Broken Glass & Other Casualties of Progress


My current NaNoWriMo count is just over 5k. I’m behind, but I’m proud of the progress I’ve made. It hasn’t been easy.


With the standard busyness, packing for a three week car trip for our family of six, illnesses and periodical surprises, most of my recent good intentions have suffered so much from an abandonment complex that they have taken leave of me entirely and apparently taken with them the little common sense I had managed to retain. They just couldn’t compete.  Last night I helped my Husband do an impromptu rearrangement of our girls’ room (including relocating a beast of a bunkbed) because while she had been on the top bunk he tickled her and she put her foot right through the bedroom window.

While cleaning up, my Husband said that he deems it a “test” because we have recently taken serious steps to get out of debt as quickly as we can. He’s been reading Dave Ramsey’s book Total Money Makeover and Ramsey says that right after people commit to focus on getting out of debt trouble usually opposes them.


That may explain the window, but what about the gallon glass jar of food I nearly dropped on my foot and it shattered, driving shards into the floor even? I tell you, it’s been a violent battle at times. Fortunately no one has actually been injury (significantly anyway) but that’s just God looking out for us.


On the other hand, it doesn’t seem to matter how many times I vow to be better prepared, earlier… I have yet to live up to aspirations. And yet somehow we survive and make do. Tomorrow morning, 6 am we leave, headed north for snow and cold. So today I confess not a word of my WIP has been written. However, my hope is that once we are in the car, armed with a DVD player, music, books, snacks and my laptop, I might be able to make some headway.

Internet connections could be iffy and who-knows-where/when so checking in may be difficult. However, the less distractions, the better chance of progress!


So? What chaotic oppositions have you run up against lately?



About Ren Black

Part-time novelist. Weekend artist. Full-time Mother. Ex-poet. Perfectionist by training. Compulsive researcher sporadically. Prone to fits of linguistic commentary Unorthodox Renegade occasionally. Sarcastic by habit... Dreamer Always... Consider Yourself Warned

7 comments on “Broken Glass & Other Casualties of Progress

  1. Murphy does seem to plague your family (here’s hoping you eventually got that gushing tub faucet fixed). Never fear! Keep your eyes fixed on your goal and your feet turned toward it and you will make progress. Even if it’s slow. Trust the Turtle. She knows whereof she speaks.

  2. Keeping you and your family in my prayers. Have fun on your trip. I hope you have a lot of travel pictures to share with us when you get back. 😀

  3. 5000 is a great start. November is not the only month to write, thank God. 🙂
    Yes, strep throat has hit out household, so that means two Dr appointments yesterday, plus raking leaves, plus cleaning house for company coming over this weekend. Cooking two Thanksgiving dinners this month. . .*sigh* who’s idea was it to make November national novel writing month again? I’d like to “thank” them. 😉

    • Yep, I’ve asked that before and my Husband… did I mention that his birthday just happens to be in November? lol Poor guy. I think it was a group of single college students banking on the Thanksgiving Break to help them do a last week push.

  4. Thanks guys,
    So far the trip has gone well. Mostly good weather and we’ve enjoyed visiting.
    My writing… well that’s another story… Let’s just say that I have not picked up speed… not by a long shot…

    Currently in Idaho and will be spending next week in Utah.

  5. […] they wouldn’t even phase me if not for the deeper issues that linger and gnaw. Money worries, the cardboard window in the girls’ room or the patch of darkness growing on the ceiling where there leak was supposed […]

  6. […] heater and tub all developed major leaks. Then the incident where Lydia put her foot through the window… Good: No one has been hurt and the rent managers have addressed the leaks… even if the […]

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