Don’t wait for a muse–she doesn’t exist

The worst stereotype of the angst-ridden writer is the one who is forever bemoaning writer’s block, waiting for a muse who never shows up. But is there a hint of truth behind this stereotype? We joke about the muses, those Greek goddesses who supposedly were the source of inspiration in all the arts. But don’t […]


I Don’t Believe in Sibling Rivalry

Let me clarify. I believe it exists. And I believe in sibling squabbling. My kids squabble all the time. Sometimes they full-on bicker. And every now and then they actually fight. What I mean is, I don’t think Cain and Abel are the rule. I don’t think kids inherently dislike their siblings. I don’t think […]


Character Spotlight: Alain Harper

Guest Blogger: John Wheeler “Be on your guard,” Edward ordered those behind and beside him as he slowly rode forward, not to Sir Martin’s great pleasure. The man he approached wore a hooded cloak, pants, belt and boots all of charcoal gray and an ivory pullover shirt under it. A scabbard on his back, likewise […]

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Fantasy anthology opens for submissions in August

Xchyler Publishing is having a writing contest in which the winners will be published in its upcoming Winter Fantasy Anthology. Winners will also receive royalties. The submission period is July 31-August 31. The anthology’s theme is “Out of This World . . . True Story.” Stories must be in the fantasy genre and between 5,000 […]

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Soul Food

“A good story feeds the reader, nourishing him or her with valuable insights.” – David Farland. That was just a portion of today’s daily article that magically appears in my inbox. It dealt with the topic of theme, something that is very important to me. I don’t want to write a hollow story, nor do […]


Christian Fiction Parables

Last week, in my post When is Christian Fiction Not? I talked about  the lines between Christian fiction and secular fiction, and how more and more Christian speculative fiction seems to be cross-over, not really appropriate for the CBA market, but not secular enough for the mainstream market. Someone commented that back in the old […]

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10 Tips for Starting, Growing, and Maintaining a Mailing List for Authors

Guest Blogger: Pauline Creeden The Dos Tip #1 ~ It’s never too early to start your list. Not published yet? No problem. If you want to have a great launch, having a mailing list already there can help! Tip #2 ~ Explore your options. When starting a mailing list, check out companies like MailChimp and […]



Guest Blogger: Angie Brashear In recent weeks my sons have spent their evenings watching the NBA Finals, energetically cheering on the San Antonio Spurs. Most game nights, their animated antics interrupted me as I attempted to prepare for the release of my debut novel, Of the Persecuted. But it was difficult to get irritated with […]

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A New Habit

I think I’ve mentioned before that I like to hand write. I started out hand writing. The first draft of the first decent novel I wrote was handwritten. This year, I’ve found myself going back to handwriting more and more. Rather than turning to my iPhone writing app, like I have for the past couple […]

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The Thing Writing Untaught Me

Guest Blogger: Ashlee Willis My love of writing began with another love – that of reading. Reading made me feel as if things would turn out for the best, no matter what darkness I was going through. The world in that book, in my hands, stuck between those pages – that world couldn’t harm me, […]


Post Realm Makers Recharge

So. I was going to have some clever post to put up this morning. Really, I was. I had this whole Realm Makers photo montage thing worked out in my head. Then, I bumped my head while trying to doze on the plane, and it all disappeared. That, or I’m just so tired that I […]


Using Personality Type in Character Development

Some authors (like myself) are character-driven. Others (like my “fanfic” collaborator Jason Ward of Barbados—imagine that, my fiction actually inspires fan fiction) are plot-driven. Character-driven authors can create colorful characters at the drop of a hat; it’s plotting which challenges them. Plot-driven authors can create interesting plots easily; it’s creating interesting characters which challenges them. […]

Author's Journey

Summer Brain

Summer Brain

So, several weeks have passed since my last post. I’m not sure how many–I lost count. I have to apologize. NAF kind of got lost in the waves of life this summer. All sorts of craziness: vacation, illness, work, kids, etc. No sooner did I recover from one wave than another crashed down, sending me […]

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10 Questions and Answers About Alara’s Call

10 Questions and Answers About Alara’s Call

Over at her Zyearth blog, R.A. Meenan tagged everyone in our Facebook writers group in this Q&A game. So in the hopes that this will give you a slightly less controversial view of Alara’s Call than we had last time, here goes: 1. What is the title of your next book/work? Alara’s Call, book one […]

Critical Views

When is Christian Fiction Not?

When is Christian Fiction Not?

I’m a Christian. I write fiction. I’m pretty sure I don’t write Christian fiction. My first novel/series, Dying for Dragons, could probably fit in, especially as Speculative fiction has started to get a foothold. The main character is a Christian, and there’s a pretty consistent thread, even though there’s no gospel message or overt preaching. […]

Life and Such

Happy Independence Day!

Happy Independence Day!

We know that not all of our readers are in the USA, but all of our Featured Authors are, so we’re taking the day off. For your amusement, this infographic courtesy of Flag & Banner.

Our Faith



Not much writing going on at present. I’ve had the wonderful privilege of attending our yearly pastor’s conference out in sunny California. This is one my favorite times as it’s a great opportunity for me to get away with Jesus and spend time with friends I don’t see but once every year or two. I […]

Random Things

Rolling with Plan B

Rolling with Plan B

I love dressing up. It’s one of my favorite things. I wish more occasions were dress-up occasions. And not just dress-up as in wearing a dress and heels, although I love having an excuse to dress up that way, too, but costume dress-up. When I was a kid, my family never celebrated Halloween, and while […]