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Payback … sweet!

Ah, the delight of the free market. Okay, I admit that I get behind on cutting-edge gadgets. I’m content with my simple little cell phone and although the day will probably come, I am not yet browsing for other hand-held devices. However I am thrilled by the release of the iPad with the new iBook Store. Article

Finally! Some healthy competition for Amazon.

Don’t get me wrong, I like the company more or less and have bought plenty through them, if not from them. I’m not against large companies. However, I dislike it when companies try to control the market. Like suddenly dropping all books from a major publisher… including off of kindles of customers who had already bought the books … Amazon MacMillan Kerfuffle

Plus, I remember a while back, Amazon acquired Booksurge, a print on demand publisher. Then they started putting pressure on self published authors to use Booksurge or leave. I admit that I don’t remember all the details, but I remember being annoyed. I believe in companies winning customers through quality product, cost and good service, not by bullying or threats.

Another good blog post: Let the Games Begin

So, I’m thrilled that Apple seems to be trying to face off with Amazon and hopefully stir up some economical battles, because I believe that when the free market reigns, in the end, the will of the people hold the most sway. Look at the battle of cell phones – the issues of them being “locked” so that you are stuck with a certain carrier. But the customers won’t stand for it – just check out how many tutorials are out there to help you unlock some types of phones. Now Google has a phone out that is not locked… I believe it will eventually be the same for ebook readers.

Sure it will take time, but I look forward to the changes. It keeps the market interesting. Besides, as a business venture, who can ignore the huge advantages of epublishing?

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