What do you get when you have physical therapy, followed by intense cleaning, followed by three hours of screaming kids, art, and cake? PAIN. Lots of pain… Seriously, I can barely move my arms, and my back has ceased communication with my brain. In fact, they are arguing about whether or not I can sit in this chair long enough to type up a quick post. Right now, my back is winning. Fortunately, my brain can be pretty stubborn.


Throw in time, muscles relaxers, and a headache, and it’s all a losing battle.

So, what wise words do I offer on this beautiful Sunday?

Take God’s advice–make Sunday a day of rest! Otherwise, you’re body may turn around and attack you, beat you into submission, and then laugh as you curl into a tiny little ball, weeping like a child. It’s a very sad picture, my friend.

I wonder if I can double the relief if I put both a cold compress AND a warm compress on my back? Ooo…maybe I’ll throw in some Icy Hot, too. And my husbands little back massager-thingie. And…


(Did I mention that today my oldest turns 6? They grow so fast!)

Maybe I’ll have a piece of cake before I hit the sack…

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About Ralene Burke

Born this side of a miracle, Ralene Burke grew up with a love for the supernatural side of God. Her passion spills over into her writing as she spins fast-paced tales of angels, demons, and the broader calling of every human being. A place where the light pierces the darkness... Outside of the fiction world, she is a homeschooling mother of three, living wherever the military sends her husband. She enjoys crazy nights with friends and board games, snuggling with her family, or, more often than not, the company a good book.

2 comments on “Pain…

  1. Oh, I’m sorry! Back pain is no fun :(. Good for you for taking a day of rest!

  2. [...] And I’m talking about the resulting pain for said party over at NAF. [...]

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