Mixing things together (Part 1?)

Tonight I’m staying up to work on my novel.

While I do that, I’ve decided to go ahead and eat some of what my wife has made for us and mix it together in a bowl. So there’s the beans she cooked earlier today, the – extremely good it turns out – mac and cheese she made like yesterday I think (It may be past midnight but today is still Friday for me), and the wonderful slowcooked meat with all the stuff mixed in that which she cooked a few days back. I’m munching on all of this now as I type this. And it made me think of something I just figured I’d share with you, so I’m on here typing this before I forget it instead of typing my novel. Hmph. Go figure.

Have you ever mixed food together?

When I was a kid I remember all these family get togethers where there were so much food available you could even decide which mashed potatoes you liked and which ones you didn’t prefer if you know what I mean. Things would be all on my plate in little portions and I’d eat one or the other or finish one first and work on the rest or however it struck me to do it. I’d notice the adults like my mom and her cousins taking a little bit of each and putting it all on their forks before putting it in their mouths. I liked that idea, but a kid’s fork isn’t as big as an adult’s fork and I wasn’t able to fit all I wanted on there or as much as I wanted. And besides, it seemed like a whole lot of work for each bite of friggin’ food, ya’ know?

So I came up with this idea to mix everything together on my plate.

That meant the black eyed peas and cornbread met the coleslaw met the creamed corn met the okra met the green beans met the whatever else was on my plate that could get mixed in. It got me some looks and at times some of the females thought it looked disgusting, but I just figured that 1) it was all going to the same place anyway, and 2) I was just doing what they all did, but not taking as much time with it. It worked for me, and I got some interesting taste combinations in my mouth.

I’d do this at home when it was just me and mom too. It got so bad that she’d have to not look at my plate because of how it looked to her. As a kid, and a little boy at that, I was of course completely oblivious as to how it must have looked, but I’m sure you can imagine. 😉

Other things I mixed together was juices and soft drinks. I’d get orange juice and apple juice and whatever juice and mix it all together. And then at other times I’d mix Dr. Pepper with Pepsi with Mountain Dew with 7-Up with whatever other soda was nearby and call it punch. It was good punch too. Had a kick to it that only a little boy could enjoy. 😉

Now, I obviously still mix things together, but I also found out that some things just don’t need to be mixed together no matter how good they may be separately.

Take the time I decided to mix a soda with some juice with some Tabasco with some coffee, and those are the ingredients I can remember!

My mom made me drink it since I took the time to mix it up. Nasty stuff that.

So, I could go on from here to give you some great spiritual or philosophical ways I like to mix things up, but you know what? I’ve said what I needed to say that motivated me to come on here and post this, so I’m just going to leave it at that. If I ever come back and do that very thing then the question mark will disappear from this entry and a Part 2 will most certainly be in place. If not, then this is it.

Hope everyone has a great weekend, and mix something up in your lives! 😀

About David James

David James is a man of many attributes: He's a believer in Jesus as the Christ. He's a family man with a wife and two children. He's an entrepreneur with a fledgling business called Beyond the Charts, an Independent Marketer with Manna From Heaven, a writer of both speculative fiction and some spiritual matters. He's a listener of heavy metal with techno, goth, and industrial sounds preferred. He doesn't listen to "Christian radio" and can't stand most "Praise and Worship" music because it comes across so staged and more for entertainment than worship, but he loves the worship coming out of MorningStar Ministries because of the raw intensity of it. He loves scary movies whether it's a creepy ghost story or an intense slasher film, as well as strange humor films, and just loves the spoof films that have come out over the past decade. He thinks Kevin Smith films are very funny, but doesn't care for it when they speak bad of Jesus. His favorite novelist of all time is Stephen King. His favorite sci-fi novelist is Kevin J. Anderson. Other novelists he enjoys are too numerous to mention here. For Spiritual reading he turns to Billy Graham, Mike Murdock, Rick Joyner, John Bunyan, Ellen White, Herbert Armstrong, Martin Zender, and R.A. Torrey. He enjoys financial and self-help books ranging from Dale Carnegie to Zig Ziglar to Donald Trump to Robert Kiyosaki. The one thing that irritates him is when people don't show respect, yet want respect from those they don't show it to.

10 comments on “Mixing things together (Part 1?)

  1. I’m pretty much the opposite. I hate food touching unless it’s supposed to go together. And in terms of mixing, I prefer to play it safe. About the wildest combination I like to eat is chocolate and strawberry yoghurt. Daring, I know.

    Either way, my brother used to mix all kinds of drinks together. He tells me the weirdest one he ever did was tea and juice. Apparently it was quite vile.

    • I wonder what type of tea he used as well as what fruit did the juice come from? That can make all the difference in the world too I would surmise. 😉

      • I just asked and he says that he doesn’t know what type of tea, though I’m guessing it was probably green tea. He said it had milk in it, and the juice was either apple or orange. I’m guessing it was the milk that made him want to puke. XD;

  2. Cilla does that. I am convince she has no taste buds. 😉

    • There have been some in my life that have said that about me too, except I still know the difference between the taste of a hamburger vs. pizza vs. lobster vs. grilled chicken vs. fettucini alfredo vs. whatever. 😉

  3. I love casseroles, and I don’t mind combining food, but I do take my time about eating it. I’ve been known to take an afternoon to finish a brownie (not a pan of brownies, mind you, just one). And I don’t mix drinks. 😀

    • Yeah, those *ahem* “mixed drinks” can be intoxicating *ahem*. 😉

      (Interesting choice of words I suppose you weren’t meaning the way it sounded at first to me)

      And what else can we expect from the Turtle except to take her time with even one brownie? 🙂

      I think my family liked casseroles too. They just perferred to mix the ingredients together BEFORE cooking them. 😉

  4. No, you read it right. Turtle humor. Little odd. hehe!

  5. Dearest David, I just like mixing my words! Great post.

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