn her lesson like you said a moment ago.” Maybe so, but probably not until she matches the picture above of Welfare Barbie (now with shopping cart accessory! ), because the thing is I was able to tell how she was when she only had one child and she was trying to flirt with me, a married man. Strange how her son and my son wound up not being able to play together once I didn’t go along with her advances. You think she’s going to learn any time soon? Uh-uh. No way. She’s a Welfare Barbie for sure…..and she’s even blonde to boot! (Not to indicate that being blonde means you’re going to wind up this way, just pointing out a bit of irony was all I was doing) Some people, unfortunately, are just this way and Diane’s making a good point when she brings it up. And various circumstances surround how these type of people get this way. It’s not always the ones that grow up from a “broken” home environment either.

        A counterpoint of that which is more what you are saying is our next door neighbor who has two children from a previous marriage. She’s had ample time to get “knocked up” if she were to choose that, but instead is working as many hours as she can at the grocery store and struggling to make sure that she can pay for freaking school pics for her sons! I mean the school actually requires a purchase and they do it twice a year and she has two boys! Think of how much money that costs a working single mother! She’s a very nice person with problems like anyone else, and if she were to get “knocked up” in the future, I wouldn’t consider her like the previous one because I know that she’s a person that wants a relationship and isn’t just seeking “anyone”, so it would be a true mistake on her part. But she hasn’t done that, and I kinda’ doubt that she will.

      • Actually, it matters not if there are any children to me. What matters is this…are you being a rain on the world around you for no reason other than you are selfish and lazy? That is my problem.

      • I agree, being a single mother is tough and have my admiration and my help if I can. And yet sadly I think I know too well what Diane means… and those types don’t seem to be about “mom” at all. Yes, I’m glad they have the courage and determination to have the children… but just like it’s different for a guy to have a kid verses be a father… the same is true of women. Demand they can be, but babies are cute and make a woman feel needed. They depend on you and can help such a woman feel validated because of their dependency. But raising a child to function in society and have any chance of a future is more than just putting up with them, feeding them and letting them sleep in your house (or whatever house you happen to live in).

        I have see daughters of such situations share their life ambitions of having a “family” some day. Funny thing, she wants kids but no husband. At least her mother tried marriage… now the two bicker, make fun of the other and hunt guys together like a set of desperate roommates in a modern, low budget chick flick that will never have a happy ending because they have no faith in love. The daughter has a son of her own now (still in that fun little baby stage) but dropped out of high school and no job skills or way to provide for herself let alone the child. She is atleast the third generation in this cycle of broken homes and each generation has suffered worst than the last. It breaks my heart to watch them. Yes, they need Christ – more than anything in the world – but raised without hope or no love (or mostly selfish love from another desperate, lost person), the scars go deep. I fear this is some of what is meant in the scriptures where it talks of children being cursed because of their parents, even to the third and fourth generation.

        Like Diane, I find little hope, or love in being “politically correct”. We do them no favor by discretely paying their way so that they need not suffer. Some of life’s most valuable lessons are learned by our suffering. We think we help them, but wickedness never was happiness and will never bring lasting peace, thus the suffering is prolonged and it’s painful just to watch, let alone live. But day after day, you find your own addiction/crutch, to numb the pain. After all, that’s just life and it’s a #%$, right?

        Mankind are more disposed to suffer, while evils are sufferable, than to right themselves by abolishing the forms to which they are accustomed.
        Thomas Jefferson

      • That is it, Ren. 😀

  2. Hehe–well, you know how I feel about this! Right there with ya. I believe whole-heartedly in helping those in *need* and lending a hand to help someone get back on their feet. But supporting someone who refuses to work, who thinks they are entitled to free money because they *exist*, who thinks they don’t need to take care of themselves physically because it’s easier to just claim disability while I work out on a daily basis to keep away back pain…and while someone with a diagnosed disability such as cerebral palsy doesn’t *qualify*….

    OK, sorry. You’re going to get a series of rants on here today!

    And thanks for the shout-out, Spunky. Yep, Turtle, I love your reasons for calling her “Vaulter” but I’ve dubbed her “Spunky” for her contagious energy :).

  3. Once upon a time, many years ago Charity was the domain of the Body of Christ. Uncle Sam kept his hands off. Oddly enough, back then when a person had needs, it was supplied by real people. For this reason, there was accountability. What an idea that is! Sometimes a person would offer the opportunity to work in the fields, or the house in order to earn money. (Earn is another non-pc word, isn’t it?) Young men who could not afford to go to college were given opportunities to earn a scholarship. Opportunities, vs. opportunism.

    You can’t even call what Uncle Sam does “Charity.” Eighteen eighty-eight definition of Charity: The Latin word, caritus translated into love, benevolence, good will; that disposition of heart which inclines men to think favorabley of their fellow men, and to do them good. Uncle Sam does not practice charity – quite the opposite. It is nothing more nor less than slavery.

    Check out Star Parker. http://www.urbancure.org/starparker.asp She’d be the first one to tell you about Uncle Sam’s Plantation.

    • That is my point, Silly Girl. There is no accountability.
      As Andrea pointed out, being a momma is a great honor bestowed upon a woman. I get very irritated by those that disgrace it for their own selfish greed and irresponsibility. It is not just the man’s fault in those situations. It is equally both parties.

  4. My dearest youngest daughter,

    Oh my, did you open a can of worms! I’m sorry Andrea but……. The Lord tells us to know a man by his works. If the gal who has 8 children hasn’t learned to know men by their works and use a free condom, then she definitely has a problem. It is called lazy!!!!! This person cannot fall under the stupid label because it takes quite a bit of intelligence just to figure out how to get the Govt. to give you this assistance. I worked in the jailhouse in Texas and I had an opportunity to really get to know some of the people that are being discussed here and believe me there were very few of them with honorable intentions. You say to teach a man how to fish. This is a great thought, however, how can you teach him to fish if he won’t pick up the pole. You say that these women did an honorable thing by choosing to keep their babies, I think that they kept them out of greed, not honor, because there is no honor in bringing a child into poverty for your own enjoyment and pleasure. You are supposed to bring them into this world through love not lust. Even the prodigal son had to learn his lesson on his own. The Father did not go running after him and lead him home.When he returned there was love and joy but he had to learn on his own. Anyone who needs help will find it if he truly wants it. There are too many kind people like yourself who will reach out if they reach first. The Lord tells us to knock and He will answer. How would He know to answer if we do not first knock. How many children have told their parents,” I won’t do it again.” To only do the very same thing again within a matter of moments. Hence,”know a man by his works.” I am a strong anti-abortionist but…..I also believe that we should be very careful as to who we make our bed with!!! This is all stated in Love.

  5. Excellent post, Diane! We’re kindred spirits! LOL 🙂 My rant would have to be parents that ignore their kids for cell phones or computer games. I was at a fast food place the other day and at one table were a mom, dad, baby, and two little boys. Mom and dad were playing computer games on their cell phones, or Facebooking, or whatever else they could manage to find to entertain themselves while they ate, totally ignoring the kids. At another table a little boy sat and ate silently while his dad gabbed on the phone the entire time, and his dad was initiating the calls! These children were ignored and then parents wonder “What happened? We did the best we could!” Uh, no you didn’t, you moron. You ignored your kids and instead indulged in your own selfish desires. I wanted to smack these people.

    • Thanks, Hanne. 😉
      We all have something that rubs us wrong. My rant is based more on footing the bill for people that choose to not do for themselves. I just have no tolerance for it.

      • I guess I think it’s all part of the same mindset… it’s the mindset that says “I don’t have to accept responsibility for anything I do or don’t do, I just have to exist and I’m supposed to have food, shelter, clothing, kids who don’t mess up, etc., etc.,” It’s the entitlement mentality that thinks “Because I am, life owes me.” The whining is the same… “It’s not fair! I don’t have the same things they do!” to “It’s not fair! My kid is __________ (put in anything you want)!” Again, we both know that there are extenuating circumstances in each situation and that there’s not a cookie-cutter category everyone fits into. Anyway, didn’t mean to hijack your comments section! LOL 🙂 Enjoyed your post!

      • You make very valid points, Hanne and you are welcome to vent them any time you want. 😀

        You are right. We are a nation of spoiled children that have become lax in our stewardship. I pray this will get better but I fear it will only get worse. 😦

  6. My dearest youngest daughter,

    I want to clarify my thoughts by stating, that I have lived both sides of this coin. When my divorce came about, I was totally absorbed in myself. I wanted to take care of my children but I was so broken, that I didn’t know what to do. I had to chomp on a few of life’s nasty tasting hard knocks to realize that this was not a thing that was to my liking. But, I must say that I worked through the entire thing. I worked 3 jobs at a time to keep my head above water. And even then I was being taught a lesson by God. I fell and broke my arm and as you know I had to send you girls back to your father until I got my self straight. Life is hard, I had to walk many many miles to a job that paid $3.50 an hour. I could have given up then but my children meant more to me than that. I do not tell you this in a boasting manner. I tell you this to let you know, that if a person truly wants help they will do whatever it takes to get it.

  7. Really good blog right up to the “Just sayin’.” Kind of an agreesive passive approach isn’t it? “Just Sayin” takes away all the truth that you just said and merely puts it to just your opinion that is just aired as if it had no value. Sorry just a pet peeve of mine, just sayin’

    • Ha! I bet you will get over it, Josh. 😀
      I am pretty sure anyone that knows me even a little knows I am as serious as a heart attack in all my points here. I write it in a shade of funny for entertainment value.

  8. Oh yes. How I agree! My first “client” when I started working at the food bank swore all kind of ways that he had no job, no income. Uh-huh. When I asked for his ID, he pulled it out from behind his casino card.

  9. So, Church, what are we to do about this?
    Andrea’s right. If we are Christians, then as angry as these people make us, they are precious to God and the best outcome would be for them to follow Jesus’ teachings (including the bit about personal responsibility and work ethic). The only way to bring them to this point is love. Christians need to get off their pews and get out there to form one-on-one relationships with people in the hopes of bringing them (and our society at large) to salvation. This, of course, represents a huge sacrifice of time and energy. But hey, as Christians, we are even less entitled to pursuits of selfish entertainment.
    Diane’s right. Some people have hardened their hearts into this way of life, and you may not be able to soften them back out of it. (For proof, just ask about my last foster daughter – there’s a rant in the making). We have to spend our time wisely.
    So, my brothers and sisters, challenge: what are you doing to ameliorate this situation in your neighborhood? I think we could be encouraged reading about the efforts of our fellow saints.

    • I think we love them and always give a hand up.

    • My dearest Lara,

      If the Lord puts it upon your heart to do something for these people, then by all means do it. I myself prefer to follow God down the path instead of jumping in front of Him and becoming a stumbling block. I am not telling anyone not to follow examples of fellow saints, I am only saying, “If it be Gods will!” I cannot dictate to anyone what that may be for them. The bible is my example and I have already voiced my thoughts on that. I pray that we all find the true meaning of right and wrong through God’s love. I will be praying.

  10. These folks do deserve our love. They do not deserve our tax dollars. The Welfare State has encouraged unmarried mothers and irresponsible fathers for generations. Marriage is the best preventer of poverty for women and children, and the best use of a man’s time is supporting the children he fathered and the mother he loved enough to impregnate.
    If you want less of something, tax it. If you want more, subsidize it. Let’s stop subsidizing chaos.

  11. I believe it is New Jersey that is trying something new. They will pay for the first kid (the state) but if a single woman gets pregnant a second time and wants entitlements she has to work for it. If she doesn’t want to box up paper clips for 8 hours a day…no pay-ee. God really created us to work. And being between jobs (except for the website) has made my self-esteem plummet. I have to talk myself up with scriptures on a daily basis. I can’t imagine getting a check for doing nothing but fornicating and watching Oprah and Jerry Springer. What a waste of humanity.

    I really like those photos too, Lady Di! How funny. I used to have to drive through the projects every day to get to an office I worked at. There were able bodied men, young healthy , with their chains and baggy shorts standing out in front of these duplexes up to no good. I guess you could say they were working for a living. When I used to get my nails done every two weeks, there would be the welfare queens in there not only getting their nails done but having those metal charms put on . They had the weaves going on, and got into fine rides. Oh,…..and they still have there “Obama” bumper stickers in there too…..Meow……

    Great blog, sweetie pie!

  12. Mibiliie2,
    Perhaps I didn’t represent my thoughts clearly at the end. I didn’t mean for people to feel obligated to get involved in something just because they hear someone else is doing it. I was just trying to look for the silver lining. I thought if people at this blog posted a comment about the specific thing they’re doing to help someone out of this entitlement mindset, then the readers would feel there is still hope. It’s nice to think there are people trying to stop the downward spiral of this country.

    • Very nice thoughts, Lara.

      I think the very first thing we must all do is learn the word “No”. That simple word is sometimes the biggest way to say I love you. I find the realm of gray is where evil thrives. We teach our children black, white and redemption. We lead by example. We are approachable. We share some of our own struggles so as not to seem self-righteous. We give all the glory to God. We stop making excuses for evil. It is what it is. If we color it anything else, we are wrong. “No” is boundary. “No” is accountability. “No” is love. Think how often God tells us no.

      As far as the lost and lonely…we love them and wait for God’s time. One of the things that bothers me a lot of times about religion is throat-cram morality. Individuals or the group take it upon themselves to Fix what is broken in a sinful world. Wow! That is pretty ambitious and wrong. Why? Freewill, that’s why. Forced love is not love just like forced democracy is not democracy. If we follow Jesus’ example we leave our arms open for the world but do not tolerate its evil.

    • I think a large part of it sort of “love languages” or interpurtation. Like the mother and daughter I mentioned before (not that they are the only such ones I know)… I do love them. I love them dearly. However, I highly doubt they believe me. What is love to them? To some, it is romance alone. To some it is “accepting me as I am” which so often equates to “letting me do what I want”. Sometimes it goes so far as to be “protect me from the consequences of my choices”. It might sound crazy and totally illogical, but how many families and likewise gangs, run around protecting their own from any correction/punishments from “outsiders”. Think also of the amount of resources spent on treating symptoms of moral problems but saying nothing of the true root problem lest we be biased or offend. They come to our faces and challenge us to show our “love” by supporting their behavior… because only then will they know for sure that we “love them for themselves”. Will they believe even in mere friendship if I will not cheer their reckless romances? Sometimes just the mere presence of people that you know disagree with one’s actions can prod the guilt.

      So yes, I admit it, I struggle with knowing how to interact with them that will demonstrate love in a way they will understand or believe. And this issue is very personal to me for these I speak of aren’t just people down the street. The level of my turmoil over it is quite apparent in how thoroughly I slaughter my grammar in these comments, lol.

      I will continue to love them as I can, regardless of whether or not they realize it. And I will pray for them. But in the end, this is between them and God.

      • That is so true, Ren. I think often times we want the proverbial “cookie” for our good deed to humanity…pat my back and tell me how wonderful I am for all the Christiany things I’ve done. The token reward for doing what is right when really it should be our deepest desire only to please God.

  13. my dearest Lara,

    First off, thank you for your want to try to stop this downward spiral. As I stated,”God has not yet put it on my heart to do anything but pray and love all. I have many in my immediate family who are caught up in this spiral but I have no answer other than prayer and example.

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