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Why I Write…

My buddy Lisa Walker England tagged me in this blogging game. I like it because, as Simon Sinek might say, it asks us to consider WHY. Why do I write? Like most writers, I write because the stories won’t stay inside. They must come out. But I also write because I have this vain idea […]


Creating Anew

NaNoWriMo (National Novel Writing Month) starts in two days. The goal is to write a 50,000-word novel in a month. I’ve completed it in the past, and I’ve come close to completing it, and I’ve accomplished my own goals (one year I wrote a middle-grade book one year that wasn’t 50K words, but I finished […]


Alphabet Blogging: H is for…

Help. We all need it, but sometimes it hurts to admit it. I recently went through a period where I was trying to do everything without help. I thought I could be the perfect wife, mom, housekeeper, AND writer and do it all by myself. Of course this led to way too much frustration and […]

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Why do gentlemen defer to ladies?

A man held the door for me at the gym the other day. This is a common enough courtesy, but for some reason it got me pondering. This man was much bigger and stronger than me. He was also younger than me. So maybe he was a gentleman holding a door for a lady, or […]

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Why Do Females Dominate the Dystopian World?

Guest Blogger: Nadine Brandes   Katniss Everdeen. Tris Prior. Cassia Reyes. Linh Cinder. Recognize any of these names? It’s okay, names were never my strong suit either, but the book titles might help you: The Hunger Games, Divergent, Matched, Cinder. These books have several things in common. First, they’re all YA dystopian novels. Second, they […]

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So What’s So Horribly Horrible About …THAT…

Guest Blogger: H.G. Ferguson It’s October, that time again. Again, Halloween looms. It is also a time when TV is stuffed with various and sundry offerings of such a nature that many, if not most, Christians shun them as they would a Black Mass. I refer of course to the horror film (and TV), which […]

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Don’t be your own limiting factor

Guest Blogger: Jennifer Slattery Sometimes the words flow and our fingers can barely keep up with the creative bursts firing from our brains. Other times, it feels as if every sentence is a struggle and we begin to wonder, can I really do this? What if I don’t have what it takes to be a […]


Fun With Imagination

I’ve always wished for the ability to draw the pictures in my mind. Alas, I can only do so with words. But I discovered something that allows me to get close :) I’ve never been a fan of building games ala Minecraft. I’m just not creative enough. But when a friend offered me access to […]

Cover art for Light in the Gloaming, which JB released last year.

Writing Fiction About Truth: Are There Bones Inside God?

Guest Blogger: J.B. Simmons One night I’m laying beside my four-year-old son, telling bedtime stories. We’re talking about how fish have bones. Then he asks: “are bones inside God?” I’m stumped. Maybe I start talking about theology — the trinity and other deep stuff. Better yet, maybe I should respond with another story. Isn’t that how […]

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Important People

Happy Labor Day! Did you know that Labor Day was originally started as a way to acknowledge the “social and economic achievements of American workers.” (Dept. of Labor) So, I thought we’d acknowledge some of the achievements of our current writers here at NAF! Ren Black: This year, Ren welcomed another baby. Yay! While she […]

Author's Journey



I’ve been working with an editor on my Dragons manuscript, in the hopes that I will finally get it to a place where someone (preferably the house this lady is with) wants to publish it. I’ve gone back and forth with her several times, making some major changes, and with each round of edits, it […]

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The Problem with Immortality

The Problem with Immortality

There’s a new show this fall called “Forever.” The main character, for unknown reasons, can’t die. He dies, but then he comes back. So, he has made it his life’s mission to figure out why he can’t die by studying death, his own–every time he dies he writes down a record of the experience–and other […]

Critical Views

Pace Yourself

Pace Yourself

Have you ever been disappointed at a concert because your favorite band sounded different than the radio? My wife and I had an awkward moment upon discovering that yahoo broadcasts live concerts on their website. She noticed Aerosmith was live and clicked in curiosity. To be honest, I was surprised they were still playing. We […]

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Perspective on Ebola

Perspective on Ebola

My son asked me this morning, “Has Ebola gotten to Arizona yet?” followed by “What if I die from Ebola?” Statistically, it’s not particularly likely, but it is very hard not to worry when it’s all over the news. You can’t turn on the radio without hearing about it. Spreading across Europe, one patient in […]

Our Faith

How can we evangelize in the 21st Century?

How can we evangelize in the 21st Century?

In the media run-up to the release of the new Left Behind movie, I saw this picture posted on Facebook: This postapocalyptic survivor theoretically asks, “Why didn’t anyone warn me?” And my only response is…seriously? Hasn’t the church been warning people for two thousand years? We have. The problem is, few people are listening. And […]

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Alphabet Blogging: G is for…

Growing. There are so many jobs that fall on an author’s shoulders nowadays. Not only do we have to be continually honing the craft of writing, but we have to be marketers and savvy business managers. We have to have at least rudimentary grasp of the publishing world, how to tell if contracts are any […]