Anvil Review-Faith Awakened by Grace Bridges

As I said yesterday, I will give you my review of Faith Awakened by Grace Bridges. But before I do that, let me run through the rules for entry once more.

As always, there will be a drawing. But there will be only one winner. I love Splashdown Books so much that I have decided I will give away a copy of each debut novel of each Splashdown author. One lucky reader will win copies of Faith Awakened by Grace Bridges, The Muse by Fred Warren, The Duke’s Handmaid by Caprice Hokstad, Alpha Redemption by Paul Baines, and Tales of the Dim Knight by Adam and Andrea Graham.

Leave a comment today, leave a comment on yesterday’s post…that is two entries.  Link today’s blog on Facebook, link yesterday’s blog on Facebook…that is two more entries. Buy Grace’s newest book Legendary Space Pilgrim’s HERE and that is five more entries.That is a potential of up to 9 entries.

As always, Peyton will draw a name from the fantastic hat and one lucky duck gets the Grand Prize. The drawing will be held next Tuesday. I will announce the winner on Facebook and here. The winner will have 24 hours to contact me via Facebook or email with their mailing address. If the winner does not contact me, an alternate winner will be drawn.

**You must email me your digital receipt for the purchase of Legendary Space Pilgrim’s to qualify for the five extra entries.

** If you have won a drawing in the last month, you may still enter. It is all about lifting our girl Grace.


C. L. Dyck

Alright. I’m late to the game due to family illness, but better late than never. Thanks, Di, for bearing with my tardiness.
I think I met Grace in 2006 or 2007 through the ShoutLife social network. At the time, Frank Creed was gathering minions for the Lost Genre Guild, and cordially invited me along. I don’t remember what got Grace and me talking, but it was just a click. We met in person when Grace was trekking across the States. One of her stops was a mere three hours south of me, and I thought to myself, well now. What are the odds I’ll never again get the chance to meet this friend who’s an Irish Kiwi with a German twist?
It stuck. It’s one of those inexplicable connections, and I count it more than the shared interest in Christian SF, in publishing and in the online world. Working with Grace has a groove to it that’s a very rare thing in creative relationships. Sometimes these things are a clash, sometimes they’re work as usual…and less often, it’s two buccaneers back to back against the world. That’s the feeling of conquering newfound challenges alongside Grace. Something far better than mere fair weather. Here’s to future swashbuckles and successes for Splashdown.


Fred Warren

I first encountered Grace Bridges when I was sending the manuscript of my first novel, The Muse, around for critiques. She wasn’t on my list of reviewers, and I still don’t know exactly how she got a copy of my manuscript, but she sent me an e-mail saying that she had read it and enjoyed it very much. Oh, and by the way, she was starting up an independent publishing company, and she wanted my book to be her debut product.

I was shocked. I had steeled myself for years of shopping this book around to agents and publishers, then some strange lady from New Zealand contacts me, out of the blue, and wants to publish it. Was she on the level? Was she sane? Was this some new internet scam?

I did a little research, exchanged a few more e-mails with Grace, and discovered the answers were yes, yes, and no. This was a serious, legitimate, paying offer, and Grace had the knowledge, skills, and vision to pull this off. I was honored that she was willing to risk her dream on an unproven author, and I believed in turn that it was worth the risk of putting my story into this new publisher’s hands.

I’m glad I did, and I’m proud of what we’ve achieved together. Grace did what any good publisher must do–she made my book better. Along the way, I found that Grace was innovative, imaginative, creative, and cooperative. We didn’t always agree on everything, but in any disagreement, we were always able to come to a solution that satisfied both of us. She made the hard work of bringing a book to press an awful lot of fun.

I also discovered that Grace is something of a Renaissance woman. She’s multilingual, a world traveler, a novelist, musician, graphic artist, computer geek (in the best sense of the word), and all-around do-it-yourself handy person. If she doesn’t know how to do something, give her a couple of days, and she’ll figure it out.

I learn something new in just about every exchange I have with Grace Bridges. I don’t think it’s going too far to say she’s one of my Muses. Hey, I get at least seven. It’s in the rules.


Yes, click the number 2

About Diane Graham

Diane Graham lives in the mountains of eastern Oklahoma with her husband, children and many dogs. She is an avid reader and lover of all art forms that encapsulate imagination and goodness. Her debut novel I Am Ocilla was released in March 2012.

28 comments on “Anvil Review-Faith Awakened by Grace Bridges

  1. This is a book I have still not read. It looks like I will be reading it this next year. 😉

  2. Okay, you’ve got me going. My name is Susan, and I am a book-a-holic.

  3. And yet more wonderful things about Grace from people who ought to know. Either they’re all on the payroll, or she should have more cats. hehe!

  4. Awesome. Loved the book, in fact, just sent it home with my baby brother who was longing for a good book to read (also sent him home with the sequel to “A Star Curiously Singing”, which, having read the first book, made him rather excited.)

  5. Aww, thanks again everyone. You’re too much. Best bunch anyone could ask for.

  6. Thanks for referencing A Star Curiously Singing, I still consider it the best MLP book to date (even if it didn’t win the awards). I’ll agree with you on the journal thing, not because i have something against the style, just that it’s very difficult to pull off. Too often the construction sucks the action out of the narrative. I just have one question after reading this review: 5 anvils, out of …? Surely we should know if you think it’s half empty or half full (or whatever an anvil can be half of).

    • That would be 5 anvils out of five. 😀 The only thing better would be 5 anvils topped with cheesecake and that has to be a pretty extraordinary book. Alpha Redemption comes very, very close.

      I love Kerry’s work…as you know from reading my review on my first ever Anvil Review. I agree with you on the best MLP book I have read so far. I really wish he would have won a few awards but Kerry is topnotch in my book. 😀

  7. My Dearest youngest daughter,

    Once again you have hit a home run as well as peaked my interest in this book. I must say that everyone you have reviewed so far has been excellent so I can’t wait to read this one.

  8. Can’t wait to read it and count me in on the giveaway!

  9. Great review…I love Grace, anything about her or from her delights me, she is the most interesting far away person I’ve had the fortune of being in contact with. Yes, of course, I’d love to win anything from Grace….I have, the facebook friendship is a blessing as are all of you!!! I do humbly ask to be included in the drawing. Love Anvil Review!!!

  10. I couldn’t wait, so I bought The Duke’s Handmaid and The Muse. Guess you can pull me out of the contest, Crazyhair Vaulter. Guess the Gungho Iguana is wearing off on me.

  11. Oooh! I so love books! I think now that the holidays have passed, I can read again.

  12. WINNER of the drawing is…Susan H Price. Congratulations, Susan.

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