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What can Leviticus teach New Testament people?

About three times a year, we have a series of Wednesday night Bible studies at church. Because I enjoy teaching, I usually volunteer. This month, I recycled some material that I taught in my regular Sunday school class at the beginning of the year. It’s based on the book Hidden in Plain Sight: Finding Wisdom […]


Celebrating Life

Yesterday I attended a memorial service to celebrate the life of a young man from our church. He was only twenty-eight years old when he passed away. I didn’t know him well, but his parents and brother are in our small group, so we are very close with his family. Watching his mom cry over […]


Pace Yourself

Have you ever been disappointed at a concert because your favorite band sounded different than the radio? My wife and I had an awkward moment upon discovering that yahoo broadcasts live concerts on their website. She noticed Aerosmith was live and clicked in curiosity. To be honest, I was surprised they were still playing. We […]

Cover art for Light in the Gloaming, which JB released last year.

Writing Fiction About Truth: Are There Bones Inside God?

Guest Blogger: J.B. Simmons One night I’m laying beside my four-year-old son, telling bedtime stories. We’re talking about how fish have bones. Then he asks: “are bones inside God?” I’m stumped. Maybe I start talking about theology — the trinity and other deep stuff. Better yet, maybe I should respond with another story. Isn’t that how […]


Alphabet Blogging: D is for…

Day-to-day life. I was going to write this post about Dragons. Because I like dragons. :) But since life…and *ahem* a bit of a new fandom obsession…has interrupted my writing the last couple of weeks, then I thought it might be more appropriate to write a post about that. I’m sure we’ve all read articles […]

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Important People

Happy Labor Day! Did you know that Labor Day was originally started as a way to acknowledge the “social and economic achievements of American workers.” (Dept. of Labor) So, I thought we’d acknowledge some of the achievements of our current writers here at NAF! Ren Black: This year, Ren welcomed another baby. Yay! While she […]


Alain Harper’s “Kryptonite”

Guest Blogger: John Wheeler Both of my co-authors, one of my most loyal readers recently, some part of my mind that pays attention to what other authors are doing—all have asked me some variant of the question, “What is Alain Harper’s ‘Kryptonite’?” (Actually, one of my co-authors—devious fellow that he is—has invented some pretty clever […]


Character Spotlight: Alain Harper

Guest Blogger: John Wheeler “Be on your guard,” Edward ordered those behind and beside him as he slowly rode forward, not to Sir Martin’s great pleasure. The man he approached wore a hooded cloak, pants, belt and boots all of charcoal gray and an ivory pullover shirt under it. A scabbard on his back, likewise […]

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10 Tips for Starting, Growing, and Maintaining a Mailing List for Authors

Guest Blogger: Pauline Creeden The Dos Tip #1 ~ It’s never too early to start your list. Not published yet? No problem. If you want to have a great launch, having a mailing list already there can help! Tip #2 ~ Explore your options. When starting a mailing list, check out companies like MailChimp and […]

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Should narratives be linear?

Should narratives be linear?

When I’m editing, I almost always advise fiction clients to keep their narratives in chronological order. There are just very few cases when it makes sense to tell a story out of order. I can only think of a few examples of this working: Time-travel stories. Doctor Who can be as nonchronological as it needs […]

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Cricket Warfare 101: Treaties and Allies

Cricket Warfare 101: Treaties and Allies

(As overheard and transcribed by Avily Jerome) Greetings! It has been awhile since we’ve had one of our chats. Of course you recall our conversations on Subtlety and on Sabotage, and I know you haven’t forgotten our discussions about Misdirection and Psychological Warfare. I’m pleased to hear reports of your progress in these areas. It […]

Critical Views

It’s Not About You, Princess

It’s Not About You, Princess

In the news a lot lately about how someone is offended by this or that, or we should go out of our way not to offend someone or other for this or that reason. Recently, a restaurant took down a picture of bacon because a Muslim woman said she was offended by the image. Just […]

Life and Such

If I Had One Year Left to Live, I Would…

If I Had One Year Left to Live, I Would…

For the last week or so, I’ve been helping Nadine Brandes launch her first novel, A Time to Die. Being on a book launch team is fun, and you bet I’ve been taking notes for when my own time comes. A Time to Die is a dystopian fantasy releasing September 23. In Nadine’s storyworld, everyone […]

Our Faith

That eye-of-a-needle metaphor? It really is about needles.

That eye-of-a-needle metaphor? It really is about needles.

The disciples were amazed at his words. But Jesus said again, “Children, how hard it is to enter the kingdom of God! It is easier for a camel to go through the eye of a needle than for someone who is rich to enter the kingdom of God.” The disciples were even more amazed, and […]

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Alphabet blogging: C is for…

Alphabet blogging: C is for…

Cookie! No, wait, that’s not it. Chocolate! No! Stop it. You do not need a snack. That’s the exact conversation I had with myself as I sat down to start this blog post. I couldn’t believe it. My brain had suddenly gone blank, and I couldn’t think of a single word that started with C […]