This week I have really considered the value of life and death for a Christian. What brought me to this pondering was the news of an entire family passing away. They were young and their children were still babies. In the blink of an eye life on earth was gone for them. It was a car accident. Auction signs have already been posted. The house is silent.

I only knew them in passing and that saddens me. I missed the chance of knowing them because I got too busy with my life and never properly introduced myself. Were they believers? I can’t say for sure and that brings me an even heavier grief. They lived a mile away from me and I was too busy to be a good neighbor. I do feel shame for this. And so I ponder the loss of this young family by accident.

Yesterday, while I went to get water another event happened that made me consider life and death. Faye, the woman at city Hall seemed out of sorts. She mentioned her health. When I asked about it she told me she didn’t feel well. But to me, there seemed to be more to it. Faye had been crying.

I asked her if there was anything else in casual conversation and guess what? There was. It seems her husband passed away eight years ago to the day. Bless her heart, she was having a very hard time keeping it together. I can only imagine what pain Faye was going through. I gave her a hug and prayed God would hold her aching agony throughout the rest of the day. Faye and her late husband are both believers. This brought me to ponder the loss of loved ones by age or illness.

Psalms 116:15 –

Precious in the sight of the LORD is the death of his saints.

My children watched Pearl Harbor this morning. Great movie but it always makes me cry. So many men and women died. That part of our history was a time of great sacrifice and tremendous bravery.

War in general makes me contemplate life and death. The value we so often overlook of the individual when so many die. To someone, the soldiers and civilians that die are important. Each life of every war, from every nation is valuable to God. And so He sent his Son.

John 15:13 –

Greater love hath no man than this, that a man lay down his life for his friends.

As Christians, we must remember there is a time for everything. We each have a certain amount of time on this world to live our life. In that time we must decide how we will give God the glory. Will we share Him so others may know him like we do?

I mourn the loss of Christians but the loss of the lost is so much more painful. They do not get another chance beyond their last breath and they will be forever apart from the love of God.

With my words and actions, I have the ability to be a beacon for my Lord. I will never be able to repay the blessings He has bestowed to me but I sure do want to please Him. I value the mortal life He has given to me. I value the death that will give me forever by His side.

When I contemplate life and death, my focus always comes back to God. I am sad for the young family that has had their life cut short by the standards of man. My heart breaks for Faye’s loss of her partner and friend. I mourn the heroes fighting for freedom or honor that give so selflessly of their own lives. I ponder life and death and that is what we must do so we do not become cold and cynical.

Romans 6:23 –

For the wages of sin is death, but the gift of God is eternal life in Christ Jesus our Lord.

Peace, love and God’s will

About Diane Graham

Diane Graham lives in the mountains of eastern Oklahoma with her husband, children and many dogs. She is an avid reader and lover of all art forms that encapsulate imagination and goodness. Her debut novel I Am Ocilla was released in March 2012.

15 comments on “LIFE & DEATH

  1. A beautiful post, Diane. Teach us to count the days, Lord.

    • Thank you, Robynn. 😀

      Another friend said today’s post was very sad. I agree with both of you. There is joy in it though. JESUS! No other name is more beautiful than that. He is life.

  2. As you might know , we have had two head-on collisions in a month in this area. This last one happened Sunday morning around 5:00 AM . A family from Colorado no doubt felt that traveling from state to state that early was not only cooler but provided less traffic. How could they have known that there would be a local man, driving the wrong way on a one way highway there. They showed a photo of the father , mother, son and daughter in our local paper. They were all smiling at happy times. I think writers are so different. Like you Di, I wondered certain things. It gives dimension to that flat photo to make the dead alive in our minds. Did they see it coming? Did they feel pain? The fire got so hot that it melted the vehicles as well as the pavement in the road. Were they fearful? Did they know the Lord? On the local man , people that knew him was saying what a “good” man he was. But as the Bible says’ none of us is good. Only God is good. People just do not know what to say, I believe that was not the first time that he drove drunk. I want to believe that he was a newspaper deliverer that just got sleepy and turned around…all in all we are not his judge. You took a delicate subject and handled it tenderly…I pray that we all remember that life is so fleeting and each day should be embraced and lived to the fullest.

    • Life is so delicate, Eagle7. I tell my children all the time that we humans break easily so take care. They generally roll their eyes and probably think I am too dramatic. Oh well! I can handle that. What I have a hard time dealing with is seeing one of them hurt.

  3. My dearest daughter,
    I also did not know this family,although, I had heard that they were church goers. I know that you know as well as I, that just because they were church goers does not mean that they knew our Lord. Although it most certainly means that they were afforded the chance. All we can do is pray that they were right with the Lord and that we will meet and greet them in the hereafter. I never want to become so crass and hardened that I don’t grieve for those who never come to the light, but on the other hand, I don’t want to doubt that the Lord knows what he is doing. We know not what the Lord has planned, therefore we must wait and watch and pray that his will be done. Even if we cannot comprehend his reasoning. Love and kisses, Momma.


    Kindness is a virtue given by the Lord~
    It pays dividends in happiness & joy is it’s reward.
    For if you practice kindness in all you say and do,
    The Lord will wrap His kindness
    around your heart and you. ~ Helen Steiner Rice

    Diane, You have been kind to those you have seen
    in need of kindness & you can only share with those
    you see. So, if this accident has opened your eyes
    to share the “Good News” with everyone you meet,
    Go & Meet your neighbors & Share ! God will Go
    with You & Tell You What to Say . Love, Mc

  5. so true Eagle7. Life is so simple that it is complex to most. It’s like what we call, (man looking) you know how you ask a man to look for something and he can’t find it ? Then a woman walks over, moves an object, and there it is. Voila! That is life in a nutshell. Please don’t be mad at me gentlemen, it’s just part of your physical and chemical makeup. Just like a woman is usually so ignorant to the know how of sports,tools, and automobiles. You notice, I say usually,not always. LOL

  6. Shout out to Mc. This is Diane’s momma. How are you and yours, fine I hope. Thanks for the words of encouragement.

  7. Great post, Di. We should never become so numb in this world or we will start to take our own salvation and purpose on this world for granted. We are strangers in this land, and to become so complacent that we don’t grieve for loss of life, or loss of unbelievers.

    My first novel (which is on the backburner right now) was about that very thing. The importance we should put on the lives of unbelievers, b/c it is only during their life that they can accept Christ as their Savior. 🙂 I’ll have to let you read it sometime.

  8. Diane, this is a beautiful post. Thank you for so eloquently expressing something that can be so incomprehensible.

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