A Little More Grace

Frank Creed

Grace Bridges: a Passionate Woman of Art
Like most people, I first met Grace Bridges on the Web. This Irish lady from New Zealand who lived in Germany absolutely lived for Biblical science fiction and fantasy literature. When she learned of the Lost Genre Guild which I founded for artists and fans of such literature, she had to be a part of it. Sharing ideas by writing was not enough.
I got to speak to Grace Bridges on the phone back in the day before we both had Skype accounts. Her novel Faith Awakened had been released, and she was so taken with my first novel, Flashpoint that she wanted to co-author one of the Underground books with me. We compared notes and timelines through e-mail, and book four will be the fruit of such plans.
The one thing that struck me about speaking to Grace was that I could not escape one of her phone calls without her offering to help out in some way. Her standard sign-off to this day . . . “Is there anything I can do to help you?”
I got to meet Grace Bridges face to face when she had finished living in Germany, and on her way back home in New Zealand detoured across North America by car, bus and train. She stayed with my wife Cynthia and I for a week back when we lived in Indiana, and we all enjoyed a trip to Chicago where my fiction is set, to see some real sights from the Underground fiction. Grace was the perfect house-guest, and before she left to stay with the next family on her cross-country route, she had to know everything about publishing from Cynthia, who runs The Writer’s Cafe Press.
Now we live in Canada, Cynthia has returned to teaching school, and Grace Bridges has launched Splashdown Books, her own publishing company for Biblical speculative fiction. Grace has taken a turn in her life to do full-time what she loves and what she’s good at. She’s living at the intersection of her talents and passions for the Boss’ glory. She’s sharing the dream of being published with others across the globe, touching lives and making a mark in a genre long ignored by mainstream publishers. There’s no better person to do this than one who asks, “Is there anything I can do to help you?” Her grace does indeed bridge, and Splashdown Books is proving it.
Now you know a little more about the woman behind the art. Be sure to read the titles available at http://www.splashdownbooks.com/
and, of course, at http://frankcreed.com

Paul Baines

I first met Grace during the Marcher Lord Select contest where she was a fellow entrant in the premise competition. I had no idea at the time that she was a publisher on the lookout for potential acquisitions, and so I took her positive comments about my entries (“Alpha” and “Hour”) as just a passing interest from a fellow writer.

Later, when the contest closed, she asked if we could do a critique swap. Still oblivious to the potential seriousness of this interest, I agreed and was fortunate to get an advanced read of Legendary Space Pilgrims. I immediately recognized a strong similarity in our voices. In some places I found myself thinking: “this is exactly how I would write this scene.” In some place, I felt as though I were reading my own work, the style was that familiar.
It was about at this point that I realized Grace was a publisher and that our critique swap was actually her method for seeking out new titles for her company, Splashdown Books. After some tweaks to the plot, Grace offered to publish Alpha, but she insisted I give it some serious thought, even suggesting I try a bigger company first. So not only was Grace willing to publish my book, she was also prepared to wait to see if any other companies wanted me first!
In all my years of trying to find a publisher, I have never encountered such generosity. I prayed about it and decided Splashdown was the the place Alpha needed to be. Splashdown may not be the biggest company in the world, but Grace has big plans and a keen sense of what works in a book and what doesn’t. Best of all, she “gets” Alpha and believes in it. What more could a writer want from their publisher?

Kat Heckenbach

Ah, what to say about Grace…

It amazes me how many cookie jars she has her hands in–writing, publishing, web design, a multitude of things for the Lost Genre Guild, and seemingly something new every time I talk to her. She’s become my friend, my creative commandant at Splashdown Books, and often times my technical advisor (my blog would be a mess without her!). She’s the kind of person you can count on, and she’s just *real.* You know the Grace she presents is the real deal, no false impressions, no masks.
I’ve seen first-hand the attention she gives things, her perfectionism, and her abilities. I’m proud to collaborate with her on the art side of Splashdown, and have found that when she makes a suggestion for either something I’ve drawn or written I’m better off listening to her. On the other hand, she’s open-minded and always on the hunt for good advice and improvement for everything she does. She’s a team player, and never dives for the spotlight; but without HER light, there are so many of us that would still be standing there in the dark.
As I’ve said before, and will no doubt say again, “Grace, you rock.”

Adam and Andrea Graham

What about Grace sets her apart in the industry and as a human being in general?

Grace is a gem. She’s gracious, tactful, forgiving, and honest and sincere all at the same time, which are not always easy to come by all in one package. Most of us have trouble balancing those, but she generally does it and does it well. Grace is also determined, intelligent, upbeat, independent, humble, teachable and willing to learn from mistakes, but also a visionary who does what she knows is right. All the qualities an independent publisher needs to have to succeed, she’s got, I think. She’s also quiet, peaceable, and did I mention her mother named her perfectly? She doesn’t preach, but she lives a sermon in Christian love in both her personal life and publishing endeavors.

So folks, as you can read, Grace is full of grace. I had the honor of talking with Grace last week…she called me. What I noticed from this soft-spoken woman of God is that she is humble, always looking out for her brother’s and sisters. She is someone to be respected and loved. Again, I am blessed to call her friend.

I would like to give a special thanks to all of our guests today. What a blessing to have them take time to give us a little more of Grace. Don’t forget to enter for your chance to win a Splashdown bundle.

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Peace, love and God’s will.

About Diane Graham

Diane Graham lives in the mountains of eastern Oklahoma with her husband, children and many dogs. She is an avid reader and lover of all art forms that encapsulate imagination and goodness. Her debut novel I Am Ocilla was released in March 2012.

35 comments on “A Little More Grace

  1. Okay, I’m coming out of the dark ages, evidently. I never heard the term “Christian Speculative Fiction.” Yay for learning something new each day!

    • Ha! That is one entry for you, Susan.
      Christian Speculative Fiction is anything speculative, but written with a Christian world view. 😀

    • Speculative is basically speculating what might happen in an altered reality. It’s all about what if.
      What if demons were real? What if magic existed? Anything different from the standard, accepted “reality” we live in. Even altered histories can be speculative, ie, what if Queen Elizabeth had actually married someone, or 1984. Some like to fudge the line of history and claim that it’s possible it could have been because there’s no evidence to the contrary, but still, it’s speculating what might be/might have been. Paranormal, sci-fi, urban fantasy, fantasy, horror(in most cases) and I think even a lot of thrillers are in this group, especially if they’re pushing technology just a bit to the cutting edge. It’s an extremely wide spectrum.

      Christian Speculative Fiction is a niche genre that most large publishers don’t really acknowledge as even existing, but there is rising movement wanting to be noted. So you could say that Grace (and others) are trying to pioneer the niche… oh, and NAF too! lol This is ground level stuff but we’re here to stay!

  2. Oh, Crazyhair Vaulter, while I’m annoyed with you for not providing one of your typical engaging interviews, I am thrilled to read so many wonderful things about The Bridge from so many people. A sort of virtual “this is your life” but with nice things. hehe!
    I so wish I’d known her during the US Tour. My house would have been open. Full of cats, but open.
    And I’m guessing that’s Petal (sound like “pittel” when Grace says it) in her photo, ’cause isn’t James a tan tabby?

  3. I’ve talked to Miss Grace some on FB, where I first met her, and you’re right, she’s pretty cool. 🙂 Her system for Slashdown books is pretty much the best way I’ve seen yet. If I end up starting a small press like I want to, I am definitely going to incorporate many of her ideas. 🙂

  4. Grace has not found this yet–Shh, tee-hee, I love surprises.
    Note: this comment is not to win a book!

  5. I also had not “met” Grace Bridges until the Marcher Lord Select contest. I didn’t really get to know her, just noticed her always constructive comments (and very amusing avatar!) I then saw she also published books, and since then it seems like the news about Splashdown has continued to pour in from right and left. She does an awesome job contributing to the Lost Genre Guild, and I see in what people write how supportive she is of both the community and the individual. Just this week I subscribed to Splashdown’s RSS feed (to join my ever growing supply of online reading), and I have a huge interest in both Alpha Redemption and The Muse, especially after Fred Warren’s hilarious “fake” review of The Charlatan’s Boy. I look forward to your thoughts, Diane.

  6. Eep! What a sneaky lot you all are, and Diane the Chief Sneak of all! You guys are making me cry. This IS a tough road and just yesterday I felt the talons of discouragement yet again…and now to wake up to this…wow. Youse are more than friends…you’re family.

    Robynn, for the record, that is Sissy my three-legged Blue Cream that I had in Germany. See I’m clutching her stump there in the one hand…oh she was marvellous. I had to find her a new home when I left the country.
    Petal is the brown tabby I have now, and James is white and grey.

    And I WILL be back again, to visit and revisit. Just don’t know when. Looking like 2012 at this point.

    Diane, I was looking forward to your kind of interview, but this…this is beyond anything I’ve ever experienced. You’re a treasure. Thank you, my dear.

  7. Wow sis, big giveaway. This is exciting.

    • It is! Grace and Splashdown are worth my time and money. Hopefully all of my lovely readers will spread the word and share the love. 😀

  8. Must have been a glitch with “me computer” because yes now it is here but not before I scowled and scowled and it didn’t come up until 3rd time…but I had seen it before when Diane posted it. 🙂 YES, WE ALL NEED MORE GRACE 🙂

  9. All great writers…I want more Grace 🙂

  10. Oh no! I meant to send you something, Diane! I’ll prepare something soon and leave it as a comment!

    • Why? Why could you not manage through Finals for mind bending theology, Christmas, a full time job, two adorable children and a hottie wife? Geesh! 50 anvils over the head for having a life, Keven. 😛

  11. Hey Diane and Grace!

    Love the spec fic action! Thanks for the contest, and thanks for Splashdown Books, Grace!

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  13. Grace is one of a kind, and a real pleasure to chat with over the intricacies of this field we’re all in. 😀

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  15. My dearest youngest daughter,

    I have yet to meet or speak to Grace but, with the talk on this blog, I most certainly don’t want to miss a chance at reading her book. I do remember her being on MLP a few times though. I guess we can all use a little more Grace. Nice name Miss Bridges.

  16. Okay, this is my third time. I have gone from “What is speculative Christian fiction” to “Bring it on!”

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