Up For Air & a Little Too Much Thyme


Well, I’ve managed to plow through 7 pages in March NoWriMo – how about you? Keven, how’s your sequel coming? How’s “Hanzet and Everything” with you, PA Baines? Israle, how your novella faring? And Zoe, how’s your obsession coming? Okay, okay so my 7 pages may not seem like much, especially for “revising”, but in my own defense I have to note that this is single spaced and I’m rarely content to make surface changes. I tend to completely redraft entire sections. Since my goal is 30 pages for the month I’ve been trying to do at least 1 a day. So I am just a touch behind where I want to be. However part of that is because I don’t work on my books on Sunday. I consider it good progress since life stalls for no one.

Homeschooling takes a big chunk – mostly reading and working with number games/math flash cards. Plus, we’ve been talking about how to be “heroes” since my kids got interested in that. So we discussed capes and I made one. 1 down, 2 to go – but the older two are eager to help make theirs.

Plans, Plants and then some…

Our latest family project is doing a garden. We built what my Husband calls “grow boxes” which are something like wooden planters but bigger – except that this time he went a bit farther and built them on top of wooden pallets. Why? Well, every time before when we have built a nice garden we have moved the next year. Currently we are renting and my Husband wasn’t about to risk it. So this time if we up and move, he plans to rent a pallet jack and take’em with us. Now, who knows whether it will work or not, but it was fun, and the kids had a blast.

Then since the two inches of clay covering solid rock in our back yard simply doesn’t count for topsoil, we ordered some dirt hauled in by dumptruck. Not a bad price, but we overestimated a touch and still have most of the pile of dirt. My Husband is sure, since he had to move the entire rest of the pile so that we could close the side gate to keep our kids in the back yard. By that time I was ready to go shopping! But my wise Husband reined me back and declared that we needed a plan – of what would go where and how many plants we would need of what. So we drew out the boxes and started filling in plants.

Sat., with our list in hand, we went and raided the local plant nursery. I have to say that I value plans and designing ahead, but somewhere the translation in this went wrong. It was like the exponential growth that happens if you go grocery shopping when you’re hungry. And I know that I have issues with numbers, but my Husband was almost as bad! For example, he picked out the tomatoes. Plan said 4 plants. But they don’t tend to sell plants in singles – and we wanted some cherry tomatoes and bigger ones too… so instead of 4 we got 18. On the other hand, I picked out the peppers (all except for the hot pepper for my Husband). Plan said 4, but between packaging issues and a plain stupid mistake, we left with 24. The only thing we got less of than noted by the plan was cucumbers and I think that was only because my Husband was disappointed by the selection.

So, now most of the plants are still sitting out there, waiting for their turn to be buried alive. Nope, I haven’t actually run out of places to plant them…yet. I haven’t truly begun. Because it’s been too busy pouring! The ground is mud. But I’m looking on the bright side – where I was this time last year I couldn’t find my garden for all the snow!


p.s. for those who envision this come summer:



Think again…

I have frozen, burned up, dried out, crushed and drowned more plants than anyone I know. Last year I bought 4 tomato starts but never saw a single red fruit. I even grew seeds that are years old and they sprouted! But never made it to the garden – only the composter. Let’s just set the record straight that this picture is more of an aspiration – like publication. I have no record or proof that I can do it, but stubbornly cling to the obsession. And so, here’s to dirty fingernails, muddy knees, shade cloths, blood, tears and revision!


And One day… I have faith that I will taste that sweet reward!

About Ren Black

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9 comments on “Up For Air & a Little Too Much Thyme

  1. Too funny! Good luck and happy planting!

    • Thanks, Nadiaqh.

      While out there playing in the mud, I realized that I was wrong – we got all 4 cucumbers regardless…talk about subconscious desperation… I bought rosemary – I’ve never figured out what to season with rosemary… good grief I’m obsessed.

  2. My Novella is faring well, two more chapters to go and 8,000 more words for me to reach my goal of 25k!!!!

  3. Thanks for the chuckle. Kind of reminds me of the last time I tried a gardening project. I ordered a ton of topsoil for the verges around the lawn and bought a few packets of seeds. For the next month I lovingly nurtured some of the stoutest-looking weeds you’ve ever seen. My mum could make roses grow in concrete (her lounge was like a jungle) but sadly I didn’t inherit her green fingers. My fingers are more an ashen gray.

    Hanzet’s going slowly but surely, thanks for asking. I’m working towards the Universe, but have some way to go before getting anywhere near Everything. About 3/8ths through and still having way too much fun.

  4. I love putting together gardens too. My problem is, I’m really bad at weeding… lol. That’s a neat idea for portable plant boxes. Very cool.

    I didn’t get any tomatoes last year though, either. And several other gardeners I know had terrible yields as well. So I’m guessing it was just the year…

    Hopefully this year will be better. 🙂 Up here in the NW, we seem to be having an early spring!

  5. Haha, I have to admit, my obsession has been coming a little slower than I originally hoped. XD Ah, but quality over quanity, mm?

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