Walking in the Realms of Wonderful

Slide up a chair and take a load off. I want to tell you where I’ve been. I need to share with you. It won’t take long. Just long enough. Please stay for just a time. Maybe you will want to walk with me when we are done.

In the Mists of Despair there is a hidden place. A tiny veil, almost invisible if one knows not what to see. A fine thread dangles at the edge. Curling my fingertips around it by accident one day, I discovered a curtain. Through that curtain lies the Realms of Wonderful.

Far fetched as this sounds, I assure you its true. Meadows, valleys and mansions adorn the landscape. A river of milk and honey flows steadily. Happy children play and laugh.

In the middle of it all were three seats. In the center a great light hovered over a mighty throne. To the left, a breeze stirred the fine fabric fringe of the empty chair.  To the right sat a man on a wooden stool.

The light was beautiful. I tried to approach it, but it burned something deep inside of me.  I felt unworthy. I felt shame.  The overwhelming urge to weep pressed upon me. I fought it though. I was not weak. Weariness hit me, but I kept my chin held high.

I moved to sit in the chair on the left. Fluffy cushions looked so inviting. I just needed to rest a minute. I would be able to move on after a small sit down. But I couldn’t get to the chair. The wind picked up and I was pushed away. The harder I tried to walk, the fiercer the gusts. I found myself knocked flat on my backside.

The whole while, the man on the stool picked at his fingernails. Buffing them on his tattered shirt. He watched the children play at the river, never laying eyes on me.

Deep despair threatened to break free from all the hidden places. I hurried to push it down. Guilt taunted me, mercilessly.  Plaster a smile on. No one will see. I threw my shoulders back and stood firmly on my convictions. Faces flashed before my eyes, hurt and angry. I did that. Don’t tell anyone.

Finally, it took me on a wash of emotion. I curled myself up tight. Trying anything to suck it all back inside. Agony clawed my eyes. Wickedness laid my soul naked in that beautiful place. A child lost in a strange world. I wept. My whole body heaved until my sides ached, and I felt hallow, empty. I was dying.

“Help me.” A breathy whisper over my cracked lips.

“Now, I can work with that,”the man said.

My chin lifted. Before me he stood. He reached his hands out. I had no strength to take them. So he sat down beside me, petting my hair back from my face for what felt like a lifetime. Softly, he hummed.

Before I knew it, I was small… a child. This man, this gentle man picked me up. He carried me through the Realms of Wonderful, telling me things I needed to know. He walked me like a father walks his child. He healed my dirty and shushed the voices of hate. He said my name. He had been waiting for me all of my life. He wanted to show me all the wonders of the Realms, but time was too short. I would have to wait my turn.

“I have a job for you,” he said.

“Anything,” I replied.

“You must go back and tell others what you have learned about the Realms of Wonderful. About me.”

“But how? They will not listen to me. I am nobody special.”

“That is where you are wrong. You are mine. I will give you  gifts that will help you.”

We had come back to the center of it all. The man brought me full circle in the blink of an eye. His scarred hands reach for the chair on the left. He scooped something into his palm. He then reached for the throne in the middle and took a sliver of light. Last, he opened his other hand. A gaping hole dripped one drop of blood into his cupped palm.

“Open yourself. Be still and know that I Am.”

I closed my eyes as he put his hand over my mouth. A rush of air flowed in. Light shot through the cold places.  Something grew, blossomed really. I had a knowing of truth. He is and I must share the Realms of Wonderful with the world.

So now you see where I have been. I have been walking in the Realms of Wonderful. Just through the Mists of Despair. Pull the thread. Open the curtain. Want to walk with me?

Peace, love and God’s will.


About Diane Graham

Diane Graham lives in the mountains of eastern Oklahoma with her husband, children and many dogs. She is an avid reader and lover of all art forms that encapsulate imagination and goodness. Her debut novel I Am Ocilla was released in March 2012.

8 comments on “Walking in the Realms of Wonderful

  1. Loved this post Diane.

  2. You wrote the words that reside in my heart! Thank you! Beautiful! 🙂

  3. Excellent post, Diane! I had a similar experience when I accepted Christ 22 years ago,

    • Thank you, George.

      This is a fictional post but I have often been curled in the arms of my Lord. This is my best effort of showing how a new Christian comes to God. Without Jesus, all are denied the gifts of the Spirit and the Father. All our sinful ways must be revealed and we must be humbled.

  4. My dearest daughter,
    I am probably one of the vainest people living, and for me to strip my self bare, of not only my clothes but my protective armor it took tremendous faith and trust. But once I was there, the sweet cleansing of truth and love far outweighed any so called protective shield that had been self-induced. I believe that even the worst sinner alive does what ever he does out of fear and self incrimination. I believe that everyone of us have fallen short of the glory of God but—– Thank you Jesus! He has the compassion and love to forgive us and take us into the fold. We must first bare our souls to him and hear his knock at the door of our being. Answer the door! A light too beautiful to douse is waiting for you. A love so complete, that you shall never fear again. A heart so pure that it cannot be denied. This is my prayer for the world,”He loves you, Please, ANSWER THE DOOR!”

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