25 random things about Ren

I got challenged to do this on Face book, so I thought I’d share.

1. Born in Germany, but don’t speak a word of German, nor have I seen my birthland since I was less than a year old. Hope to one day though.

2. In jr. high I was one of the ringleaders of a group of misfits.

3. In high school I was a wall-flower.

4. I generally hate the feel of lotion on my hands. Might be because of the damage it can do to artwork, or how it makes it near impossible for me to open doors.

5.  I almost got left at the Cliffs of Moor during a school trip. As I ran for the parking lot, I could see my bus pulling out.

6.  I fell from the monkey bars when I was 2 or 3 and ended up with stitches and a scar on my face. It’s faint enough that most people don’t even notice it.

7.  My pupils are slightly different sizes – which is noted in my medical records because if I had a possible head injuries that’s one of the symptoms they look for … almost makes you wonder…

8.  My Husband and I watch the ‘80s tv show MacGyver – have watched 6 full seasons and looking forward to the remaining one.

9.  I hate most pictures of myself and intentionally do not give open mouth smiles because I hate how it makes my eyes look in most cases.

10. I’m intimidated by making bread based recipes from scratch. Even though the first “recipe” I ever tackled was lasagna.

11. Had my finger run over by an ice skate when I was a teen – it hurt. And I gotta tell ya, drops of blood on white ice is an eerie sight.

12. My favorite way to get extra minerals and nutrients is to gather edible plants from my yard – dandelion, alfalfa, clover, mint, etc, etc and throw them in a blender with a can of pineapple. Yummy.

13. I preserved and kept the flowers, dance ticket and photo from my High school prom (including the boutonnière since my date left it in my fridge). Made it all into a shadow box. I couldn’t get rid of the stuff – I was too sentimental – even though that was the only “date” I had with that person. I didn’t even preserve that much of my wedding stuff! My Mom thought I was a nut.

14. I actually do know the fundamentals of the game of football, though I would never admit it to anyone.

15. I played that crazy game of catch the greased pig, in the Philippines when I was like 6 or so. Saw a funny picture of it too. Among a small crowd of Filipino children, there was the one blond haired, fair skinned girl in bright blue.

16. One time I tried deep frying scones and almost set my house on fire.

17. My Husband & I moved into an apartment in winter once and when spring melted the snow we found a barbecue grill, in a waterlogged box beside our home. It had never been used and even had the instruction book, though it all had been sitting in the damp for months. No one claimed it so we dug it out, cleaned it up and sold it for $25 dollars. The guy who bought it thought it a stellar deal – and so did we.

18. I hate spiders and cockroaches, but often don’t have the guts to kill them. One time I was sitting in a rented upstairs bedroom, watching tv, when a medium size spider came bouncing out into the middle of the floor. I grabbed a bowl and trapped it. But I lived alone and wasn’t about to ask my landlords to come deal with it. I walked around that bowl for probably 2 weeks and never touched it, not even to peek. Then it was time to move out and my fiancée came to help me haul boxes. He found it and went to take the bowl to the kitchen only to find the critter still alive underneath. I let him kill it.

19. When I was a child, one of my neighbors was given a goat by his co-workers. It was half a gift but more of a joke. They had spray painted him green and called him the “Jolly Green Lawnmower”.

19. I did an art exhibit in High school, showing off a whole bunch of portrait drawings of teachers, but I refused to put my name on it. The teacher threatened to put it up there himself, but he never did.

20. I’m currently listening to a Neil Diamond song: “The Last Thing On My Mind”

21. The truly first plans for the story that evolved into my fantasy series were more of a rip-off of the movie “Lady Hawk” than Tolkien. However, by the time I had it half written it had completely morphed into something more like Dragonlance – since that’s what I was reading at the time. Had my own black tower and evil elf in a black hood and all.

22. When I was a teen, on one of the campouts I went on, I took to roasting gummy bears over the fire. Yummy. But a little tricky and very messy. Probably the same campout where I got nicknamed “the Barefoot explorer” because I would run around barefooted as much as possible. It’s a wonder my feet survived.

23. I gotta taste for Japanese Anime – but I do try to keep it as clean as possible. Yep, I know DNAngel, Fushugi Yuugi, Full Metal Panic, Full Metal Alchemist, Fruits Basket, Outlaw Star, Marmalade Boy, Peach Girl, Gundam Wing, etc.

24. One time, while visiting my parents, I used their shower and found it pretty dirty. So I scrubbed most of it down, but they have this little seat area where I wrote my name with the scrubbie and left the area around it dirty so that my signature stood out. Left it that way. Not sure how long it took for them to scrub my name off.

25. Throughout my middleschool years I worked in the cafeteria. They paid us with free meals but that wasn’t why I did it. I loved the sense of respect and being trusted. Besides, I loved being sort of the exception, being able to get curly fries instead of plain, being able to have an extra side – stuff like that. The second year I was there, the manager had me mentoring/helping new adult aides. In the third year I got to help run the little ala carte section were we took money and made change. It was a blast. How curious the irony. I held that job for 3 years, still my record…outside of Mother and Homemaker.

And a bonus for those that read this far –  Ren is a pen name taken from the nickname “Renegade” which I have used for years in on-line writing groups, specifically writing.com …

About Ren Black

Part-time novelist. Weekend artist. Full-time Mother. Ex-poet. Perfectionist by training. Compulsive researcher sporadically. Prone to fits of linguistic commentary Unorthodox Renegade occasionally. Sarcastic by habit... Dreamer Always... Consider Yourself Warned

3 comments on “25 random things about Ren

  1. It always puts a smile on my face to see Christians who are into anime; especially adult Christians who are into anime. I used to be an avid viewer of the stuff until recently, when I started getting frustrated by the lack clean series. Do you have any favourites?

  2. What can I say? I think I fell for the art style. My Mother was dead-set against it. All in all, I can blame her much, because your frustration is very justified. Even a series that starts off cute can end up with serious problems. It’s easy to get interested only to have it turn too dark or graphic – or simply end…(I hate those)Arislan and Pilot Canidate seem promising, but then just stop. In terms of clean & good, I own Howl’s Moving Castle (I like most of Miyasoki’s work [sorry for misspellings]), but those are movies. In terms of series – I bought Escaflowne – it’s pretty clean and intriguing. Gundam Wing was pretty good though it’s geared more toward war. Full Moon is a pretty good romance – I enjoyed that one. I really enjoyed Fruits Basket. The shows released are clean I believe although some might shy away from a little of the odd twists in the manga. However, all in all I enjoyed the managa too and liked how it ended. I don’t know if they will ever make more into cartoons or not. I thought the Tsubasa Chronicles looked pretty promising but only saw a few episodes. It basically takes Card Captor characters, makes them grown-up and then creates a totally different storyline for them to follow. It’s far more romantic.

    Watched Peach Girl on youtube – it was more teen girl soap-opera, and so-so to edgy in clean. If you like the relationship drama, then in some ways I prefered Marmalade Boy if you can get past the issues of the parents. Story starts when two sets of parents decide that they want to divorce and switch partners, but they don’t want to fight over custody of the one child per family so they decide that it would be better for all if they just bought a big house and all lived together. This is what brings the Hero and Heroine together. One thing I liked about this one was that most all the characters end up with a romantic interest in the end, which is amazing considering the number of characters. So it’s a good “Happy ending” for anime. In terms of graphically clean, if my memory is trustworthy, Marmalade Boy was cleaner.

    Pretear was a sort of Snow White twist, short and interesting but I remember it being relatively clean. There’s a “Romeo & Juliet” one on youtube which was interesting to watch. It has a mix of all sorts of Shakespear stuff jumbled together with a rather odd twist in the end that has nothing to do with the original play, except that yes Romeo and Juliet do both die. Personally, the ending was a bit too odd for me, but I enjoyed the rest of it. I will admit that there are maybe two “romantic” moments but nothing actually happens, and there is some violence.

    DNAngel – I liked the premise of it, but preferred the manga to the shows (though I never read a ton of the manga, just enough to get interested and then watch the shows). I enjoyed Full Metal Panic, but it got too violent for me. Full Metal Alchemist has an admirably complex/fascinating plotline, but got pretty dark.

    So, take what you wish from that. I tried to put the cleaner ones at the top and then give the pros and cons of some others. What have you seen and liked? Have you seen any I’ve mentioned? If so, what did you think? Like you, I haven’t watched too much of it lately, although every once in a while I need some down time and go look for one to check out. That’s how I found the ones on youtube.

    • Wow… that’s a long list. XD

      Well, I love Howl’s Moving Castle and most films by Miyazki too; especially The Cat Returns, Castle in the Sky, Whisper of the Heart, and Porco Rosso. I also quite enjoyed Princess Mononoke, though I found some of the violence rather excessive, to say the least.

      I haven’t seen Escaflowne though I’ve heard of it, and about as much as I’ve seen concerning Gundam Wing was a movie and a few scenes from episodes while they were still showing here on TV. It does have a rather somber mood to it… Is it romantic in any sense?

      I though Sailor Moon was a liiiiittle too girly for my tastes, but I adored Fruits Basket. As for Tsubasa Chronicles, I can personally vouch for the anime. It was fantastic, though the ending felt a little disatisfying. The thing is, the manga veered off in a very dark, violent direction (involving vampires, one of the characters loosing his eye and a very sinister twist). Since the anime was directed toward an all-age audience, it was forced to stop in the middle of everything. I was more into the manga than the anime at the time, so I tried to keep up with the storyline but it just became too dark and convoluted for my liking. They essentially destroyed the very thing that kept me hooked.

      I’ve heard about Peach Girl and Marmalade Boy; and I even came pretty close to watching the latter, but I never got around to it. Did you enjoy it?

      One of my friends actually got me to watch Pretear, and I adored it. I actually want to get that on DVD some day… And I’ve heard about Romeo & Juliet, but when I tried watching the first episode it didn’t really hook me… I should give it another try.

      Mm, I tried to get into DNAngel, but the manga style wasn’t quite my taste and the anime… well, I can’t remember why I didn’t continue with the anime actually. I think I was having computer problems at the time.

      I watched an offshoot of Full Metal Panic, and I loved the characters, but it was terribly rude; which is a pity really because they didn’t need it. I would have bought the DVD’s if it hadn’t been for that element…

      I also tried to watch Full Metal Alchemist, but at some point it just became too dark. Not to mention Greed creeped me out. :c

      Beyond that, my viewing list isn’t that big.

      Azumanga Daioh has absolutely no romance in it, or even action for that matter. It has a rather slow pace, and is based off short 4-panel gag strips so it’s all about the humour. Considering, it pulls off the adaption very well and some of the episodes are hilarious. It’s one of the few anime series my Dad actually enjoys watching. Unfortunely, it also includes a perverted teacher. The humour in that regard is quite subtle, but still present.

      Full Moon o Sagashite was also very good. It can be a little annoying at times with it’s filler episodes, and there are quite a few considering the manga was only seven volumes long. It’s romantic, sweet and terribly tragic, being the first TV series to ever make me cry; and I’m a tough cookie to crack. However, two of the main characters are very colorful and rather human shinigami: spirits of death. This wasn’t particularly a problem for me because they didn’t delve too much into the spirit side of things, but it might be offensive if taken too seriously.

      Honey and Clover was one of the sweetest anime I have ever seen in my life. It was slow paced, romantic & in places, downright hilarious. There were parts in this series that had me close to tears.

      And then of course, Trigun. This one comes very high up on my list. In spite of its initial appearence, this anime has almost everything in it; action, romance and wonderful humour. However, while the level violence was never that bad (as far as I remember), there is a lot of it. Trigun also tended to be quite dark in places, dealing with rather heavy themes. There is also the issue of a fallen preacher who drinks and smokes, but even this wasn’t offensive to me since he redeems himself.

      Phew, I better stop before this gets too long.

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