Renegade Project 5: Bookoo Complications

As the singular house guard, you have a private room in the main house and your duties mainly consist with maintaining the security of the house at night, dealing with would-be intruders, following up on suspicious activities, breaking up any domestic fights if they turn violent and reporting rule-breaking to Galen.  All in all, it seemed pretty straightforward – that is until you walk the grounds around the house and realize all the shadowed arbors, the three servant entries that had been added on in the most isolated corners and the low, first-floor windows that had been carved into the original garrison design.  Window shutters and doors have no bolts or beams to keep them closed except for the main front door and that one not only looked like it hadn’t been used in years, but when you handle it, you discover that it’s half rotten.  It wouldn’t hold up against two strong kicks from a determined attacker.

On the inside, the hallways twist and turn then end abruptly with lots of isolated branches and when you ask, you discover that to cut back on costs, only torches at intersections are left burning at night.  That left major sections of shadows for people to hide and sneak through the innards of the building.  With just yourself, it looks like a serious all-nighter.

Once you are thoroughly discouraged by the security you are responsible for, you are summoned to meet the house servants.  More than two-third of the men look like they had served the estate when Galen was a mewling infant.  On the other hand, most of the maids looked in their twenties or lower with relatively slim figures and pretty faces.  The only two women who looked matronly were the head cook and the head housekeeper and they seemed ill-impressed with their young helpers.  Even as you enter the room where they are assembled, you can hear the two women bellowing reprimands at their underlings.  The girls, although pretty, have no qualms about laughing and yelling back at their superiors and frankly anyone who questioned them.  Although they seem to have the advantage of numbers and graphic name calling over their elders, you discover after about three or four cat-fights later, that the girls were just as vicious and competitive against each other than authority figures – apparently more so.  The main dispute among them seemed to be a select, coveted group of mercenaries.  It seemed odd to you since you were used to maids like that fighting over the sons of the boss but since you haven’t actually seen or met either of Galen two sons yet, you suppose that it might be that they are out of shape, overweight or otherwise unappealing to females.

It isn’t hard to guess that most of your “would-be” night intruders will probably be mercenaries from the barracks trying to make or keep night appointments with the maids.  You figure you should probably clarify with Galen whether or not he considered moon-light trysts in the gardens as a threat to the main house.  You’re also not sure when you will be able to get some sleep during the day without regular interruptions demanding that you break up more cat-fights.  By the time you complete your review of the grounds and servants, you already feel exhausted and sleep-deprived, and thinking about your first night on the job beginning in a couple hours does not help. It’s going to a long one.


Get some sleep so you’re rested for your first night.


Ask right away for permission to pull one or two guards from the barracks to help on night patrols


Seek out the rest of Galen’s family to find out if there are any more issues to complicate your job


Voting is closed.

For those who missed the rules for this game check them out here!

And to see how this adventure began, see Renegade Project #1

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13 comments on “Renegade Project 5: Bookoo Complications

  1. Seek out the rest of Galen’s family to see if there are anymore security complications.

    • Be forewarned that there will naturally be consequences to going without sleep. 😉

      There is no right choice, particularly in this round. Each has it’s advantages and disadvantages.

      • Multi-step process. I was thinking that could get brownie points with the boss, whereas just hitting the sack would lose points.

  2. “Seek out the rest of Galen’s family to find out if there are any more issues to complicate your job”

    Get the whole story before implementing changes. Who knows what you might discover?

  3. Wow. I’m not sure WHAT to vote for. Going to have to think about it for a bit…

  4. I’m getting paid a lot of money. I’m educated. I lived with monks so I’ve probably gone without sleep. I want to know everything I can about this place, including what issues to expect from the kiddos.

    Seek out the rest of Galen’s family….

  5. Getting some sleep would be the prudent thing to do, in order to be wide awake for preventing all the shenanigans that will clearly be going on after dark from involving trysts in the house, but I’m not sure the new night guard can afford that.

    Asking for help from the barracks would be like asking foxes to guard the master’s chickens; likely to be an exercise in extreme frustration until he teaches the men (at least) that he means business.

    So, I’ll opt for the third option: seeking out the rest of Galen’s family, followed by a short nap before duty calls at dusk. After that, he needs to enlist the aid of the head cook in slipping something into the maids’ evening meal that leaves them all comatose for the night.

  6. Nice development!
    I’m with Krysti. Seek out the family, then nap, and I like the idea with the cook’s potion.

  7. I’m thinking he needs to recruit help. The other guards are still under the original contract, and at least at first they’re likely to do their job, until they feel comfortable enough to try sneaking around. That buys the character some time to settle into his role, especially since he’ll have limited interaction with everyone else since he’s the night watchman. If he can train a couple of people to help relieve him, he can determine as he goes along whether they’re loyal, and then it gives him some more freedom to do his spying, since he’s not doing everything himself. Also, it enables him to set up some sort of subterfuge, for example, if he begins to rely heavily on his helpers, or at least appears to do so, then he can lure them into a false sense of security, and he’s more likely to catch someone in the act later on.

  8. Okay, so by my reckoning, I see 4 votes for check out the family and 1 for get help. I do like Robynn’s idea of get the door fixed asap. I’m toying with the idea of sedating the girls… I may be able to incorporate those – we shall see.

    hmm, looks like he needs a “to do” list. lol.

    David, I’m glad you like, but you got any bright ideas to contribute? Because I assure you all that even if I’m quite, I read and take all of your ideas into consideration. I’m thinking we may be able to start opening up the next segment for anyone to propose options. You guys are really coming up with some great ideas. Just keep in mind that you might want to keep tabs on late idea suggestions because you can only change your vote before I close the vote officially. We’ll have to try it out and see how it goes.

    I hope to have the next segment ready Tuesday, but I can’t make any promises yet. And, although there is a strongly favored answer, the vote isn’t closed yet.

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