NoWriMo in March?

Impatient for November’s National Novel Writing Month?

Some of us writers are! So on Writing.com, a group of writers get together and runs one every March. (If you don’t know what NaNoWriMo is, check this out!) But we run ours a bit more informally. Unlike the official rules of NaNo, you can write on an existing book, multiple works or even a paper for school if you want. And, you can set your own goal. Some go for the standard 50k words, while others just aim for 30k or even 10k – whatever you want to go for. You can count by pages, chapters or “The End” if you want. We do want to challenge ourselves, but some live busy lives. Come on over and check it out! For me I have enjoyed using this push to finish books I started back in Nov.

They even added a “Rewriting” section. That’s where I’ll be this round. 

I’m aiming to revise 30 pages in the Hall of Masters. I’d like to knock out 50 pages, but still have a lot of things going on. I’ve got some major reworking to do, whole scenes that I want to write new. I guess I really bought into the idea of “don’t just edit – re-envision”. When I go through there are always more fights, more dangers, more emotional struggles and usually injuries increase – in number and severity. My characters hate this process.

I don’t know about other people, but I seem to spend far more time in revisions than in the original draft writing. Typically I have written my complete drafts in around 6 months, but then turned around and spent 1-3 years revising and rewriting it. Forger of Dreams I did that with and submitted it to agents and publishers only to decide that I had to shelf it for the time being. It’s a cool story, but not strong enough for a debut novel and not the best place to start the series. So here I am again, repeating the process with Hall of Masters, going through chapter by chapter, scene by scene and hoping that this time that “the end” truly means something.

This time when November comes around, I’ll be ready to launch into a new book! More than ready…I have several book ideas (besides the sequel to Hall) competing for attention. It will probably be either Reality Crash, a Christian Hostage adventure or Life Jumper, a dimension jumping sci-fi with a touch of medical thrill.

So, Bring on March and let’s get motivated!

What about you? What’s your writing goal for March?

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8 comments on “NoWriMo in March?

  1. Sounds like a good idea. Maybe I’ll shoot for something like 1,000 words per day (average) on the sequel to Winter. So, over 31 days, that’ll be 31k words, and I’ll probably be close to the half-way mark.

    I really need to knock out the first draft of this book soon.

  2. My goal for March is to get “Hanzet, the Universe, and Everything” finished. Shouldn’t be a problem because I’m having so much fun with story. Sometimes it feels like I’m having too much fun 😉

  3. I am so doing this! I am shooting to finish my novella “Into the Eye”

  4. I’ll be on this faster than you can say sugar addicition. To be honest, my novel has come close to swallowing me whole, in terms of attention. It’s hard to focus on much else. Still, I’ll take any oppurtunity to turn this into a challenge.

    For March, I think I’ll aim to write over 50k.

    • Obsessed, huh – good to hear it! Just remember to eat and sleep occasionally. lol. Oh, and pay the electric bill – gotta keep that computer live.

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