One of His Little Ones

I have been greatly blessed and sheltered by God. Most of my current struggles are pretty trivial when viewed on an eternal spectrum. However, there are battles being fought out there that are more heart-wrenching, inspiring and amazing than I will probably ever write. And sometimes, the greatest heroes and warriors are not quite two years old.

Last Christmas took my little niece, Talitha into an emergency operation because of a tumor. By God’s grace, she is still with us, but every day is painful adventure through chemo, hospital stays and prodding nurses. I concede to the profound wisdom of Christ when they asked him “Who is the greatest” and He showed them a little child. There is an example of hope, trust and love unrivaled.


And to top it off, her father – who writes most of the posts – is a wonderful and entertaining writer. (wonder if he’s ever considered going professional with it…) He relates inspiring insights, uplifting perspectives and a reverent wit. It’s worth the read – heart-wrenching and warming at the same time.

so I add my plea to his, please pray for Talitha.

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7 comments on “One of His Little Ones

  1. I will be praying for one of God’s many miracles.

  2. Thank you. I will say that I believe that she will recover – from the inspirations and impressions that I have seen felt over this. She is surrounded by many good and loving people. I think much of this struggle is to refine/test their trust in God’s love. As sad as it might seem to some, things like this bind families and people closer than most anything else can.

    God indeed is over all.

  3. Prayers for little Talitha.

  4. I shall also pray for God’s will. He knows what is to be. But I shall pray for understanding and compassion also. My prayers are with her,and so is God!

  5. […] couple of years ago, I did a post about a remarkable little girl and asking for prayers. Often when such pleas come, we never really find out how the story ends, […]

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