Busy much?

Wow.  March and April have been two of the most completely busy months for me so far in graduate school.  I have several topics I’d like to blog on, but I just don’t have the time.  Equally frustrating, is the overwhelming desire to procrastinate that seems to have settled on the entire student body here.  I’m not going to spend much time “procrastinating” with this blog, but I wanted to give you a quick idea of why I’ve been so silent.

So, Monday I have this major research paper due on Rene Descartes and Plantonic Duelism.  I didn’t really start it until a few days ago.  After that, I have to write a book report for another class… a book report due last Wednesday that I was graced more time on,  a book report to a book I haven’t read yet.  **sigh** I’ll try to get that one ready to turn in this Wednesday.  In the meantime, while I work on said book report, I must also study for a major sectional exam in Greek.  That would be on Tuesday.  So after Wednesday I should be free enough to do the CSSF Blog tour at the end of the week.  Then at the end of the month, I have ANOTHER book report due.  And at the beginning of May I have an informal reflection paper to write.

So, now I must stop this procrastination blog and get back to my good friend Descartes, who is best known for the axiom, “I think, therefore I am.”

How have you been busy this month?

About Keven Newsome

Keven Newsome is an musician, theologian, and a bit of a nerd. He enjoys a variety of musical genres, from Christian rock to movie soundtracks to KPop. A former band director, he plays about a dozen instruments, given a couple of weeks to practice up. His theological work has included a book on multi-generational ministry and a thesis on the theology of communicating with the dead. As for his nerd-card, he enjoys the fandoms of The Legend of Zelda, Doctor Who, Avatar: The Last Airbender, and Lord of the Rings. With a music degree from William Carey University and a theology degree from the New Orleans Baptist Theological Seminary, Keven actively serves in ministry as both pastor and worship leader.

2 comments on “Busy much?

  1. Your picture is hilarious! I feel like that sometimes. 😀

  2. Busy, busy, busy for all in our home! 🙂 Wanna take my test for me, I’ll read your book for you?!?

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