Facebook Time-Sucks and Character Development

Yesterday I got sucked into a Facebook game. The status update I commented on said “Comment on my post, and I will give you a Disney character that reminds me of you! You then find a picture of that character to post on your wall.” The person whose post I commented on gave me Marie, […]


Toward an understanding of the atonement

For several years now, I’ve been leading a Sunday school class that’s made up largely of ladies older than me, which means it’s difficult to find lessons that will challenge them. They are usually a step ahead of me, to the point that I often consider the point of the lesson to just ask them […]

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Sometimes You Just Have to Win

One of the most important thing I’ve learned about parenting is that you have to pick your battles. Because once you start one, you have to win it. As soon as a child starts winning a battle of the wills, he’ll never give up. You have to decide whether a given situation is worth fighting […]



I remember thinking that everything would be awesome after I signed a book contract. Self-doubt would fade. Writer’s block would vanish. No more contests or trying to get noticed. Right? Au Contraire. I almost long for a good contest to enter now. But I can’t. I’m in limbo. I’m not published yet, but I’m contracted […]


Stuff to Add to Your Bucket List

It’s always good to kick Monday off with a laugh. Which one will you be adding to your list? C’mon, you have to pick one! 

NAF WIP April 2014

WIP Report April 2014

Kristen Stieffel: WIP Title: Boh’s Abdication Current Word Count: 104,848 Expected Word Count: 100,000 Goal Finish Date: March 1 Draft 1, 2, Editing etc?: First Draft Biggest Struggle: I finally figured out how to reach the expected conclusion of the book…but it requires writing another 30 scenes. And I’m already behind deadline and over word […]

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When humanists critique sacred art

Guest Blogger: Hans Hergot What might a humanist writer have to say about the importance of sacred art? Quite a lot actually. The basic premise of the article is that if you ignore the whole “god” thing, sacred art is important because it remind us how very, very human we are. An unsurprising point from […]

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A Post That Isn’t About Writing

Whew! I think that’s the longest series of posts I’ve ever done on the subject of writing. It’s time for a break. A week from tomorrow is my son’s first birthday. As I write this, he’s snoozing in his room, cuddled up with his favorite blanket and toy dragon. How in the world did that […]

Calling Moving Up

When God Calls You Elsewhere

Guest Blogger: John Wheeler Those people who know me very well know that I’ve had a lifelong habit of creating a fictional construct, getting frustrated by the inherent logical self-contradictions in it and the inevitable moral lacks in it, and throwing all or part of my work out because of it, only to be compelled […]

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Christian Fantasy: A Life-Saving Genre

Definitions of literary genres can be…well, complex. Even tricky. Attempts to define Christian fantasy vary, though I’ve spent little time fretting over an official definition. I mean, Christian fiction typically illustrates a Christian worldview within its plot, characters, or both. And the fantasy genre commonly uses myths and legends as a primary plot element, theme, […]

Author's Journey

My Brain is Turducken

My Brain is Turducken

If you follow me on Facebook and Twitter, you know that this last week or so has been rough. We had a bout of flu ravage our household right after a few of us finally got over nasty colds. It’s like the viruses new spring was upon us and we weren’t going to be cooped […]

Creative Nook

Everyone Loves a Good Villain

Everyone Loves a Good Villain

When I first started writing fantasy as a teenager, I created a villain I loved so much, he had to have his own story. I realized the other day that I’ve never posted some of my writing here. Without further adieu, here is the prologue to my villain’s story. A bit of a content warning […]

Critical Views

To Noah or Not?

To Noah or Not?

As probably most of you know, the movie Noah hit theaters last week. Likely, whether you’ve seen it or not, you have an opinion about it. I do. I haven’t seen it, However, I have read literally over a dozen reviews, largely from a Christian perspective, about the merits and failures of this movie. Mostly, […]

Life and Such

Spring Fever

Spring Fever

It’s that time of year. The weather is warm–in fact, in here in Phoenix, it’s pretty much swimming weather. School has been going for nearly forever. Spring Break was just long enough to give the kids a taste of what the freedom of summer will bring and make it that much harder to go back […]

Our Faith

Don’t let self-doubt stop you

Don’t let self-doubt stop you

In our Lenten studies at church, I led a group of about 30 people in a study designed to help them discover their purpose. In our last lesson, we talked about how doubt can often block us from moving forward. I shared about how writers often live in a tension between believing we’ve written works […]

Random Things

How Old Before They Can Decide?

How Old Before They Can Decide?

My girl child is six today. Happy Birthday, Tiny! But that’s not really the point of this post. No, this is more of a rant. See, I got into an argument with a friend last night, because I told him I was getting my daughter’s ears pierced for her birthday. Now, I wanted to get […]